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17-year-old Ryder Frost finds out that he is an Empreston from his father, basically his job is to protect the world from the evil beings called Ranitons. Ranistons can impersonate a person or an innocent little animal, they threaten earth and without the Emprestons, humans wouldn't be living. On a mission one day Ryder mistakes a short and feisty girl for a Raniston, and later on she enrolls in his school. They encounter many Ranistons and on this fantasy adventure they encounter a huge threat to humanity that can not be fought. Or can it?


1. The Start of Something New


Chapter 1: The Start of Something New

 For 17-year-old Ryder Frost things changed all in a course of one day. A mysterious mark appeared on his right shoulder blade one day, a small detailed wing. It looked like the wing of an angel, it looked life-like even. 
 When Ryder tells his parents about this mysterious mark, his father explains to him that it is his time to become a guardian, an Empreston to be exact. 
 An Empreston is someone who is chosen to protect the world from all evil, which Emprestons call Ranistons.
 Ranistons are pure evil, they sometimes disguise themselves as human beings, or animals, and also hideous creatures that shouldn't be real. 
 An Emprestons job is to use their magic which can be the four elements, or any other element, like snow, lightning, etc. They can control the weather as well, if well trained they can use their magic with weapons. For example, a gun, you can have ammunition that contains fire or any other element when fired. With a sword you can put any type of element on the blade as well. 
 Being an Empreston is a big responsibility only the people who are worthy enough to become an Empreston are chosen. Only two members in a handful of families are chosen for this job. 
 This just means that you're special, that you're meant to be something more than just normal.

 Later That Day...

 Once Ryder's father explained to him how to use magic and beginner skills, he sent him on his first mission. 

 Other Emprestons have missions to go on as well, they are told by the family member before them what mission they are to do. Once a mission is complete they go back tell everything that happened and then that's it, they return to their normal lives until another mission comes along. 
 Emprestons are busy people, they are your everyday person and they are someone you wouldn't expect to be an Empreston. But as an Empreston if they see or sense a Raniston they don't necessarily have to have a mission to defeat it. They can go rouge and just try and fight it, but for some retired Emprestons that's suicidal unless you have a partner.

 The mission was at a local restaurant, a diner to be exact. Ryder walked in, his brown hair a mess and his blue eyes piercing as he looked around to see if he could find the Raniston. He pulled his green hood down as he sat down on a stool resting his elbows on the bar. 
 There were only about seven people within the restaurant, including the workers there. A waitress walked up to Ryder and asked him 
 "What would you like to drink kid?"
 Ryder was still looking around, since it was his first mission he stayed cautious, tuning the waitress out completely. Then the man next to him, a gray bearded man with a hat and dark circles under his eyes, tapped his shoulder and said in an old fidgety voice. 
 "Now this young woman here is asking you something, you better answer her."
 Ryder's dark blue eyes were focused on a man with a black hoodie on who was siting at a booth. The man rested his left elbow on the table and turned his head slightly his black hair covering his eyes as he listened to his music. He seemed suspicious to Ryder, but he knew that he was just another anti-social teenager so he left him alone. 
 Then the old man began speaking as he rested a hand on Ryder's shoulder.
 "Where are your manners boy?..."
 Ryder still didn't hear him as he looked at the girl sitting in the corner booth, under the table you could see something shining as her jet black hair covered her eyes just a bit revealing one dark brown one. 
 'There you are...' Ryder had said to himself as he began getting out of his seat, and then the old man gripped his shoulder tightly, causing Ryder to look at him now. 
 "You should listen when an adult is talking to you."
 Suddenly the old mans tired face began changing as he picked up Ryder and threw him across the room. He landed on a wooden table and broke it in half, then he laid there a little while longer not having the strength to get up as the disfigured creature, that was once an old man, grabbed him by his collar and threw him to the other side where the girl was sitting. 
 Once Ryder realized that the girl was gone along with everybody else he quickly got up and snapped his fingers, snow began emerging from his hands as he gave a right hook to the creature. This move sent the creature a few steps back, once he came back for more Ryder did it again with more power as he landed with a loud thud. 
 Ryder quickly left through the back into a dark alleyway, but he was quickly confronted by a hard punch to the face. He stumbled backwards and as he looked forward he was confronted by a kick to the face which made him land a few inches away. Ryder opened his eyes, slowly getting up as a random light attached to the wall shined down on him. A figure began running towards him with a small growl, a feminine growl and suddenly he was punched in the face again, causing him to fall back down. 
 "You asshole!"
 The girl in front of him yelled as she brushed her bangs back with one hand. Ryder looked up at the girl as she stood there with her hands on her hips. Her skin was tanned like a caramel color, and her hair seemed blue as it ended at her waist. Eventually Ryder got up and once he stood up he noticed how short she was compared to him, he tried to hold in a chuckle and asked her with furrowed eyebrows. 
 "What did I do?!"
 "You cost me a mission!"
 She had responded in a leader type voice that some people wouldn't take seriously.
 "Wait, you're an Empreston?"
 "Yes I am jerk face!"
 The girl continued to look up at him with a pissed off look on her face. She sighed and said 
 "Look I can tell you're new at this, but stay out of my way and you won't get your ass kicked by a girl again."
 She whistled a tune and a small blue-silver dragon came and perched itself on to her shoulder. 
  "Look I'm sorry but I had no idea you were an Empreston."
 "Wow." She smirked just a bit as she looked at her dragon and then back at him and said.
 "You must be that new then if you can't sense another Empreston around." 
 The dragon nodded in agreement and the girl said.
 "Look, if you ever see me around on another one of your missions, then don't get in my way. Lets go Percy."
 The girl then walked passed Ryder and as he turned around a gust of wind blew into his face as silver leaves brushed by. The wind was gone in less than five seconds and within those five seconds the girl disappeared. Ryder took a silver leaf out of his hair and looked at it, he shook his head and threw it up into the air as he began walking home.
 The Next Day...

 Ryder began walking to school, yawning occasionally as he did so. His brown hair a stylish mess, and his dark blue eyes showing signs of no sleep. When he had gotten home, his father got on to him for screwing up on a mission. The whole night until three in the morning Ryder was being lectured. While he was slowly closing his eyes a friend of his punched him in the shoulder. 
 "What's up Ryder!" 
 Ryder's eyes opened wide as he turned to look at his friend and as he looked forward he then said in a lazy voice. 
 "Oh... Hey Joey."
 Joey Peratto, the schools pervert. With his dark brown hair and light brown eyes he's a hit with the ladies. Some girls don't know that he's a pervert though, and once they find out they distance themselves away from him. Far away from him. 
 "What's up with you?" Joey had asked.
 Ryder yawned and said.
 "Nothin'. I just, had a late night."
 "Oh. Oh...-"
 "Not like that." Ryder had said, obviously knowing what his perverted friend was thinking once he had said 'late night.'
 Eventually after a few minutes the two arrived at school, the bell rang once they got there and so they quickly got to class. 

 First period was English, but this school is different. The people in your first period class are the people in every single one of your classes throughout the day. It's better than switching classrooms according to the schools principal, it's more efficient. 
 Ryder took his seat in the very back of the class in the second row from the window. The seat on his left was empty, and to his right was Joey. In front of him is a girl that offends him a lot, and in front of Joey was a guy with black hair and purple eyes. Obviously they're contacts, but he never talks, he just keeps his jacket on and does nothing. 
 The teacher, Miss. Brimstone stood in front of the classroom and began speaking.
 "Alright class settle down now."
 Her hair was light brown, and her eyes were green. She was in her mid-40's and her voice was sweet, yet she scared some people. Her glasses seemed to make her more younger.
 Miss. Brimstone then looked around, capturing everyone's attention as she continued. 
 "Good. Now, today I would like to welcome a new student, she's a transfer student from Colorado so she's new to this state."
 Joey rubbed his hands together and said.
 "Ooh a transfer.-"
 Then Ryder quickly interrupted him as he said.
 "Don't get ahead of yourself Joe,... You might get another restraining order."
 Joey's mood quickly went from happy to just bummed out. 
 The class continued to face forward as a girl with long jet black hair and dark brown eyes walked in. She was wearing a light blue tank with a black leather jacket over it, dark washed jeans, and black combat boots. Ryder quickly recognized the girl from the night before as he whispered.
 "Oh shit."
 Joey looked at the girl in awe as Miss. Brimstone said. 
 "So introduce yourself."
 Ryder looked at her height and her hair, he knew for sure that it was the girl from the night before and her eyes scanned the room. Not once did they land on Ryder as she said. 
 "My name is Lacey Heart, it's nice to meet y'all..."
 Miss. Brimstone smiled as she looked at Lacey and said. 
 "Well Lacey, we're glad that you're here. You can sit next to Ryder, he's in the back."
 Ryder's heart jumped in his chest once Miss. Brimstone mentioned his name to her. He sunk down into his seat just a bit as he covered his face. Then Lacey tiptoed a bit to look in the back, and so she asked again with furrowed eyebrows. 
 "Where again?"
 "Right here!"
 Joey had shouted as he stood up and pointed to Ryder.
 "Oh, ok... Um, thanks..."
 Miss. Brimstone went to her desk and everyone began to talk, obviously about Lacey as she made her way to her seat. Once she sat down she looked at Ryder and said. 
 "It's nice to meet you."
 She smiled gently, and when Ryder looked up he realized that she was completely different. But then her smile faded away as he said. 
 "How come you didn't act like this when we first met?"
 Lacey furrowed her brows a bit trying to understand why he had said that, then realization hit her hard and she said. 
 "It's you... You're jerk face."
 Ryder smirked as he leaned back in his seat and said. 
 She shook her head as she looked out the window and said. 
 "Remember what I told you jerk face."
 He continued to smirk as he folded his arms and said. 
 "Don't worry I remember... And I have a name you know?"
 She turned to look at him and said.
 "Well I'm sorry I don't know your name."
 He looked up at her and said. 
 "Really? You don't know my name?... The teacher just said it..." 
 "Oh,... Well I'm sorry I really wasn't paying attention."
 Ryder sighed as he closed his eyes for a few seconds and looked back at her again and said. 
 "It's Ryder."
 She looked out the window again as she crossed her arms and said. 
 "I'm still gonna call you jerk face."
 He smiled as he continued to look at her and said. 
 "Fine by me."
 This was a start of a legendary partnership.

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