5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


14. he wants to help you when you're sad, but you won't let him

14# He wants to hely you when you're sad, but you won't let him

A/n- dang, that's a real long headline geez
(This is with Michael btw)

You were writing with your class mates in a group chat on Facebook. One of your classmates uploaded a picture of him, every one started uploading selfies, when suddenly someone uploaded a selfie of you, and wrote “Those Boobs, you are such hoe, for wearing clothes where you don’t hide anything”. You started feeling bad because you didn’t want people to think that about you. You walked out of your living room, and into the bathroom. You sat down against the door and tears started falling down your eyes. You could hear Michael came home, so you took some paper to dry your eyes, and walked out of the bedroom. “Hi babe” Michael said, “hi Michael” you answered, you would normally kiss and hug Michael, but you didn’t today. You walked into the living room. Michael didn’t think about it he just ignored it. He walked into your (shared) living room, and say down beside you, he hugged you but you backed away. He looked at you and he could see that tears slowly was dropping from your eyes. “What is wrong Y/N?” He asked. You walked out of the living room and on your way out you said “nothing is wrong”. You ran into Michael and yours bedroom, you locked the door and walked over to your bed where you could lay down and cry into a pillow. Michael ran to your bedroom, he tried to open the door but he couldn’t, “Babe open the door” when you didn’t answer him he started knocking on the door. You yelled “stop Michael” “I won’t stop until you open the door” Michael answered. He kept knocking on the door, he found an extra key, so he could open the door. Michael Came into you. “Y/N I can’t help you if you not tell me what there is wrong” “Michael it doesn’t matter, you can’t help me” you told him. Michael started getting red in his face, and irritated, “Y/N I am your boyfriend, why don’t you trust me enough, to tell me what’s wrong, it is my job to protect you, it’s my job to make you happy when you are sad, it’s my job to make you feel special, my job to make you feel pretty, my job to make you happy, my job to make you feel loved. Y/N you are my world, and I love you so much, but it hurts to know that you don’t trust me” Michael yelled “sorry Michael” you let him read the texts, he takes your hand and kiss you.  “That is not true Y/N you are not a hoe, you are a girl, and don’t listen to them.” He kisses you and hug you. “Thank you Mikey, I love you”

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