5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


19. Michael imagine

19# Michael imagine

A/n- this isn't my best, sawwy

It was a rainy day and you and Michael decided to spend a whole day lazing around the house together. And what a better way to spend it by playing video games. "Which game shall we play?" Michael crossed his lips, deciding over the 30 games laid down in front of him.  "Haha, don’t ask me! I basically know nothing about these games." You giggled, sitting back down on the bed. "I feel like playing fifa, but then grand theft auto, but then black ops." "Just put one in Michael!" He grabbed grand theft auto and put it into the disk drive. He sat behind you, wrapping his legs around you, handing you the second controller. "Teach me how to play during the game because it looks so confusing" You mentioned. "You haven’t played gta before?" "Nope" "Alrighty then" He chuckled. He changed the controls to single player, so he could first teach you how to play. His hands crept around yours and gently touching your fingers, guiding you where to press.  "I’m gonna go make us a snack, keep practising" He said, as he got up and walked to the kitchen. You kept practising and finally, you got the hang of it. You went on free mode and started your missions. You finished the first couple of missions in the matter of minutes! At one point, you needed to complete a mission to unlock the island you wanted to go to. You killed the group of jail breakers and unlocked the island, making a new high score.  "MICHAEL!!!!" you screamed, getting up and running to him.  "Yeah?" "I MADE SO MANY MISSIONS, AND I UNLOCKED THE ISLAND I WANTED AND IM REALLY GOOD AT IT AND I HAVE THE NEW HIGH SCORE" You ran into his arms as he hugged you. "That’s amazing! See, you can do it!" He said, bringing you in for a kiss, causing you to smile.

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