5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


56. Nightly routine

56# Nightly routine

A/N - so cute


After dinner, you and Luke will always watch a bit of American Horror Story or CSI. Sometimes you like it, but at other times, you’ll hide your face in the crook of Luke’s neck until Pepper is off screen cause she’s creepy af. And then you’ll both walk up to your bedroom, him walking behind you with his hand resting on your hip. You’ll wash your face and brush your teeth, and he’ll do the same… just much slower. You’ll be pulling your hair back into a ponytail or braid as he’s brushing his teeth, and crawling into bed. You’re always close to sleep by the time he crawls in behind you and slings an arm over you, kissing the back of your neck and then falling asleep as well.


Michael likes to play video games a good bit, believe it or not. So he’ll always sit on the couch while you’re cleaning up from dinner and play FIFA or Call Of Duty. And when you’re done cleaning, you’ll lay your legs across his lap, your back resting against the other arm of the couch, reading a book and pretending to understand when he goes on a rant about dying or not making a goal. After he plays a few levels, he’ll turn off the TV, run his hand up your leg, and smile softly at you, before grabbing your hand and pulling you upstairs. You’ll wash your face while he settles into bed, saying he’ll clean up in the morning. You’ll tease him for not brushing his teeth and only let him kiss your cheek, and then you fall asleep in one another’s arms.


Calum doesn’t cook, and most nights you’re too tired to. So you’ll order in a pizza or Chinese and then high five one another for “making such an excellent dinner”. While you’re waiting for the food to be delivered, you’ll make a fort in the living room and put in a movie. When the food gets there, you crawl into the fort and eat the food, talking about Calum’s new music and your job and family and stuff. Then you’ll play the movie after throwing away the boxes from the food, curled up against Calum under some blankets. He’ll stay up for the entire movie, but you’ll fall asleep. And of course, he’ll carry you upstairs and fall alseep with his arms wrapped tightly around you, whispering a soft “Goodnight baby,” before drifting to sleep.


After eating dinner, you both will go upstairs and wash your faces. He never buys face wash because we all have one thing we forget to buy at the grocery store and his is face wash. He’ll borrow some of your exfoliating scrub and kiss your cheek, thanking you for “being so generous” and then brush his teeth. He’ll sit on the toilet seat and talk to you while you finish preparing for bed, then he’ll give you a piggy back ride to the bed, saying that he’s simply treating his princess right. He’ll wrap himself around you; your legs intertwined, arms wrapped around one another, foreheads just inches apart. And he’ll give you angels kisses as you drift off to sleep. He’ll never fall asleep before you.

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