5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


10. The fans love your relationship

10# The fans love your relationship

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Luke: You and Luke loved to make YouTube videos every day or every second day. The fans loved this because they thought you were the cutest couple. You’d always see gifs on tumblr of cute things that you’d do to each other. The fans would always request dares and question and answer videos. They would always tweet about your relationship and keep tweeting Luke to propose to you, whether they were joking or not. You would look up your name on facebook, and find so many facebook pages dedicated to you and Luke. Knowing that you were accepted so well into the fandom made you smile and you hoped that you’d never leave.

Ashton: The fans adored your relationship with Ashton! They couldn’t be happier for you and him! You were never too sure if the fans actually loved you, but then one day you noticed a trend on twitter. It was about a keek that Ashton had made. He was talking about how much he loved you and how much he wanted to spend so much time with you. There were accounts dedicated to your guyses relationship. One night, at a concert meet and greet, a girl told Luke that she wanted to be with him like how Ashton is with you. And another girl told Ashton how much it would break her heart if you broke up. This made you smile to know that you were accepted into the fandom and that you were loved just as much as the boys were. 

Michael: Everyone loved your relationship with Michael. And I mean everyone. Not just the fans, but family, friends and even other celebrities. It was the talk of the time. But the main ones that mattered to you were the fans. The fans loved it when you and Michael would banter all the time. Play fighting and teasing with each other made the fans go wild. Whether it was on twitcam, videos, photos, tweets, facebook, it didn’t matter. They loved you both together. They loved how you’d feed each other and make things together, and draw things for each other. You’re all that matters to Michael, and he’s all that matters to you. 

Calum: The fans would never stop talking about you and Calum! You were their OTP and that’s all that mattered to them. They’d always beg you both to do twitcams, as they loved seeing you guys together, and live, not on a picture or video. They loved the way Calum would always look at you and try to kiss you in every twitcam that you did, which was almost every night. And they loved the way you both shared food and made food challenges together. All of them adored it when you would send cute tweets between each other, and block everything else out in the world.The fans will never stop loving you, and neither would Calum. 

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