5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


22. Sleeping without you

22# Sleeping without you

A/n - Cute

Luke: He sleeps, yeah, of course he does, but he struggles. He feels content when you’re next to him, breathing heavily and your feet fidgeting like there’s no tomorrow. It feels strange not having you giggling into his ear when he grazes his hand over your waist, its strange waking up to emptiness instead of you rolling sleepily around the bed, dragging the bed sheet with you. It takes him hours to fall asleep, and he always ends up grouchy the next morning. 

Michael: He can’t sleep without the pillow you gave him cuddled into his side. You had gotten it especially made, the pillow having a picture of you pulling a stupid face printed onto it. It was created as a complete joke, but you had no clue that Michael loved the pillow as much as he did. It’s tucked into his side every night, his grip on it so tight he’s sure he’ll rip it at some point. The boys constantly tease him about it, but he honestly doesn’t care. If it helps him sleep, so be it.

Ashton: He wakes up every couple of hours, feeling cold and lonely. His eyes flutter open, massive hands gripping fistfuls of the bed sheet, hoping to find you somewhere. It’s stupid that he can’t even spend one night without you so you can go hang out with your friends, and he feels pathetic when he texts you “can’t sleep without you here lol, come home quiiiick:( love you x” but he needs you to help him sleep because you play with his hair and sometimes, when he feels like a 5 year old, he gets you to create little stories and tell them to him.

Calum: He hates it. He hates sleeping without you, and he knows that he’s the reason you’re currently downstairs in the living room sleeping on the sofa. It was a stupid fight, and some harsh words led to Calum being left alone in this stupid giant bed (it isn’t actually that big, but Calum’s upset) and he just wants to go downstairs and kiss you and rant about how much of a stupid, stupid boy he is and how he loves you so much and how he can’t sleep without you and how if you want to he’ll let you shave his hair off. So, he does. 

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