High School

A super rich girl, which is nice will fall in trouble with two boys that she likes. What will happen? Will she solve all the trouble that she'll cause?
Read to find out....


5. Prom shopping

  After Rose and I searching the whole mall for awesome and cute spring prom dresses, we            decided on going to a cafe. On our way we saw this old looking store that had a sign "dresses". 
 We decided to try our luck and check it out. Once we walked in the store was huge and pretty and  it  looked like nothing from the outside. We were greeted by a lady in her mid 30s. She gave us    directions to the prom dresses. We found it, and saw a lovely female in her 20s and she  introduced ant told us that her name was Julianna. We tried on all the dresses, they were lovely but  not what we have in mind. She told us to wait and she will be back. In no time she came back with  these amazing dresses and told us to try them on. We loved them and paid for them and headed  home.

     After two weeks
                                         ******* Prom day******
 Today is prom and Jordan is coming to pick me up at 7:00 so we can go have dinner together and  then go to the prom together. It's now 5:00, I had a shower an hour ago and now I'm doing my hair. At  last I finish and get dressed and put all my jewelry on. 


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