5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


46. Shower

46# Shower

A/n - this is not Daniella, I'm her friend Elli and I wrote this pref for Daniella, bc she's in the hospital, hope u like it

Ashton: Being on tour with Ashton is difficult. Not only do you both miss your families but you never have any alone time. When you’re in the hotel room there is usually another, if not all, of the boys in the room, or you are somewhere doing interviews or shows. “Ash come here.” you said. “What he said. ” sitting down on the bed next to you. “I figured since we have this alone time we can make the most of it” you wink and straddled his waist. He smirked and started kissing your neck. Things got heated quickly and he had his shirt off and right as you took your shirt off Luke walks in. “Oh my god I’m sorry” he yelled covering his eyes. “Dammit Luke” Ashton yelled. You quickly put your shirt back on and got off of Ashtons lap. “I’m sorry” Luke said again. “It’s fine it’s not your fault” you said Luke laid down on his bed and put his headphones in. “Ashton” “What?” “This is going to sound dumb but even though we see each other everyday I miss you” you say looking at him with a generally sad face. “I know what you mean we don’t have any alone time” he said wrapping his arms around you kissing your head. “After the show tonight can you promise me that we will have some alone time?” you asked. “Pinky promise” he said with a smile. The show was over and you all were heading back to the hotel. “Luke aren’t you going to Calum and Michael’s room?” Ashton asked. “No I’m beat I’m gonna go to bed” Luke said getting into bed. “There goes our plans” you whispered in Ashton’s ear. “Not necessarily” Ashton said pulling you into the bathroom. “What are you doing?” you asked. He just turns on the water, locks the door, and starts taking your clothes off. You guys had your alone time and ran out of hot water.

Calum: Whenever Calum would shower you would always laugh hysterically. He sings obnoxiously and dances. One time when he was dancing he he slipped and fell. Today he must of been in an extremely good mood because he was singing really loud. You get your phone out to record him. You quietly sneak in the bathroom and start to record. He was sing and dancing while you were trying to keep quiet. Then suddenly he hits this high note which causes you to burst out laughing. “(Y/N) What are you doing?” he asked. “Say hello to the internet.” you said inbetween laughs. “This is what I have to live with” you say before you stopped recording. You posted the video onto Tumblr with the caption saying “Help I can’t breathe” The video quickly got notes. When Calum finally got out of the shower you walk over to him “Hey super star” you say giving him a kiss. “You know you loved your free concert.” he joked back. You laughed and gave him another kiss on the lips and you show him the video. “I sound amazing” he said laughing at the video. The next morning when you were in the shower getting ready for work he snuck into the bathroom to record you singing one of his songs and dancing like an idiot. While you were dancing you slipped and fell which made Calum laugh. “Karmas a bitch isn’t it.” you laughed. After making sure you were okay he posts this video and says “Karma is a bitch.”

Luke: You and Luke have been having a prank war these past couple of weeks. It started when you surprise attacked him with silly string and water balloons before he walked on stage for a show. He got you back when he put a bunch of confetti and glitter in the vent of your car and put the air on full blast. So when you started your car it looked like a craft room exploded. You have been thinking of a way to get him back for a while then it hit you. “Why not get him at his most vulnerable and tape it” you thought to yourself. You quickly get your phone and call Michael. “Hello” he said “Hey its (Y/N) you know how Luke and I are pranking eachother. I need you help with a prank?” you asked him “Of course I’ll help” Michael responded. “Ok so the other day we watched a scary movie that scared the hell out of him. So when he is in the shower I’m going to dress up like the monster from the movie and scare him. I need you to tape it” you said energetically. “Perfect” michael said with a laugh. Later that night you had Michael for some pizza. “I’m gonna jump in the shower” Luke said. You turn to Michael and give him a devilish grin about 5 mins later you got dressed and Michael got his phone ready. “Ready?” you whispered to Michael. “Lets do this” he responded. You both creeped into the bathroom and when Michael gave the thumbs up that he was recording you jump into the shower screaming like the monster did in the movie. Luke jumped and fell and screamed like a little girl. His reaction caused you and Michael to laugh hysterically “This is going on Instagram.” Michael said between laughs. “Fuck you guys” Luke said angrily. You and Michael let him shower in peace. When he came out he walked over to you and whispered “Just wait until I get you back” in your ear. 

Michael: You had just got home from work and on your way inside a bird pooped in your hair. Michael greeted you at the door and immediately started laughing when he saw your hair. “Shut up” you said with a laugh. That just caused in to laugh harder. “I’m taking a shower” you said. When you get to the bathroom and turn on the water. “Can I join?” Michael asked. “No you laughed at me” you jokingly yelled. “I’m sorry” he said pouting. “Fine, but no funny business.” you said with a stern look. He smiled and got in the shower with you. “Babe you should take better care of your hair” you said. “Its fine.” he said kissing your neck. “Hey no funny business remember. and yes “its fine” if you want to go bald” you say. “Fine what should I do?” he asked. You didn’t respond you washed his hair with your shampoo and rinse it. “Hey now I’m going to smell like a girl.” he whined. “Shut up” you say squeezing conditioner in you hand. You rub your hands together and rub the conditioner into Michael’s hair. “Don’t rinse this out right away” you say to him. “How long do I have to leave it in?” he asked “For your hair probably 3 years but we will just do it for a few minutes” you said. Right before you got out you rinsed Michael’s hair.You got out dried off and put on your pajamas. “You should start using that stuff everyday.” you say to Michael. “Fine if it will make you happy.” he said. “You should also stop bleaching your hair every other week but baby steps.” you smiled at him. He gives you a glare and you walk over to him and kiss him on his lips. The rest of the night Michael kept petting his hair because it was so soft.

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