5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


5. Rainy days

5# Rainy days

A/n - Sorry for not updating in a time, but I have so many things to do.

AshtonYou loved when it was storming, because it meant that you got to cuddle with Ashton twice as much. You waited for him to come back from the store, as he went to get as much junk food as he could. Ten minutes later, he arrived, kicking the door open since his hands were full. He bought heaps of food such as chocolate bars, lollies, biscuits, chips, cookies and he even ordered some pizza. 
"Now don’t give me any of that "I’m on a diet" crap" He joked. You giggled picking up one of the chocolate bars.  "Nah this is my exception." You laughed, causing Ashton to smile.  You brought all the food to the bedroom, lying it down on the bed. You both got comfortable and started deciding on what movies you should watch.  "What do you feel like watching? Something scary, funny or romantic?" He asked you. 
"Hmm, how about we watch something funny. I’m in a laughing mood."  "I can see that" Ashton says, "Comedy it is" He kissed your forehead before grabbing a random movie and putting it in the dvd slot.  "I love days like these. When I’m not on tour, when I’m not in the recording studio. Days where I can just spend the whole time with you in my arms, doing what we love." He mentioned, making you smile.            "Aw, I love you"  "I love you too" 

Luke: You and Luke had just bought a Husky and decided to take it out for a walk around the city. Knowing your luck, and the ridiculous Australian weather changes, it began to rain. It wasn’t that hard, so you decided you’d stay out a bit longer. You undid your Husky’s leash and he began running around the park, chasing the other dogs. You and Luke began chasing each other, laughing and having fun. You got tired at one point and you noticed that Luke was no where to be found. You looked over to where the dogs where playing, just in case he was there. But he wasn’t. You looked around the whole park and began to frown. You were upset because you thought you had lost your own boyfriend in a park. You giggled to yourself at the thought. The rain began pouring at this point, and you ran to where your Husky was and you were about to do his leash up again until you felt strong arms wrap around your waist, lifting you up and carrying you around. You began to laugh and squirm in his hands.  "Put me down! We have to go home" You said between fits of giggles.  "Oh yeah. Rex! Come here boy!" He dog whistled and your Husky came running after you both. Luke finally put you down, intertwining his fingers with yours and gently kissing you on the cheek as you both walked home in the rain.  

Calum: The rain pounded on yours and Calum’s bedroom window and your eyelashes fluttered opened. You smiled at the fact that it was storming and it was still the AM. You didn’t want to get up just yet, but your boyfriend had other plans.  "(Y/N) WAKE UP!! COME ON!! LET’S COOK!!" Calum said, running up in his pyjamas and jumping on the bed.  "Oh my god." You said, grabbing his pillow and covering your head with it. "Come onnnnn we can’t wait all day!" He whined.  He got another pillow and started hitting you with it 
“Yay time to get up yayayaya!” "What are you? Five?" You harshly asked. "Six, actually, I’m six." You laughed at his little joke he just made and you sat up.  "Okay fine. I’m going" You said, making him scream with excitement. He ran down the stairs and you could hear him rattling around in the kitchen. You quickly brushed your hair and teeth and made your way downstairs. "So what are we cookin-" You asked, but he flicked some flour in your face. "This is going to be a long day isnt it?" You asked yourself. "Oh come on, you love me!" He cheekily smiled. "Unfortunately I do" You laughed, making him pout. You pulled him in for a kiss, immediately making him smile again. 

Michael: It was round 8 already of a video game, and you were getting upset. The level finished and you placed the controller down, creasing your eyebrows. "What’s wrong?" Michael asked, concerned. 
"Can’t we just go outside and do something?"  "But darling, it’s raining." "Yeah well it’s not fair" 
"What’s not fair?"  "We’re playing games and I keep losing, I can hardly play and I don’t know what to do" 
Michael rested the controller down, bringing you in to his lap.  "Hey, how about we play a different game then?"  "Like what?"  "Anything you like"  You looked down at all the games and picked out one that stood out to you most.  Michael placed the game in the slot and you two began playing. You could tell that Michael was letting you win, but it didn’t really bother you, you were relaxed, safe in his arms.  "See, look how good you’re doing!" He said, making you smile.  The game finished and you placed the controller down, just about to get up to pull the game out of the slot  "I love this game," You said.  Michael pulled you back down in his lap and kissed your neck gently. "I love you" 

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