5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


53. Meeting his family

53#  Meeting his family

A/n - I really can't do anymore. I am sick of being let down, sick of not being wanted. I just can't.

Michael: You had met Michael’s mom before at a couple school events prior to when you had started dating. It was mainly just the polite “oh how are you?” or “how’s your day?” and that’s the only type of relationship you had with Michael’s mom. You had heard she was slightly over protective over Michael so you were very cautious to meet her. Your hands were shaking as you rung the doorbell and waited to hear someone come close to the door. Michael answered and you grappled onto his hand and walked into the living room. “Michael I am so scared.” You said to him. “Don’t be! She’s really cool and awesome. Just be you.” He kissed the top of your head as he led you to his mother. You hugged her and smiled politely and said “my day was great thank you how was yours?” and so on. After a little bit of awkward small talk you smelt something delicious. “Oh! Is that meatloaf you’re cooking? It smells amazing.” “Yes that is meatloaf! Would you like to help me cut up some vegetables?” Michael’s mom asked you. You nodded of course and walked over and begun to chop up some vegetables like she had asked. Before you know it, you two got along perfectly. Who knew bonding over onions would be so great?

Luke: You weren’t exactly nervous for dinner with the Hemming’s. Luke told you his mother and yourself would get along great and his dad was a lot like Luke. You got to the restaurant Luke’s mother had chosen to meet at and Luke held your hand as you walked in. “Trust me love, there’s nothing to be nervous about.” You trusted him and found his family sitting at a table and you walked over and sat down and introduced yourself. A few minutes into the dinner one of Luke’s little brothers said to you “Now be completely honest…why’d you pick Luke? I mean you’re gorgeous and he’s a bit of a out of your limit.” You were slightly taken aback and didn’t know how to respond. “Ben!” Luke’s mother had scolded him. You continued to eat your meal and felt slightly uncomfortable at how Luke’s brother Benjamin was staring…more like gawking at you the entire dinner. He kept on commenting on how beautiful you were or how perfect of a girl you were and you could’ve sworn it wasn’t an accident when he kept on bumping up against your leg with his fingers. You were having a great time with Luke and his parents but his older brother was really making you feel uncomfortable. You waited for Luke to get up to go to the restroom. When he did leave you looked over at Ben and whispered, “Can you please stop?” and he just smiled and sipped on his drink. Moments later you felt his fingers on your thigh again and you said a little bit more sternly, “Seriously! Please stop!” and this time you felt Luke’s hand on your shoulder. “What’s he doing babe?” Luke stared at his brother. “Uh, nothing it’s fine.” You stuttered hoping Luke’s parents weren’t paying attention to this. Luke nodded and sat down. When we were getting up to leave you felt Benjamin’s presence behind you and his hand drifting your waist. Within seconds later Luke had him pinned up against the car door. “I swear to god…touch her again and we will have massive problems.” Luke growled at him.

Ashton: You looked at yourself in the mirror hoping that your outfit was cute but not too revealing. It was a floral skirt with a nude strappy top and a white cardigan to hide your shoulders. You usually weren’t one to be nervous for meeting someone’s family but Ashton meant a lot to you and you know that his mother and her opinions mean a lot to him. If his mom didn’t like you, you knew you would be cut from his life. You rung the doorbell and played with your fingers until Ashton’s little brother answered. “Wow you’re pretty.” He said. “Aw! Thank you! You’re quite handsome yourself!” You said. “Hey! Stop flirting with my girlfriend!” Ashton yelled in his cute and gawky Australian accent. “I don’t need any competition!” He said to his little brother. You gripped his hand immediately, “Do I look okay?” you mumbled. “You look absolutely stunning.” Ashton said then kissed your cheek. You heard a little squeal come from the kitchen “You must be (Y/N)! Oh my goodness I’ve been dying to meet you!” Ashton’s mom yelped. You could definitely see the family resemblance through the way their eyes turned up when they smiled and the prominent dimples on their cheek. She hugged you tightly and continued to squeal. At dinner when everyone was finishing up Ashton’s mother said, “You know what? I’ve never heard Ashton talk about a girl as much as he talks about you. I can always tell when he’s texting you too because he always has this big cheesy smile on his face, and I can see why! You’re about as pretty as any flower and about as sweet as honey!” She smiled and you thanked her while Ashton’s face reddened. “Now! Let’s pull out the baby pictures!” She grinned and stood up. “Oh I am so excited.” You said and stood up and followed after her. Ashton groaned and followed.

Calum: You had known Calum’s mother your whole life since you were always neighbors. But this was the first time you had been over since you and Calum have gotten quite serious. You were watching a detective show on their television while cuddling with Calum. His older sister Mali walked and scoffed. You had never really known her that well since she was older but you had always gotten the vibe she didn’t like you. For the rest of the day you received dirty looks from or snipey remarks. When Calum walked out to flip the laundry you collected all your courage and walked over to her. “Hey can I ask you something?” You said, twiddling your thumbs. “Yeah shoot.” She looked at you. “Have I done something to offend you? If so I’m so totally sorry! I just wanna fix whatever I have done.” You looked at her desperately. “Yeah. You can fix it. Calum is the most important person in my life and I don’t like feeling that you’re taking him away from me.” You looked at Mali wide eyed. “No! It’s not like that! I would never try to take him away from you!” “Well I don’t like the fact that he’s spending less and less time with me because of you. I know you’re a great girl and he cares about you. But I miss my little brother.” She said to you. You understood now. You never wanted to take Calum away from Mali, but you had been spending a lot of time together and it could definitely be coming in between their relationship. “I’m really sorry. I’ll make sure he has plenty of time to be with you!” You said to her and she reached out her arms for a hug and you did the same.

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