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17-year-old Ryder Frost finds out that he is an Empreston from his father, basically his job is to protect the world from the evil beings called Ranitons. Ranistons can impersonate a person or an innocent little animal, they threaten earth and without the Emprestons, humans wouldn't be living. On a mission one day Ryder mistakes a short and feisty girl for a Raniston, and later on she enrolls in his school. They encounter many Ranistons and on this fantasy adventure they encounter a huge threat to humanity that can not be fought. Or can it?


4. Part One of Initiation

It was finally Friday and luckily for Ryder and many other students that went to his school they had today off. The weekend was usually relaxing for Ryder, but as he got out of bed and passed by the open door of the guest bedroom he saw a sleeping Lacey. At first he would've questioned it but all he did was ignore it and then he kept on moving.

A few minutes later as Ryder sat on the couch, Lacey walked into the living room and sat down next to him as she rubbed her eyes.

"Morning sunshine." Ryder had said to Lacey.

Without looking up Lacey said.

"Shut up Ryder..."

Ryder tilted his head to the side and asked, in a teasing voice.

"Aw, did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed?"

"I will slap you." She said as she looked up at him with fury in her eyes.

They began looking at each other as if they were having a staring competition, and then Mr. Frost walked in and threw an envelope at Ryder's head and then said.

"Someone mailed that to us, I don't know what it is though."

"Wait," Ryder had said as he looked at the envelope which had a golden stamp on it and as he turned his head to look at his dad he continued.

"This is for me?"

Mr. Frost nodded his head and waited for his son to open it. Ryder huffed out a sigh of air and quickly opened the envelope. He unfolded the letter and began reading and it said:


Dear Ryder Frost,

We invite you to our annual gala for your team of Emprestons. You'll meet other Emprestons as well, you will pick four other people to be apart of your team. Come dressed nicely as if you were royalty. A limousine will pick you up at your address and will drive you to the destination in which the gala will be held.

The purpose of this gala is to see who is prepared mentally, physically and magically. The following are also invited:

Lacey Heart

Jax Sky

We know about them and we would like you to bring them with you as apart of your team.

Be ready for the gala by 3:00 pm and your limousine will be there. This gala will last for about three hours so wear comfortable shoes.

~ Sincerely,

The Diaboliks


Ryder looked up with furrowed eyebrows and a questionable look and Lacey moved back to her side after reading along with Ryder and then said.

"Did you realize they didn't mention Aria?"

Ryder nodded his head and said.

"Yeah, I also realized that they mentioned to wear comfortable shoes... Shoes for gala's aren't suppose to comfortable."


Mr. Frost left the room and after a few minutes he came back with something in a box and said

"They also sent this."

Mr. Frost handed the box to Ryder and he looked at the note that was on it and it read.


For: Ryder, Lacey, and Jax

From: The Diaboliks


Ryder opened the box and pulled out a suit with a red tie, then Lacey reached for a red high low dress, the ends were laced with a exquisite design of leaves. Lacey furrowed her eyebrows when she had noticed the leaves, there was also another suit with a blue tie and she asked Ryder.

"Do you have Jax's number?"

Ryder nodded his head and said.

"Yeah I'll call him, it's almost 3 anyway so we better start getting ready.

A few minutes later Jax showed up and Lacey answered the door while wearing her strapless high low dress, she looked up and Jax was blushing as he said.

"Um, why are you all dressed up?"

"We got invited to a gala that's why Ryder called you."



Ten minutes later the group walked out looking very high-class and then Ryder looked at Lacey and realized that she was the same height, he then looked down at her feet and noticed she was wearing black flats and he said.

"I'm surprised you didn't wear heels to make you taller."

Lacey punched him in the arm and said.

"Shut up and let's just get this over and done with."

The group along with Aria entered the limousine and we're quickly on their way to the destination of The Diaboliks.


After thirty minutes of driving the group arrived at a large mansion, it looked as if three mansions in one, it was like a large labyrinth. The group exited the limo and looked at the building in awe. The walls were brown and the trim was a golden color, a fountain was in the center of the concrete and some gorgons surrounded some parts of the building adding a creepy aura to it. Aria stayed in Jax's pocket as she took a peek at the building.

"Wow... This place is, kind of creepy."

Jax nodded his head in agreement and said.


Lacey continued to look at the place with furrowed eyebrows and as the group began walking in she continued to stare. She was looking at each other gorgons and how they were positioned, then she looked at the gold trim that didn't really match the place, and then she looked at the windows that seemed to sparkle which seemed unusual to her. Ryder turned around to look at Lacey and asked her.

"What's wrong?"

All she did was shrug her shoulders and said.

"I'm not sure..."

"Well we need to get going."

Lacey nodded her head and said.

"Right,... Sorry."

Lacey caught up with Ryder and they all walked through the door, as they entered the building a man with silver hair and light brown eyes stood in front of the podium and began speaking.

"Good afternoon my fellow Emprestons, I'm so glad you were able to join us today. My name is Sanders and right now we are going to ask you to get into groups of 7, you have five minutes so get to it!"

Tons of Emprestons began looking around for a group to be in and so Lacey began looking around for someone and she accidentally bumped into a girl that was taller than her by at least 4 inches.

"S-sorry." Lacey had said as she looked up at the girl.

She was pretty, she had brown hair with some hints of dark red in it, and chocolate brown eyes. The girl smiled at her and said.

"No it's fine, I'm trying to find a group."

"Well, do you wanna be in our group?"

"How many people do you have?" The girl had asked.

"It's me and two other guys right now. So you in?"

The girl smiled and said.

"Yeah sure, my name is Luna Nyx. You?"

"I'm Lacey Heart."

Over on the other side of the mansion Jax was talking to a girl and another guy. The girl was around the height of 5,6" and she had dark red hair, her eyes were hazel and she had some freckles on her face. The guy was about 5,9" and he was African-American, his hair was dark brown and his eyes were a light green.

"So whats your name?" The red-headed girl asked Jax.

"I'm Jax Sky, what about y'all?"

"My name is Saya Miscovski."

And with a deep voice the guy introduced himself.

"And I'm Terrance Fields."

There was only a minute left and Lacey, Luna, Jax, Aria, Saya, and Terrance were waiting on Ryder to find one more person since Aria didn't count and The Diaboliks didn't even know about her presence to begin with. Eventually Ryder came back with a guy who had blonde hair and piercing green eyes, he waved and said.

"Hey, I'm Cyrus Holden."

Eventually after all the introductions Sanders got back on the podium and said.

"Alright I'm assuming everyone has found their groups. Yes, yes? Good, everyone get on the closest golden square you see."

All of the golden squares were spread across the room and with furrowed eyebrows Lacey looked down at the golden tile beneath her, and then she quickly turned her head to look at the windows. They were still sparkling, and then it hit her.


Ryder's head snapped in Lacey's direction and with evil eyes Sanders said.

"Pull the lever!"

Every one of the golden tiles disappeared from each and every group of 7, and they all fell into nothingness. It was about a 10 second fall and once they all collided onto the ground Lacey quickly got up and said.

"Shit! Why didn't I see that sooner!"

The unknown place in which the group fell into was lit with a dull blue light, and Ryder came up behind Lacey and said.

"Lacey calm down!"

Lacey furiously turned around and said.

"Calm down? I can't calm down! There's a freaking force field surrounding this place! The gorgons are cameras, they invited us here to see who is strong enough to survive, and I don't think you wanna die yet Ryder!"

The room fell silent and Lacey shook her head and turned around not saying anything and Ryder looked at her with furrowed brows and said.

"Is this personal... Lace?"

"Shut up!" She had whispered as she backed up a bit.

The rest of the group stood up and walked behind Lacey and Ryder, and they continued to stay quiet. Lacey looked around, her eyes pierced and she quickly turned her head to the left and took both of her shoes off and threw it in the direction in which she heard a sound. She got out her pocket knife and threw it up in the air, and once it came back down it turned into her large sword.

"Get ready!"

She had said as Percy perched himself on her shoulder, her eyes slowly changed to its silver color and she continued to look around standing back to back with Ryder. Jax got out his Beretta, and the rest of the team got out their weapons as they stood in a circle. Jax put his Beretta in his left hand and quickly turned his head to shoot a first bullet to his left as a figure appeared and quickly disappeared.

"Shadow Raniston?" Luna had asked Jax.

All he did was nod his head and say.


Jax turned to look at Luna and then pulled her against him, she was taken by surprise but then realized why he had done it after he fired the bullet. Luna took a step back and said.

"Um, thanks."

"No problem." He said with a small smile as he turned to Lacey and asked.

"So, what should we do now?"

Lacey shrugged her shoulders and said.

"I don't know... We can look around, try and find a way out."

"Alright, let's do it."

The group began walking around the unknown area. It seemed like the dark side of the mansion that they were previously in. Saya sighed and said.

"Ugh, I don't think I can walk anymore."

"If you would've taken your shoes off you wouldn't have that problem." Terrance had said.

Saya glared at him and then shrugged her shoulders and said.

"You have a point."

She quickly whipped off her heels and continued to walk without any complaints.

After a few minutes the ground shook beneath them and this made the group stop in the tracks as they looked around.

"What is that?" Cyrus had asked.

"I don't know..." Luna had responded.

The ground shook beneath their feet again, and following the earthquake-like movement was a roar, Saya gasped as Jax exclaimed.


Jax, Luna, Ryder, and Terrance quickly dodged to their left and Saya, Lacey and Cyrus went to their right as a huge monstrous creature came down in between them. The creature roared again, it's breath hot and gross and it's teeth yellow and crooked. It's skin was pale and it looked almost like a extremely large zombie with white eyes.

"Who's got this one?!" Lacey had asked, loud enough for the others to hear.

"I do!" Luna said along with Jax and Cyrus.

Cyrus jumped up in the air and punched the ground with brute force and the floor beneath him launched him on top of the monster as he pulled out his thin sword and stabbed the monsters back. It roared in agony as it bent down just a bit.

"Luna go!" Cryus exclaimed.

Luna smirked as she enchanted her two machine guns with fire magic.

"Will do." She said to herself as she began furiously shooting at the monster. It began roaring, louder and louder, as Jax began shooting with Luna and then he tossed his Beretta to the side and he punched his knuckles and he clapped his hands together as a bolt of lightning illuminated from above and strikes the monster.

"It's all you Cyrus!" Jax had said.

"All right, let's do this!"

Cyrus took out his sword and put it in the holster that he wore on his back, then he did a front flip off of the monsters head and punched the ground. A piece of the floor appeared and as he shaped it into a boulder-like shape he sent it flying into the monsters head knocking it off its feet. The group began walking towards the monster, but it never dissolved so then when it sat back up, roaring loudly, Luna quickly got the Beretta that was next to her and charged it up firing a huge fiery bullet right at the head. The monster fell back and quickly dissolved, then Jax walked up next to Luna and smirked just a bit as he looked at her and said.

"Nice shot."

She smiled nervously and said.

"Thanks, oh this is yours." She had said as she handed him his Beretta.

"Oh yeah, thanks."

A slow, strong clap was heard in the shadows and then an evil voice emerged and said.

"Well done... I think you're the first group to actually defeat the monstrosity. I think we need to up our game now that I think about it."

From the shadows emerged Sanders with orange eyes instead of the light brown eyes he once had when he had seemed innocent.

"Sanders..." Lacey had said with a growl.

"Oh, hello there Ms. Heart. I assume you are enjoying part one of your Initiation?"

"Initiation?" Terrance had questioned as he looked at him.

"Oh, I forgot to put that in you alls envelopes. Oh how silly of me."

Lacey growled again as her eyes gleamed silver, she then began running towards Sanders with her sword as she exclaimed.

"You asshole!"

Sanders disappeared in a fog and once Lacey noticed she turned around, panting just a bit as she looked at him with disgusted eyes.

"Now, you wouldn't wanna ruin your dress, would you? I did pick it out especially for you."

Lacey held her sword just above her chin and her eyes widened and turned back to their normal dark brown color. Sanders smirked when he realized her eyes changed and said

"Well, it was nice having this little chat, part two of Initiation will begin in a few minutes. Oh, and remember only one person gets out of here alive, but I'm sure only you remember that Ms. Heart..."

Sanders then disappeared with an evil laugh, and Lacey sank down to her knees with her sword in the ground. She held on to the handle tightly as her jet black hair fell over her eyes, then Ryder slowly walked up to her and knelt down and said.


His voice was calming, it was strong and deep but it was still calming and with a deep breath he continued.

"What happened to you?..."



{A/N (Authors Note): Part two of Initiation will be released soon. Not sure when but yeah, let me know what you think. And as always, thanks for reading!}


















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