5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


25. Surprise

25# Surprise

A/n - tralalalala

Luke: Today was your anniversary. Rolling over in bed that morning, a smile danced across your face. Even though he wasn’t there, you could pretend like he was. Wandering down into the kitchen, you once again grumbled on just how much tour sucked. It felt like you had been missing him a lot lately, having to watch all your friends who were so crazily in love. It was like a part of you was always missing. After boiling the kettle, you prepared two cups of tea, one filled just the way he liked it. You turned on the radio, listening to music from your favourite station. Sitting at your small little table, you sipped at your tea, watching the steam from his mug trail up into the air. You pretended he was only just around the corner, that he would kiss your forehead to wish you a good morning. You weren’t even sure if he would be able to find time to talk to you today. “Happy anniversary Lukey.” You whispered. Not wanting to be sad, you dumped out your pathetic cups of tea, and made you way back into the living room. As soon as you stepped through the doorway, you instinctively let out a scream. “L-luke?” You whimpered, your heart practically stopping. Standing across the room from you, he looked absolutely exhausted. His hair was sticking up in all directions, and it was like he could barely keep his eyes open. He dropped all his bags to the floor, and opened his arms without a word. Barreling towards him, you collapsed into his chest, your arms quickly snapping around each other. “I missed you so much.” He breathed, his face burying itself in your hair. It was like you were slowly melting together. “You have no idea.” Pulling away from you, he pressed kisses to every inch of you face before slowly landing on your lips. “Happy anniversary, and thank you for staying, even though I can’t be here all the time.” He said softly, his eyes downcast. “I love you. There’s nothing in the world that could change that.” You said, your fingers trailing his jaw line. Grabbing his hand, you pulled him up into your bedroom and pushed him onto the bed. You began pulling at the clothing from his body, before turning back to your closet. Tossing him sweatpants, and one of his shirts, you quickly pulled them over his tired figure. “You look exhausted.” You whispered, as if you were afraid talking too loud would make him disappear. He nodded, as he let out a long sigh, his eyes fluttering shut. You pulled the blankets from your unmade bad over his lanky body. Kissing his forehead, you tugged your fingers through his air, raising the strands that stuck to his head. “Goodnight lovely.” 

Michael: “Trust me, it’ll be hilarious.” Calum said, in complete seriousness. The two of you were hiding backstage at one of their shows. You were practically twitching at wanting to see Micheal after months of being apart. “Hearing you say the words ‘trust me’, does not exactly reassure me.” You stated with sass. Calum snorted, before grabbing your wrist, and dragging you into a nearby closet. “Here’s the game plan, after the show is over, you’re going to hide in the dressing room. We’ll send him in first, and you’re going to be there to scare the shit out of him, while I record all of it!” The corners of your mouth twitched into a smile. “Fine. Go play your show.” Tugging your head under his armpit, he began to holler loudly. “Yes, you go (Y/N)!” As he took off, he paused suddenly as he remembered something. “By the way, you wouldn’t believe how much he missed you. He’s going to be so happy.” You just smiled at him, before he took off down the hallway. As soon as you heard their music erupting through the venue, you removed yourself from your closet, and drifted to the side of the stage. You wouldn’t ever be able to understand how happy that stage made each of them. Smiles ghosted each of their faces, as your eyes were immediately drawn to Micheal’s. There was nothing you loved more than seeing him perform. All too suddenly, the concert drifted to a close as you quickly remembered where exactly you needed to be. Running back to their dressing room, you slammed the door shut behind you, and quickly switched off the lights. Laughter could be heard trailing down the hallway, and you could feel the anticipation building in your stomach. As soon as the door opened, you flung yourself onto someone’s body, tearing both of you to the ground.  As the light’s turned on, you found yourself staring into Ashton’s sweaty face. “Uh, hi (Y/N)?” Your eyes widened, and you burst out laughing before you could force yourself to stop. “Calum, you little shit!” You screamed as you jumped off of Ashton, who was still laying on the floor. You quickly leaped for Calum, as he stood in the doorway cackling. Before you could reach him, hands snapped around your waist, pulling you to their chest. “I missed you so much.” Micheal whispered. Completely forgetting about Calum, you buried yourself into his chest. “I missed you more.” You breathed. “I missed you so much, that I can completely forget the fact that you jumped on top of Ashton.” Without pulling away you simply mumbled, “Calum’s fault.” 

Calum: You didn’t like fighting. When you were little, whenever you family fought you used to run outside to your swing set. You felt like the higher you flew, the easier it would be to get away from all of it. It was your special place. Whenever there was fighting, or you felt anxious or stressed you would run away to the nearest playground. Even as you grew older, it was still the place that made you feel better. It was completely childish, but you didn’t have the energy to care. Incidentally, you and Calum had been fighting a lot lately. You couldn’t understand what it was, but it was like every little thing had the two of you blowing up at each other. “I don’t understand what you want from me Calum!” You screamed, trying to force yourself not to cry. “It’s not about that! I want you to listen to what I’m saying!” He screamed, his volume practically shaking the house. You slammed your hands over your ears, trying to calm your breathing. “Pl-lease don’t yell.” You whimpered. “For the love of god, (Y/N)! I’m tired of walking on eggshells around you!” Choking out sobs, you dropped your hands from your ears, and looked at the boy across the room for you. “I don’t want to fight with you anymore!” You whimpered, your voice shaking. “I-I just” turning on your heel, you burst out the door. Without turning back, you ran down the street to the nearest park. Sitting on the swing, you were only able to trail the tip of your toe in the dirt, while your chest heaved with sobs. You loved him more than anything, but it wasn’t supposed to be this hard. Staring up at the sky, you allowed your sobs to quiet. You could still feel the tears lightly falling from your eyes. “I’m sorry.” A voice called out. Turning to look at him, he had one hand shoved in his pocket, the other holding a dozen roses. You didn’t even question where he had found flowers so quickly. He had a habit of producing things out of nowhere. You quickly looked back up at the sky, the swing beginning to sway slowly beneath you. Suddenly, the seat beside you squeaked as he sat down. With a sigh, you turned to look at him. “Look Calum, surprising me with flowers isn’t going to fix everything.” “I know. I’ve been fighting a lot with you, and just everyone recently. I just, I don’t know what I’m going to do. This frickin’ tour means I have to leave you. And I don’t want to let you down.” Looking to your side, he had dropped the flowers to the ground, and his fingers were wrapped tightly around the chains. “It’s okay.” You paused, your voice cracking. “I’m really sorry.” You whispered, your chin dropping to your chest. Jumping up, Calum walked to the front of your swing, and pulled you up to his level. “Can we go home?” You whispered, looking up into his face. “Whatever you want.” 

Ashton: You sat cross legged on the end of the bed, watching as Ashton ran around the room. His suitcase sat in front of you, as he tossed various things in its general direction, always completely missing its destination. With a sigh, you rolled onto the floor and began to organize his pile of clothing into his suitcase despite knowing that it didn’t even really matter. By the end of the tour, all of his clothes would be balled and shoved inside anyway. Ashton’s arms suddenly snaked around your waist, his breath blowing on your ear. Shivers ran down your spine as you turned to face him. “You have to leave soon.” You breathed, your noses brushing against each other. “I know… It doesn’t mean I won’t push it until the last second.” Your eyes fluttered closed as your foreheads leaned together, your body still twisted in your arms. You only listened to the sound of his breathing. You were so in love with him, it was like you couldn’t ever get close enough. “You should pack up your suitcase.” You whispered, distracted by his eyelashes fluttering against your cheek. “The van’s going to be here any minute.” Letting out a heavy sigh, he flipped you over so that you were pinned beneath his body and the floor. “I’m going to miss you more than anything.” He said, his face leaning closer to yours. You opened your mouth to say something, but his lips dipped down to meet yours. It was a sweet kiss, and Ashton softly brushed the stray hairs away from your face. “I wish you were coming with me.” Turning to look away from him, you bit your lip. “Responsibilities suck ass.” You stated. He sighed, before quickly jumping up, and zipped his suitcase closed. Standing up to meet him, you interlocked your hands behind his neck, your fingers drifting through his hair. You two were barely touching, but somehow it was perfect. A honk from outside disrupted your moment. Grabbing both sides of your head, Ashton placed a kiss between your eyes before slinging his bag over his shoulder. “I’ll see you soon.” He said, and quickly turned without waiting for a response. You knew without a doubt he was trying not to cry. In fact, you felt like crying too for putting him through the last couple hours. Snatching your own suitcase from the back of the closet and double checking your boarding pass in your purse, you quickly jumped in your car after waiting until the band was long gone. You were giddy with excitement all the way to the airport. When you finally rolled into the terminal, all of the security passed as a sort of blur. When you finally saw him standing there, it was like no time had passed at all. Coming up behind him, you placed your hands over his eyes, having to stand on your tip toes. “Cal, cut it out.” He stated, his hands coming up to grab yours. Leaning down to his ear, you whispered quietly. “Surprise.” Whirling around, his eyes lit up. “(Y/N)?” He questioned, his hands still squeezing yours. “I got the time off work, and I signed up for online courses this semester. I’m coming with you!” You cried, your smile widening. He crushed your body to his chest, and squeezed you tight. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered. “I wasn’t sure until a few days ago, besides don’t you love surprises?” You replied cheekily. He rolled his eyes before lifting you up to his level, so he could kiss you straight on the mouth. “You know, that’s adorable, it really is. But I’m going to wring both of your necks by the end of this tour if we don’t have the PDA discussion right now.” Luke said, completely serious.

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