5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


54. Ashton imagine

54# Ashton imagine



I can't believe your leaving today' you sigh staring up at the ceiling,

'I can't believe your not coming with me' Ashton replies, his voice a little groggy from only just waking up, he's lying in his side watching you.

'You know I can't'

'Doesn't make it any easier' he tells you and you nod a little. 'Ill call you everyday'

'Ill fly to you whenever I can' you add, going over the same things you have before.

'We will Skype everyday, I can't go without see you' he whispers, his thumb moving to brush your skin and you smile at his touch.

'Ill be counting down the days' you whispers, feeling the sleep starting to absorb you.

'I love you' is the last thing you hear him whisper before falling back to sleep.


Your heading upstairs as quite as possible to wake Ashton up, after your little chat early hours that morning you both fell back to sleep but when you only got another hour, Ashton was still sleeping three hours later. You slide the tray holding a plate of stacked pancakes and two coffees onto your draws and crawl onto the bed.

You take in Ashton’s peaceful features and can’t help but remember how you almost lost each other, but it’s all over now. Your together and as strong as ever. You let your eyes waves over his body savouring every feature, you start with his fluffy bed hair, his soft soft eyelids covering his deep eyes, his cute little nose and plump lips parted in his rest then down to his solid jaw line, you lean down and softly place your lips in his chest in covered by the blankets, you feel him begin to stir under you so continues to hiss his chest until her moans a little.

'I love waking up like this' again his voice groggy but crazy sexy at the same time and you rest your chin on his chest looking up at him and smiling.

'You have to get up babe' you tell him, he groans and closes his eyes.

'What time is it' he asks, his voice a little clearer now.

'Just gone nine'

'Three more house with you' he sighs eyes closed still.

'Four babe' you see him frown, eyes still closed and you know he is trying to work it out.

'I hate that your always right' he whines, when you don't reply he opens one eye and gives you a cheeky smile.

'Come on you have to pack' you tell him, you swing a leg over his chest to climb of the bed but he grabs your waist and pulls you down, his lips meeting yours before you can protest. You moan into the kiss from both pleasure and protest.

'Im…gonna….miss…you….so….fucking….much' his words pushed through his kisses and you laugh a little as you shuffle out of his hold and he moans, flopping back onto the pillows and closing his eyes.

'Get up you lazy shit' you throw a top at him, he sits up glaring at you.

'Thats not very nice seems as I'm leaving in a few hours' he pouts and you smirk at his cute baby face.

'Get up you sexy piece of shit' you give him a sweet smile 'better?'

'Much' he shouts jumping out of bed and wrestling you into his arms.


'Hi (Y/N)' you hear to the side of you, you turn to see a girl a little younger than you, she has a sweet smile plastered to her face, but she looks a little nervous.

'Hi!' You smile, hoping she will relax.

'I just wanted to say I'm really glad you and Ashton are back together,sorry' she looks down.

'Thanks you, I'm serious that means so much' you tell her smiling, she looks up surprised and smiles.

'He is really nice isn't he, he always stops to talk to us, well not us cause I'm not always here, I mean us…you know…fan, that's what I meant, I meant he always talks to fans' she rambles and you laugh a little.

'He loves talking to you guys, you all gave him everything he has now so be will always take the time to say hi' you explain and she smiles a little more.

'This is the third time' her words confuse you for a moment. 'I have been to meet him three times but each time I have stayed at the back, never spoke to him or got a picture' she explains, you look over to Ashton who is chatting to a couple of girls while taking a picture with a guy.

'Whats your name?' You ask her.

'Nancy' she whispers and you smile.

'Well Nancy come with me' you tell her, grabbing her hand and dragging her behind you over to Ashton who is just turning away from the fans he was with.

'Babe, this is Nancy, she's a huge fan, she has come to meet you three times but never actually spoke to you' you explain letting go of Nancy's hand, she smile a little and you walk away to let them talk after a couple of minutes you see her hand him a slip of paper and get a couple of pictures.

'I have to go get my plane' he calls as he heads over to you, waving at the fans. 'I love you all, see you soon'. He takes your hand and you both walk through the airport.

'How cute was Nancy!' You coo and Ashton laughs.

'I forget how nice you can be to fans, I just always remember how sassy you are with the haters' he teases and you punch his arm.

'Fuck you, I'm nice to people that I nice to me' you tell him and he chuckles a little, pulling you closer to his side as you walk and pressing his lips to your cheek.

'Thank you' he whispers as you come up to the tube to the plane, the place you have to say goodbye and you look at he confused as he holds you face in his hands. 'For everything. For taking me back, being amazing with the fans, for loving me' he lists, you lean forwards pressing your body to his and then your lips to his own. You try to saver every movement, knowing your not fining to feel it for a while and you can feel the longing and love.

'Thanks for chasing me' you sigh as he moves his lips from yours and rest his hands in your hips.

'Ill always come back for you'

You smile and give him a slight little nod the only word cing put ‘okay’ be smiles, eyes boring into yours and nods a little too ‘okay’

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