5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


3. He keeks you

3# He keeks you

A/n - The title says it all.

Calum: You squeak slightly as the icy ocean water rushes around your ankles, submerging your feet in the icy temperature of the water. You watch the waves retreat, sand being dragged back, creating a sinking sensation beneath your feet. It makes you smile. You look off into the vast distance of the ocean, trying to pinpoint where the blue of the water stops and the sky begins. “Hey babe, come over here!” you hear your boyfriend, Calum, shouting from further up the beach, where you’ve set up your towels and bags. You see him holding up his phone, undoubtedly videoing or keeking you. You grin, starting to sprint towards him, letting out a battle-like, war cry. As you approach Calum, some seagulls block your way, but you continue running, causing them to squawk and scatter, hastily flying away as you make absurd noises to scare them, laughing simultaneously. “This is what I put up with” Calum comments, directing the camera back onto him, shaking his head. He then ends the keek and embraces you in a big, affectionate bear hug.

Ashton: "Here we have a rare exemplar of the rare (y/n) species in it’s natural habitat, the couch." Ashton commentates in a hushed voice, sneaking up to your sleeping self, sprawled across the living room couch, completely passed out after a tiring work out. "This type of species likes to eat and sleep a lot. If disrupted during it’s holy sleep ritual, the beast can become mightily feisty" Ashton giggles, now zooming in extremely close to your face with his phone. "Let’s POKE it!" he grins widely, prodding a finger into your cheek, causing you to stir and grumble inaudibly under your breath, shifting away from Ashton. "(Y/n)" he draws out your name in a sing-song tone, nudging you again. "Go away, Ash" you snap, waving your arm randomly in hopes of smacking him. You brush lightly against his forehead, but it’s enough for him to stop. "Like I said, don’t disturb it, it gets aggressive….." he says to the camera, followed by a laugh and a quick peck on your cheek before he retreats and leaves you to sleep.

Luke: You, your boyfriend Luke and his band mates are all going out tonight and have decided to have some pre-drinks at your house before hand. They arrive a little early, so you haven’t finished getting ready yet. “Sorry boys, just give me like 10 minutes to do my hair. Have a seat, help yourself to anything in the fridge, as you always do” you say to them, before leaving them in the living room whilst you finish getting ready in your room. You have put some music on, loud enough so that the boys can hear too, and return to trying to tame your wild mane. A new song comes on, and a big smirk immediately spreads on your face, as you recognsie it as what you call your “white girl jam”. It is a song that every teenage girl should have, in which they are required to get up and dance (badly) to, no exceptions. Of course, you do just that, even singing along to the lyrics, spazzing out as only a true white girl can. As the last notes fade out and a pause between the last and the next song is created, you hear muffled spluttering from outside your room. You spin around to see that the door is just a tiny bit ajar, an opportunity Luke has used to record your little jam out session in full length. He lets out a tremendous roar when you discover him, barely able to contain himself. Your cheeks flush a fire hydrant red, as you shyly ask how much of your dancing he has recorded. “I got all the best stuff, don’t worry” Luke cackles, already uploading the keek before you can take his phone and beat him to death with it.

Michael: Food is a big part of your life. Pretty much the best thing the world has to offer, in your opinion. Therefore, anytime you get the opportunity to eat, you make sure you make it count. After returning from a weekend camping trip with your family with no real food in your system, you are ready to devour anything that isn’t nailed into place. Luckily, you and Michael have a date to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, and you can hardly wait. You sit antsily, waiting for your order to come from the kitchen, anticipatingly glancing at each individual waiter and waitress that carrying out gorgeous, beautiful creations of food from the kitchen, right past you to someone else. Michael excuses himself to go to the bathroom. While he is away, your food finally arrives, and for a moment, you ponder on waiting for Michael to return to start, but the mouth-watering, appetising scent wafting from your food proves too overwhelming, as you dive into your plate, literally shoveling down mouthfuls of food. “Enjoying yourself there?” you hear Michael’s deep and amused voice. You look up, seeing him hold his phone, obviously keeking you. Instead of getting embarrassed or bashful, you simply give a cheeky grin, as if to say “oh HELL yeah”. Michael chuckles, shaking his head, before putting his phone away and joining you in your feast.


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