Stay Cloudy With Me (a JC Caylen fanfic)

The 7 members of O2L are overwhelmed by the success of their collaboration channel, and after only 7 months, the channel had reached 500,000 subscribers. After celebrating over webcam, the members decided to finally meet each other in person, so each member flies out to L.A, California, and 5/7 members officially move there to live in what they call the O2L house. One of the members, JC Caylen, finally gets to meet his youtube crush Hazel, aka Thursday on O2L.

Have you ever wondered what goes down whilst living in the same home as your crush?


2. Week One

Monday, August 12th 

"Hey wassup you guys this is Connor! And.. welcome to the first video on our second life. It's great, it's great, it's great! So pumped, so pumped!"

Tuesday, August 13th

"... Oh...." 
"Hey guys wassup? It's Ricky, welcome to our second life! This is the very first week of our second life and I'm pretty pumped."

Wednesday, August 14th

"Hey guys wassup it's Sam and you're watching our second life. Todays theme is to introduce yourself and the challenge is five random facts!" 

Thursday, August 15th

"Yo yo yo, wassup! It's Hazel here on this brand new collab channel our second life. You have no idea how stoked I am about this.. ahhhh!" 

Friday, August 16th

"Ello everybody! So if you guys don't know me or don't know what I do or all that good stuff, my name is JC Caylen aaand I like food."

Saturday, August 17th

"Hi.. I'm TrevOOOOOR! WHAT'S UP GUYS?! It's Trevor Moran, welcome to our second life. You have no idea how excited I am for this collab to get up and going!" 


"GUYS WE DID IT!" Connor sent a group text to the members of O2L. 
Ricky: "This was the best week of my life!"
JC: "GUYS, have you seen our subscribers though?!"
Hazel: "15,000 in one week?! NO WAY!" 
Sam: "This channel is doing way better than what mine did in the first week :)"
Connor: "Congrats everybody, this is going to be great!"
Ricky: "Sooo, who's ready for week 2?!"
Ricky: "What's our theme and challenge gonna be?!" 
Ricky: "I need to be prepared! I only have 3 days!"
Connor: "How about embarrasing moments?" 
Hazel: "Yeah, in public!" 
JC: "And we could all go out and do something random for more public embarrasment!" 
Sam: "That sounds fun.."
Connor: "How about public falling?" 
Trevor: "Let's do it!" 

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