5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


37. Puppy love

37# Puppy love

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Ashton : ” ASH! make her stop ” you groan intn your pillow. It was 3 o’clock in the morning an your new puppy had been howling. ” Babe I tried but she’s still keeps howling ” Ashton mumbled . ” I love that puppy but I swear to God that if she doesn’t stop I’m going to murder her” you say bitterly all you want is some sleep. ” I have an idea ” he says getting up.He walks into the hallway and comes back with something in his arms. He places on the bed . Your little puppy curls up into a little ball between you and Ash and stops howling. ” There hopefully we can sleep now ” Ashton says getting back into bed.

Calum : “Hey Babe ” Calum smiles walking inside the flat that you two shared with a big smile and a box . ” Hey Cal what’s in the box “? you ask him . ” Take a deep breath I don’t know how your going go take but as I headed out of the studio I found this little guy ” he says opening the box to a small cute husky puppy” Isn’t he cute” he adds . You take the puppy out of the box , then look at Calum “He`s so cute but and  all but do you think we’re ready for this ” you ask him , no longer looking at Calum but the cute puppy in your hands . ” Ya I mean this can be like our first child together and I think it’s going to be fun raising this puppy with you ” He kissed your cheek.

Micheal : ” Well we finally got him to stop running ” you say breathless putting the leash back on your puppy. It had gotten loose while Mike and you were taking the puppy for a walk , your puppy then decided because nothing was holding him back to run around the park like crazy.” Finally I think we should go home now” your boyfriend says wrapping his arm around your waist. ” Good idea lets-Where did he go ” you say . ” I thought you were holding the leash ” Mike said . ” I thought you did ” you begin to panic. ” not again”`Mike groans. The two of you run all around the park for the second time and finally see him by the playground … Humping a poodle and a little old man yelling at your dog to stop . Mike and you turn to each other and run towards the dogs. “Charlie get off the poodle ” Mike yells trying to take your dog off the poodle . You turn the old man and apologize  . ” You better be ! My Coco is a 5 time award winnig dog . ” he says before pulling Coco away from the three of you . Michael and you begin to laugh. “Charlie this is why you don’t run away for the second time today and hump poodles. ” Mike tries tells Charlie with out laughing . 

Luke: ” Luke have you seen my new Lulu Lemon tights ” you ask your boyfriend . You almost had to go meet your friend at the airportand you couldn’t find your pants . ” No love ” Luke answers coming out of the bathroom with bed head “But have you seen my hair brush I looked all around the flat twice and I still can’t find it . I’m almost late for the studio ” Luke asks you . ” Sorry Boo I haven`t wanna borrow mine ” you suggest  . Then both of you heard a bark behind you . Turning around both of you see your new puppy with both items in his mouth with a look in his eyes that his about to destroy both of them.  “Lucky put it down boy ” Luke says . But Lucky begins to run with them all over the house. Until he hits the door. ” Ok we got him he can’t go thru a screen door ” Luke says ready to catch Lucky . But as his about to,  Lucky breaks the screen door and heads outside. ” She broke it ” you say speechless and you two run outside to catch your dog.

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