5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


35. "Not so typical love story" w/Calum

35# "Not so typical love story"

A/n - dunno what to say, this was a crazy idea

You just came out of the corner shop and started to walk down the street, you saw a couple of guys walking a head of you and pulled out your phone. You pull up Tumblr and start to scroll through imagine after imagine of 5SOS, you look up from your phone just to see the boy in front of you throw something yellow behind him and as you look around your feet slide from under you and you land hard on your bum causing you to let out a huge groan. You sit up and as you push yourself off the ground you see you had slipped on a banana peel, then you realise the boys in front of you must have thrown it. You pick up the banana peel and throw it with great aim at the dark haired boy in front of you, it hit the back of his head and he spins round, your still sitting on the floor when you shout,

‘What kind of idiot throws a banana peel’ you finally get to your feet and look up only to be met by Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood, oh god you just throw a banana peel at Calum Hood and then yelled at him, but you can’t just stop now you have seen who they are you would look like an idiot.

‘What kind of idiot slips on a banana peel’ he yells back, you make your way over to him and he takes a couple of steps towards you as well.

‘You could have really hurt someone, could you not have walked a little further and put it in a bin.’ You shout at him.

‘Don’t blame me, you have to be the only person in the world that has actually slipped on a banana peel’ he replies, you glare at him and he raises his eye brows at you.

‘Do you think you’re funny? Stop fucking smirking at me, you haven’t even apologised. I mean it was a banana peel it was stupid to throw it, I have to admit its weird for me to have slipped on it but it would never have happened if you hadn’t have been littering. And you still haven’t even pi…’ as you have been talking he had pulled another banana from his shopping bag and un peeled it, and as your half way through your rant he pop the banana into your mouth cutting you off, you were shocked, you pull the banana from your mouth about to start yelling again when he grabs your hand and pulls out a pen from his pocket, you watch his face more then what he is writing, your glaring but you haven’t got anything to say seems as you have no clue what is going on. He stops writing dropping your hand and winking at you, which only makes you glare a little more before you look down to see him number on your hand.

‘You should call me’ he tells you, wiggling his eyebrows a little as he watches you, you finally pull yourself back together and smirk slightly.

‘Maybe’ is all you say as you turn and walk away but as if an afterthought you turn your head and shout, ‘Thanks for the banana’ waving it a little, he laughs and you round the corner.

Who would have thought four years later you would be at your wedding telling all your friends and family about your husband, the guy that made you slip on a banana peel.  And that was the start of yours and Calum’s not so typical love story.


"I’d like you all to stand as I introduce for the first time as husband and wife - Mr. and Mrs. Calum Hood!" The DJ says as he plays ‘walking on sunshine’ and you and Calum walk down the opening onto the dance floor.

Calum insisted on picking your song so when the boys came up with their guitars you were not surprised. Ashton pulled his kajon from behind the DJ booth where he had hidden it and started them off with a soft 1-2-1234. You immediately recognized ‘Gotta Get Out’ by the first few cords and you both started swaying to the music. Calum sang quietly to you as he held you tight around the waist and tears filled your eyes. This had always been your favorite song and the first time that you had gotten in a real fight, Calum sang it to you and you could not resist him. Every now and then he would space you out enough that he could spin you back in. You found that at one part in the song you were so content with Calum holding you and the sway you had perfected while you heard Calum sing and you hummed along that you almost forgot you were not alone.

When the song ended and your family and friends clapped you leaned into Calum and gave him a soft peck on the lips. You see Michael come up behind him but you were so focused on the wonderful man that you get to call your husband that you did not see him slip something into his hand. You opened your mouth to tell Calum you love him when suddenly there was a banana placed in there.

The boys and you laughed so hard you could almost not swallow it and you could tell that some of your family was confused until Calum held the remainder of the banana up and said “This” he pointed between him and you “this is all because of one of these.” Everyone laughs again and you grabbed the banana as you walked off the dance floor for Calum’s mother to dance with him. Right before the edge of the floor you turned around and said “thanks for the banana.”

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