5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


24. waking up next to him

24# waking up next to him

A/n - eh

Luke: No matter how the two of you fall asleep at night, you always wake up sprawled across his chest. His hands spread across your back and holding you close. It’s comforting to know you both are drawn to each other even when sleeping, and he’s actually quite comfortable, the hard lines of his muscular chest and arms fitting perfectly around your body.  Most of the time you just lay there, feeling safe in his grasp and listening to his heart beat steadily, and though sometimes it puts you back to sleep. The days it doesn’t you can hear when he wakes up, his heart fluttering a little more rapidly. 

Calum: You’re terrible at waking up and you accept it. You’ll turn and look at your clock twelve times before actually getting up. The only thing that consistently pulls you out of sleep is the fact that Calum  wakes up before you, whispering softly and running his fingers through your hair. He’s gentle and sweet, nothing like the loud, brash alarm clock, and he makes you actually want to wake up. Shuffling closer for him under the covers you groan as he laughs at your sleep-laden form, trying to coax you into at least sitting up, and you stick your cold hands under his shirt in protest. 

Michael: Falling asleep is always hard for you because no matter what, you’re always freezing. trembling under your piles of blankets. Waking up is so much better, especially next to Michael who seems to act as a human furnace. His limbs are curled around you, his face pressed to your neck and his body seems to warm you from the inside, leaving you fuzzy and comfortable. You push his hair back from his face gently and slowly wake him, knowing you won’t actually get up, cuddling and exchanging lazy kisses until the sun comes up being a much more important activity. 

Ashton: It seems to be a curse and a blessing waking up next to Ashton, who appears as though he was born for mornings. He’s always been out of bed for ages by the time he wakes you up, but he sets a cup of tea on your side table and climbs back into bed with you before shaking you awake. His sweater smells like sugar and honey every morning and you wrap yourself around him and listen to him laugh. Your favorite part of the waking up process is when he pulls off his sweater to give to you, bribing you out of bed and down to breakfast with him.

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