High School

A super rich girl, which is nice will fall in trouble with two boys that she likes. What will happen? Will she solve all the trouble that she'll cause?
Read to find out....


7. Frozen :D

  L: let me take you home.
  A: please
  ****** The car ride*****
 It was silent, well most of it, except when Louis hummed and made me smile a bit. 

****** at home****
  We arrived home, I gave Louis my car keys and he opened the door and carried me bridal style and placed me one the sofa. He told me to go and change my clothes and than come downstairs. I did as he told me and changes into these: 

 I fixed my make up though I'm sad and I'm crying, Louis Tomlinsom is at my house, daaaa I have to  look cute for him. 
 When I went downstairs I was able to smell cappaccino, I followed it and saw Louis sitting with two  cups of cappaccino. I thanked him and took a zip and we started talking and getting to know each  other.  I told hi the whole story of Jordan and I and he got mad every time I talked about Jordan. 
 We than decided to watch a movie and we watched Frozen though it's a cartoon it's my favorite and 
  I like watching it when I'm sad. When the movie finished I fell asleep on the couch. 
  I heard a bang and shot up. I found myself in my bedroom. Louis must of carried me and took me to   my bedroom and placed me in bed. "Sorry, please go back to sleep." "o it's ok and thanks by the  way" " no problem love" I totally blushed. "By the way do you want to hang out tomorrow you know to  get your mind of things" "yes, I'd love to" "see you tomorrow love"
When Louis left i screamed and yell "yes yes yes I have a date tomorrow and not with anyone tomorrow with Louis Tomlinsom"

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