5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


47. Sleepless

47# Sleepless

A/n - Sleepless is what I am at the moment, damn music and books keeps me awake

Calum: The both of you were particularly restless during the night, the main cause probably being jet lag. You were quite happy to just lay there in Calum’s arms, enjoying the peace now that you were back home from tour. Calum however, wanted to get up and do something. He’d continuously whine at you for being boring, and he fidgeted too much when you tried cuddling. In the end, you gave up and agreed to go make some late night cookies with him. 

Ashton: You tossed and turned in your bed, not being able to find a comfortable position. Usually, Ashton was there to cuddle but he’d instead gone out with the boys for the night. Sitting up, you huffed and climbed out of bed with the thought that a nice, warm drink would help you sleep. When you got into the kitchen, you found a rather drunk Ashton sat there with a frown on his face. You walked up to him and placed a hand on his arm, causing him to look up at you, “Y/N….What are we gonna do when all the Vegemite runs out?” he asked all too seriously. You gave out a small giggle and shook your head, “It won’t, I promise. Now come on, let’s go to bed.” you replied, taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom. 

Michael:  "Y/N? Pssst…you awake? Y/N?" Michael’s whispers came from next to you as he poked you gently in the side, causing you to groan. "No…" you grumbled into the pillow. Michael scoffed, "Yes you are, liar." he replied, his finger coming in for another poke. Letting out a long sigh, you eventually opened your eyes to look at him, "Mikey, it’s late and you have to get up early tomorrow. You know you’re gonna regret it in the morning." you stated, bringing a hand up to brush his cheek softly. He bit his lip, thinking for a moment before grinning. "What’s life without regrets?" he mused, standing up and jumping on the bed. Another groan escaped your lips as you turned away and closed your eyes, "You’re lucky I love you…" 

Luke: Watching as your boyfriend slept peacefully beside you, you sighed quietly and smiled. “You know, it’s rude to stare…” Luke muttered, a small smirk making it’s way onto his face. Your cheeks turned a light shade of pink, and you silently thanked it for being so dark. Luke opened his eyes, looking over at you as he brushed a stray hair from out of your face. “Why aren’t you asleep?” he questioned. Letting out a small yawn, you gave a shrug. “No idea, I just can’t sleep.” you answered. Luke nodded, pulling you into his chest. “I’ll help you sleep, babe.” he mumbled, tracing his fingers up and down your spine. 

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