5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


39. Skinny dipping w/Luke

39# Skinny dipping

A/n - another short one, and I still don't give a damn


You were standing in the middle of nowhere by some lake with Luke at midnight, “Luke what are we doing here?” you ask you best friend who just insisted that you go on a midnight drive with him.  “Well Y/N I’m glad you asked,” he said with a sly smile.  “So me and the boys went to #1 in the States today.”  “What?! That’s awesome Luke.  I’m so proud of you,” you say giving him a bear hug.  “But why did you have to bring me here to tell me that?” you ask pulling away to look at him.  Luke smiles at you as he grabs the neck of his shirt and pulls it over his head.  “Umm what are you doing Luke?”  “Well remember when me and the boys first started on YouTube and you were making fun of us and I told you we would be #1 in the States one day and you said and I quote ‘When that happens Luke that will be the day that I finally take you up on your offer to go skinny dipping’.”  “What I never said that!” you yell trying to hide the blush on your face because you remember that day and you did in fact say that.  “Time to live up to your word Y/L/N, now strip,” Luke demanded pulling his pants down leaving him in just his boxers.  Seeing no way out of this, you sigh and add your clothes to Luke’s pile.  “After you princess,” Luke said nudging you towards the water.  Pouting you make your way into the water.  No more than five steps in you say, “Ok I did it.  Bye Luke,” and make a mad dash for the shore.  Before you could get far, Luke grabs you by the waist and twirls you around making his way into the water with you in tow.  “I’ve been waiting three years to do this with you and damnit we are going to do it!” he says causing you both to break out laughing and hit the water.

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