5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


21. Sing

6# Sing

A/n- ayeeeeeee

Ashton: You could hear Ashton’s snoring echo throughout your room, bouncing off the walls back in your face, taunting you. He was asleep, somewhere you couldn’t venture tonight. Tapping your fingers gently along his muscled chest, you let out a yawn and tried closing your eyes again when his flew open. “Babe?” He asked groggily, brushing his hand across your hair, moving it out of your face. “Why are you still awake, it’s the middle of the night.” He said softly, staring at you lovingly. He probably wouldn’t remember this in the morning. “Just couldn’t sleep.” You tell him, smiling over the pillow. “That’s not good, is it? Here, come here.” He motioned, opening his arms and letting you slide into them. Resting his head next to yours, he started to sing, rather murmur, the words to Lullaby by Billy Joel. “Goodnight my angel… time to close… your eyes.” He sang, hugging you tight to him. “…and save these questions… for ano…ther day…..” He trailed off, giving you a kiss before going back to snoring away. But after that, you finally closed your eyes and drifted off, too.  

Calum: “Calum! Why the fuck did you suggest that movie!” You cried, hitting his his arm playfully even though you were close to tears. You were a wimp with scary movies, and he should know that- and forcing you to watch The Ring was not helping. “I’m sorry babe, but you know I’m here to protect you.” He said softly, realizing how scared you were. He flexed his muscles, placing your hand on top of his bicep. “See? Nobody can beat me.” He continued, smiling. He tickled your nose, but you were still on the fence. So he sat down and pulled you into his lap, making sure your ear was just next to his mouth. “I’m a scaredy cat. I’m a scaredy-scaredy cat. I jump when things go boo! I like Calum, though. He makes me go ooh. Calum sung softly into your ear, making you blush. “Yes, I can’t handle stupid movies but I can handle much bigger—” You stood up, glaring at your boyfriend. “Okay Calum, shut up.” Smiling, he towered over you. “See? You’re not scared anymore.” “Fuck you, Calum.” “You know you will.”

Luke: “So… I’m not a great public speaker. And I know people have done this before, and it’s unoriginal, but… (Y/N), I don’t know what other way to express how happy I am.” Luke said, smiling so hard you thought he might start crying. You  were about to start crying, for God’s sake. Even though you two had already exchanged your vows, your stomach was still full of fluttering butterflies whenever you looked at Luke, or at the beautiful reception hall you were in- or hell, even down at your gorgeous white wedding gown. Suddenly, Luke opened his mouth and began to sing. “Well, to be quite frank, I’m pretty sure there’s something in my drank.” He began, making you giggle with the wrong tense of ‘drink’. He shot you a look that said “I just did it because it rhymed!” “Because ever since, I can’t stop looking at you. And I wish I had enough words, to say how much you mean to me. But I don’t know that many.” He said, slipping into rhythmic speak. “And I’d like to thank, everyone who came and helped me make my dreams come true. Because without all of you, I’d never see my beautiful boo.” He finished, leaning down to kiss you. “Good job.” You whisper in his ear, fully aware of the tears streaming down your face. 

Michael: “Babe, what’s wrong?” Michael asked the minute you entered the house. “What, do I look that bad?” You asked, wiping your cheeks. “Actually, you look cute. But, I doubt crying can be happy if you’re not smiling while crying.” He said, hugging you and picking you up of the floor. “Well, yeah. It was just another day dealing with dicky people, that’s all Mikey, nothing serious.” You told him, resting your head on his shoulder as he carried you farther into the house. “It’s serious if it makes my (Y/N) cry, no matter what you say.” Then he opened the bathroom door and turned on the shower. “What are you doing?” You ask, staring as he takes off his shirt. “Bathroom has great acoustics. Take off your clothes or ruin them, but I’m going in.” He said, ducking into your huge shower. Reluctantly you slipped off your dress and followed him, to find him sitting on the floor with his legs open. He guided you so you faced the same way as him, and sat between his legs so he could press your back against his chest. As the warm water fell over you you could feel the stress of the day wash away with your tears, Micheal being the only thing that was present, that mattered. “You know I’d fall apart without you, I don’t know how you do what you do. ’Cause everything that don’t make sense about me, makes sense when I’m with you. Like everything that’s green, girl, I need you; but it’s more than one and one makes two, so put aside the math and the logic of it. You gotta know you’re wanted too.” He sang, his fingertips running up your sides. Smiling, you tilted your head back onto his shoulder and let the water run down your face. “See, that’s the smile I need to see.” Michael whispered, lightly kissing your neck. 

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