High School

A super rich girl, which is nice will fall in trouble with two boys that she likes. What will happen? Will she solve all the trouble that she'll cause?
Read to find out....


4. Jordan... surprise....

 After a long boring and interesting day it was finally time to go home. Rose was gonna catch the bus so I was heading home alone. The interesting part of the day was I noticed Louis starring a couple of times.While I was thinking about him I walked towards my car and saw on it's wind shield  a note that wrote: 
             Ariel Banks will do the honor and be my date at spring prom
                                                                                                  sincerely X
       P.S.: Look behind you

I turned behind me and saw Jordan standing there with a rose in his hand and he was wearing a tux. How romantic I looked at him and smiled and nodded. He took a step closer to me and asked if it was a yes and I screamed yes. He hugged me and turned me around and gave me the rose and kissed me on my cheek. He left and i was opening the door, I saw louis angry and upset at the same time. I looked at him for a while until I realized that I was starring at him. He just turned away and drove off. I don't know what had gotten into him but I know that I have to buy a dress!
I returned home I yelled for my mum to come but there was no answer. I went into the kitchen and saw a letter with some dough, I read it and it looks like my mum went to Paris and I'm staying alone at home. I called Rose to see what she's doing and we decided to go Prom Dress Shopping.

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