5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


44. Sharing clothe

44# Sharing clothe

A/n - hi lovies

Luke: "Luke, I am freaking the fuck out." You said, as you continued to pace back and forth in your shared bedroom. Luke sat lazily on the end of your bed, his hands resting behind him. His eyes followed you slowly, his lip tugged between his teeth in a smirk. Normally, you would kiss that smirk right off his face but right now you couldn’t focus on anything else. Your hands ran through your hair, as your paces began to increase. Your eyes began to water, as you looked at him with huge eyes. He stood up suddenly, before wrapping his arms around you quickly. "Relax," he whispered as your head fit perfectly into his chest. "It’s just an exam. You’re going to do fine. You always do." You sighed deeply, burying your head further. "Not this time." You whispered pitifully. "Even if you completely bomb this stupid ass exam, it’s going to be okay. It means it wasn’t meant for you in the first place." He kissed the top of your head, as you feel your breathing begin to return to normal. Pulling away from you, he disappeared into your closet. Out of nowhere, one of his large hoodies flew at your head. "Take it for good luck." He said smiling, returning to stand in front of you. You raised your eyebrow, and let the corner of your mouth turn up in a smile. "Who said it was good luck?" "I was wearing when I met you." He said. Your mouth dropped open, as you stared at the hoodie in your hand. You couldn’t believe he remembered. "Obviously it’s good luck if it brought me you." You were still speechless, as you slowly shook your head. Luke was smiling like a proud 5 year old, before you practically jumped on top of him. His body fell on the bed behind him, as your legs straddled his hips. You quickly pulled his hoodie over your head, before you leaned down to interlock your lips. As always, they moved together perfectly. His tongue swiped at your bottom lip and you inwardly sighed into his mouth. You sat up suddenly, rolling off him and onto the floor. "Are you kidding?" He screeched, his face a little flustered as he watched your retreating body. "I have to write a uni exam, didn’t you hear?"

Calum: It was approximately 10 in the morning, as you walked down the stairs of your shared apartment. The game was to start any second, and you and Calum had yet to speak to each other. As you wandered into the living room, Calum sat at the other end of the couch, his attention focused on the screen. As soon as he caught sight of you, he quickly began to choke on his drink as he hacked all over the living room. Once he had composed himself, he stood up quickly. “Oh hell no.” He said, at the point where he was more than offended. You smiled back at him cheekily, the bright orange of your Netherlands jersey sending an eerie glow around your quiet living room. You quickly jumped over the couch, as you watched the players walk onto the field. “You have got to be fucking kidding me.” He said, still standing in the same spot. You leaned up to grab his hand, pulling you onto the couch next to you, leaning over to pat his cheek. “Pulled this out of the closet for this special occasion.” He looked at you, still in disbelief. “How can you do this to Australia?” He said, the complete betrayal clear in his voice. “Calum, my family is literally from Holland.” You said cheekily, as the shouts of the game captured your attention. “It’s okay though, Australia is going to get their asses kicked with or without me.” Your words clearly seemed to snap him back into reality. “You ready to bet on that, (Y/N)?” He said, his signature cheeky smirk beginning to light up his face. You snorted, before turning to look at him. “Absolutely, what do you propose Calum Hood?” He grinned at you wickedly, before both your attentions were turned back to the television. Needless to say, when the game was over Calum was ready to throw himself off the balcony. As you ran around the room hollering, he had his face shoved into a couch cushion letting out long groans. “I can’t believe they lost.” He said, his face still hidden. You stopped suddenly in your tracks, as you remembered exactly what your bet has entailed. Crawling over to him slowly, you placed your legs on either side of his body, his face still shoved into the cushion. You kissed the back of his neck slowly, as Calum immediately turned over underneath you. “I can make you do whatever I want.” You stated, a suggestive smile growing on your lips. Leaning down, you kissed his lips slowly and passionately, before pulling away still biting on his lower lip. He let out a long groan at the loss of contact, his eyes wide as he tried to hide his excitement. Sitting up, you slowly pulled your jersey over your head, before quickly dropping it on his head and standing up cackling. “You get to where that jersey for the rest of the day.” He whipped the jersey off his head, before standing up to send daggers in your direction. You could hear him mumbling, while he changed his shirt, before sending a long and pathetic sigh in your direction. “Happy?”

Michael: Next to you, you felt your boyfriend suddenly fling himself off the bed. Sitting up sleepily, you watched as Michael quickly jumped to his feet before grasping the wall behind him as he swayed back and forth. He shook his head quickly, before bursting towards the closet, mumbling curses as he went. You clutched the blankets tighter around your body as you tried not laugh. Clothing began to fly from behind the closet door, as you heard him ram into the wall more than once. Unable to hold it in any longer, you laughed loudly, knowing without a doubt that he was late again. Suddenly sticking his head around the corner, his eyes narrowed in your direction. “(Y/N), this is not a laughing matter. I literally cannot find anything to wear.” You snorted loudly, raising an eyebrow at him. He rolled his eyes, and without another word disappeared back into the closet. Waltzing out a minute later, your hand snapped over your mouth as you realized he was wearing your black skinny jeans, as the female cut emphasized his legs. “What? Is something wrong?” He asked, his hip jutting out. You composed yourself, letting your hand drop back to your lap. “No, good luck today.” You said smiling. Jumping over to kiss your head quickly, he turned on his heel and burst out of the room. By the time you finally pulled yourself out of bed, you were still cackling. Grabbing your phone from its position on the counter, you noticed your countless notifications. A smile creeping on your lips, you noticed that the fans had also caught on to Michael’s wardrobe choice of the day. You opened his account as you noticed his latest tweet. “@Michael5SOS: I thought my jeans were tighter than normal today.” 

Ashton: “That hat is dumb.” You stated, standing beside the bed as you shook your head almost in disbelief. You were quickly brushing out your hair, as the two of you prepared to leave the hotel room for the day. Ashton stood in the mirror near the door, placing his infamous hat over his unruly curls. He turned to you slowly, a smirk lighting up his face. “Don’t even try and pretend (Y/N). You know you love the hat.” He said, as he began to creep closer to you. “I am most certain that I do not love the hat, it is dumb and contradicts your whole image.” He stood just behind you, as you tried to pretend you couldn’t feel the pads of his fingertips ghosting up your sides. “Image?” He questioned airily, his breath sending shivers down the back of your spine. His hands tightened around your waist as you swallowed quickly. “Yes, image. The hat does not make you look punk rock.” You stated, still brushing at your hair furiously. You could feel the smile ghosting his face behind you, before his body crushed yours to the wall. “Say that again.” He said, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. You turned your nose in the air, as you tried to pretend your legs weren’t turning to jelly. “You’re not punk rock.” Before you could even finish the sentence, Ashton’s lips slammed onto yours taking you by surprise. You let out an involuntary sigh as his tongue worked its way into your mouth. He pulled back suddenly, causing you to let out a long moan. He was still smiling, as he tugged his hat off of his head and pushed it onto yours. You opened your mouth to complain, before his hand shot up to hold your lips shut. “Don’t even try to complain, now you can be as cool as me.” He smiled, and his fingers interlocked with yours as he tugged you out of the hotel room. As the two of you slipped into the elevator, you leaned up to whisper in his ear, giving him exactly what he wanted. “I lied. The hat is hot as hell.” 

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