High School

A super rich girl, which is nice will fall in trouble with two boys that she likes. What will happen? Will she solve all the trouble that she'll cause?
Read to find out....


3. Back to school

 Today is the day when we are going back to school after our spring break. "I don't wanna go" I yelled while I was walking in the bathroom to have a shower. After about 15 min i got dresses and wore: 

At my school we can where anything we would like to. I tied my hair in a messy bun and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of orange juice and i chugged it down. I said goodbye to my mum and got my keys. I texted Rose if she wants me to pick her up and she replied yes. I got into my purple lamborghini that i got for my 16th birthday: 

I picked up Rose and went to school. I parked in the usual place. When I got out I saw someone parking their black ferrari right next to me and it was Louis my high school crush. 

I must admit that he has good taste in cars. Rose looked at him then winked at me and went. How embarrassing he must of thought that I was a weirdo. He than winked at me, I blushed he smirked than went to meet with his mates. I stood there shocked but Aidan and Jordan called me to head with them to class. Well all of us had same classes!


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