Stay Cloudy With Me (a JC Caylen fanfic)

The 7 members of O2L are overwhelmed by the success of their collaboration channel, and after only 7 months, the channel had reached 500,000 subscribers. After celebrating over webcam, the members decided to finally meet each other in person, so each member flies out to L.A, California, and 5/7 members officially move there to live in what they call the O2L house. One of the members, JC Caylen, finally gets to meet his youtube crush Hazel, aka Thursday on O2L.

Have you ever wondered what goes down whilst living in the same home as your crush?


4. The Arrival

Connors POV

Me and Ricky had arrived in L.A. at around 9 a.m, but Hazel's flight didn't get here until 1 in the afternoon. 
We decided to hang around near the airport so we could all go back to the hotel we booked together. I watched more planes leave the airport, I love how they're so free like birds, but these birds were better, they provided travel for all. I love to travel and I love experience. I loved being in the air, and I loved to land. I love seeing new things and taking risks, I love witnessing the world we live in and I love enjoying it with my friends. I look over to Ricky and he's in and out of sleep, I can hear faint noises coming from him and they defiantly weren't snores. It was his stomach.
"Ricky.." I shook his shoulder. 
"Huh.. what?" He slowly opened his eyes and wiped the little bit of drool falling out of his mouth. 
"You want to go get something to eat?" 
His eyes lit up, "I'd thought you'd never ask." He laughed. 
"What's around here?" 
"Mmm, not sure." 
"Well, we could go for a little walk." 
"With our suitcases? No way girl." He flipped what little hair he had with a sassy, "Ugh." added to the end. 
"I meant to look around the airport, there are always food franchises here." I laughed. 
"Oh.. I knew that." Ricky picked up his luggage and started to walk off, looking around. He noticed I hadn't followed him so he signaled me to. I slightly chuckled at his gesture and before following him, took out my vlogging camera. 


"What's the time Mr Franta?" Ricky said whilst holding a bottle of fanta next to my face, as old and annoying this joke got, Ricky could never over use it. 
"12 p.m."
"We should have gone to the hotel. Hazel told us she would meet us there anyways." Ricky complained. 
"Blah blah blah, I wanted to surprise her! I haven't, well, neither of us have seen her in over 2 years!" 
"We could've came back to surprise her, yunno?" 
"Surprise who?" A high pitched female voice startled me, butting into mine and Ricky conversation. I turned around to see a little girl, she looked around 13. She had the brightest blue eyes and chocolate brown hair, her skin was perfect, free of acne and lightly tanned. She smiled at us, "Hi.." she awkwardly waved. 
"Hi..?" Ricky gave me a questioning look. 
"You're Ricky Dillon.. and you.." she pointed at me, "You're Connor Franta." 
"That is we, and you are?" Ricky smiled. 
"You're biggest fan!" 
"Aww, how cute." I smiled. 
"Can I get a photo?" She smiled, revealing her bright blue braces that matched her eyes. 
Ricky having the longest arms took the selfie, "Thank you so much!" the little girl laughed nervously. 
"Ooop, one for instagram!" Ricky pulled out his phone and we took another photo with the little girl. "I am looking gooo- whAT IS THAT?" Ricky seemed scared while looking back on the photo. 
"What is what?" Yet another female voice startled us. 
"What is thi- HAZEL!" Ricky had turned to talk to who he thought was another fan, but was only Hazel. 
"Hazel?" I smiled, but only a semi smile, I was still very confused as to why she was here now, she's an hour early. 
"What are you two doing here?" She smiled, her perfectly aligned and naturally white teeth shone. 
"I think the question is, what are you doing here?" I laughed, and embraced her in a hug. 
"Well, my flight landed at 12, I told you I was landing at 1 because I wanted to surprise you guys!" She laughed into my shoulder, she's still shorter than me like I remember. 
"We wanted to surprise you here at the airport though, darn!" Ricky pushed me away from her and wrapped his long arms around her, letting go after an immense hug. 
"Great minds think alike." 
"We should get going." Ricky hurried us, he was too tired to wait around any longer. 
"Yes, lets." Hazel picked up her bags and we began to exit the airport. 

As we were leaving the airport, we were approached by approximately 50 fans, it's a small number, but I had never been mobbed before. It was sort of awkward for me, and even more so when I found out that about 40 of them were there to see Hazel, but they took pity photos with me and Ricky. 


We had hired a car from the airport and began our 40 minute drive to the hotel. 
"So, how have you guys been?" Hazel asked, I looked into the inside rear view mirror to see her bright smile again, it always made me smile. 
"We've been good." Ricky answered for both of us, "And you?" 
"Same here." 
"How's your music coming along, Connor told me you started to write your own music rather than just doing 'punk' covers for youtube." Ricky asked. 
"My music has been coming together really great, I've started to write some ideas down for songs but I'm not too sure if I like any of them yet." 
"I really love your covers, Hazel." I added. I had seen all of her videos on her channel, and her music is what made us meet. I remember her tweeting out one her very first cover, it was her first upload onto youtube and she was only 14. She had done an acoustic version of bring me the horizon's 'it never ends'. Personally, I was never a huge fan of the band but I really enjoyed the cover and as soon as I retweeted it, she actually fangirled. That was 3 years ago though, when I had way more subscribers than her. Now, she has 1 million more than me. It's incredible. 


The rest of the car ride was silent. I played some soft music from the radio and I could faintly hear Hazel's music coming from her earphones. Ricky had fallen asleep 20 minutes into the ride and only another 20 minutes later, we arrived at the hotel. We only booked one room which had 1 double bed and 2 singles. The double was going to go to Hazel, but Ricky stole it. 
"So what are the plans for tomorrow?" Ricky yawned. 
"Isn't Kian coming?" Hazel asked whilst jumping onto her bed. 
"Apparently, but he hasn't said anything about his flight or where he's staying." 
"Oh well." Ricky stretched out onto his bed, ready to fall asleep any minute. 
"Well," I started, "Tomorrow we start house hunting I guess. I know a really nice place about 2 hours away from the hollywood hills we could check out. I mean, I haven't seen too many pictures of the inside but the outsides exterior is beautiful. It has 5 rooms as well and it's a really good price." 
"Uhh Connor.." Ricky and Hazel both laughed. 
"You sure the house isn't haunted?" Ricky motioned his hands in a spooky manner. 
"What makes you say that?" I laughed. 
"Well, the house is big, has a nice exterior and is in our price range." Ricky laughed. 
"It's not that it's haunted, the owner's just willing to give it to us for a good price because the daughter of the owner loves O2L." I laughed, brushing Rickys assumption aside. 
"Whatever.." Ricky laid down. 

I noticed that Hazel was already fast asleep, and by the time I looked back at Ricky, he was out like a baby too. I guess it must be the jet lag. But I still couldn't manage to get myself to sleep. So after a quick #AskConnor on twitter answering some of the weirdest and dirtiest questions ever, I soon dozed off. 


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