5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


34. Overprotected w/Michael

34# Overprotected

A/n - I saw Ashton in Paris, I touched Ashton in Paris, I hugged Ashton in Paris, I cried on Ashton's shirt in Paris, Ashton told me I was a cutie in Paris - can you still hear me cry?

I've been on vacation, in Paris if you wonder - STILL CRYING

"Michael… I can do this," you sighed. "No you’ll get hurt!" he whined. "Your so over-protected," you said. "Yeah because I don’t want you to get hurt," he said. He hugged your waist and kissed your cheek. You giggled. He was afraid you will get hurt will cooking, but you doubt it. You’ve been cooking since you were 6 years old. And you haven’t failed making a plate since. “Mikey!!” you whined. “Alright fine you make the breakfast!” he said. You smiled and started to make it. You finished making breakfast and put down the plate for Michael. He smiled and began to eat. “I’m going to the store,” you said. “Not with me you aren’t,” Michael stood up, not even finishing his plate. "Michael why are you so overprotected?" you said. "Because I don’t wanna lose you. If you’re going to see or meet your ex on the street, you’re gonna leave me for him.." he frowned. You smiled and kissed his lips. “I would never do that. Michael you’re the most amazing boyfriend and I love you. Plus my exes cheated on me or didn’t love me..” you sighed. Michael hugged you. “I would never do that to you ever,” he whispered.  "You’re sweet Mikey," you smiled. You both broke the hug. "No I’m punk rock," he said. "No you’re not," you giggled. "I’m fucking punk rock Y/N," he said. You laughed at him. "Sure you are," you chuckled. "Why are you punk rock?" he asked. "Damn right I am!" you yelled. He smiled and you both kissed lips. "Can I go to the store with you?" he asked. "Are you going to buy ANOTHER spiderman costume?" you asked. "That was one time!" he said. "Remember that one halloween you tried climbing the rope and being upside down just to kiss me?" you laughed. He blushed. "And then you failed by falling down," you laughed harder. "Well I tried to impress you okay!" he yelled. "Awwww!" you cooed and kissed his cheek. "Are you really gonna buy another spiderman costume?" you asked. He nodded. "Fine," you growled. He smiled widely. He grabbed you and gave you a piggy back ride. "Michael!" you smiled. "Lets go!" he yelled and ran. 

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