Stay Cloudy With Me (a JC Caylen fanfic)

The 7 members of O2L are overwhelmed by the success of their collaboration channel, and after only 7 months, the channel had reached 500,000 subscribers. After celebrating over webcam, the members decided to finally meet each other in person, so each member flies out to L.A, California, and 5/7 members officially move there to live in what they call the O2L house. One of the members, JC Caylen, finally gets to meet his youtube crush Hazel, aka Thursday on O2L.

Have you ever wondered what goes down whilst living in the same home as your crush?


5. Our 2nd Home

Hazels POV

I woke up and to feed my addiction, I used my tired eyes to check both the time and twitter. It was 6 in the morning. Ricky and Connor had been asleep for almost 17 hours and me? Well, I have really bad insomnia. Not long after I had fallen asleep yesterday, I had woken up at 3 p.m. I stayed up editing my tumblr until 7 and then did a tweet spree until about 8. I was bored out of my mind and stayed up until 4 this morning playing sims and talking to my friends back in Australia. How I missed home so much. I haven't been back to Australia since I moved to New York 2 years ago. 

I decided to get up and get ready for the day. Dragging my whole suitcase into the bathroom, I took forever trying to find an outfit for the day. I'm so picky with what I wear, I mean, I love my entire wardrobe but nothing seems to look good on me. I pull out a plain white top with an aztec patterned pocket on the front and put it on. After starring at myself in the mirror for a short minute, I already hated it, I hated the way I looked in it, but I kept in on anyways. I pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and folded up the ends. Hey, if my stomach doesn't look skinny, then maybe these jeans will give the illusion that I am. I wasn't in the mood to shower, so after I brushed my teeth I left the bathroom finding a very hungry Ricky and Connor. 

"Ooo girl, I love your shirt!" Ricky snapped his fingers. "I also love that you're buying breakfast." He winked. 
"Oh really now?" I laughed. 
"Nahh, it's okay." He chuckled, "I was kidding." 
"I'm not sure if you're using reverse psychology but if you guys can be ready in 15 minutes, we can go get heaven aka breakfast at McDonalds." I grabbed my black and white vans and headed towards the door.
"Yeeeah!" Connor said with the most enthusiasm I've heard in a while. 


*After breakfast* 

"So.." Ricky burped, "we going house hunting now?" 
"Yeeeeep." Connor said, dazing in and out of thoughts as he observed the beautiful scenery of LA. I took out my vlogging camera and started to record Connor. Connor had a really beautiful profile and I managed to get some really nice angles of him without him noticing. He finally noticed I had been recording when we got to the car, his cheeks went red and he laughed softly. "Let's go." He unlocked the car and quickly jumped in. 
"Hey guys, guess what? I'm in Miami bitch! Just kidding.. I'm in L.A, look!" I pointed my camera outside then focused it on my face again, "I am currently accompanied by Ricky and Connor and today we are going on a secret adventure!" I turned off my camera and began to stare out of my window. There were so many fascinating sights ranging from the tropical flora like the palm trees, nice buildings and of course, the people.  
"House hunting isn't much of an adventure.." Connor almost questioned me.
"I don't exactly want anyone to know we're planning on moving out here.. just yet anyway."
"True that, don't want any stalkers do we now?" Ricky playfully laughed. 

We had driven for a good half hour to an hour before we had arrived to the house Connor was telling us about and let me tell you it was absolutely beautiful, just like he said. It was a massive three story house with a wide bright green front lawn. It had a nice mahogany double door and a two car driveway and garage. When we pulled up the owner of the house was there waiting for us to arrive. 
"Hello Mrs. Ashby, these are two of my friends Ricky and Hazel who will be living with me." Connor smiled to the lady. 
"How lovely, nice to meet you." She smiled at us and I returned the smile. Mrs. Ashby was a short lady with grey hair, she looked about 60 something and I was actually expecting her to be younger. "Shall we take a look inside?" She opened the door, asking us to come in. 

The inside of the house was just as inviting as the outside. As soon as you opened the front door, there were stairs straight ahead of you, approximately 5 meters from the front entrance. To the right was a massive mirror as a wall with a long couch underneath it and next to that was a little storage room. To the right was a garage door, a bedroom and then a hallway leading to the rest of the house. When we stepped through the hallway there was an entry leading to your left, which lead to a family room and the laundry. To the right was a dining room, a huge kitchen and a door leading into another part of the house. But what intrigued me the most was right in front of me. There were double glass doors leading to the backyard. The backyard looked almost as big as the house. There were little gardens scattered around neatly, a resting area, hammocks and of course a world class pool with a bbq area. 

"What to go look upstairs?" Connor asked. 
"I'll wait in the dining room." Mrs Ashby walked back inside and sat at a table. 

Connor had escorted Ricky and I upstairs. As soon as you reached the top step, to the left there was a little area, a door to a bathroom then a door to the second bedroom. Straight ahead was a bathroom andright of the bathroom, was another room. To the right was a little hallway leading to another bathroom and the fourth bedroom. All the bedrooms were just as big as each other, accompanied by double inbuilt wardrobes with mirrors and a window. Between the bathroom and second room were more stairs. These stairs lead to a small lounge area, an office and the final room. 

"How much rent is she asking for?" Ricky was stunned by the size of the house. 
"Don't you worry about that just yet.." Connor smiled. 
"Why not?" I puzzled. 
"Well.. Mrs Ashby actually wants to sell the house to us." Connor smiled, his teeth glistening. 
"Holy shit, no way?" Ricky's eyes widened, "But still, we'd have to pay something..
"I made an agreement with youtube to give part of our pay every fortnight.. but that's only if you guys sign some documents to agree." Connor continued smiling. 
"I'll sign whatever, this house is amazing!" How could I even say no to Connor? He's so adorable. 
"If this is where you all definitely want to move, then I'll sign too." Ricky added. 
"And if any of the other boys move in, we'll fix up the contract." 


After a couple of long, boring hours of discussing our financial plans and other necessities,  Connor and Ricky had signed for the house. Me being only 17, couldn't sign just yet. Mrs Ashby said her goodbyes and left us with the keys. She had also given us a microwave, two fridges (a double titanium one for inside and a small one for the garage), a washing machine and a dryer, just because she didn't need them and they were brand new. She was too nice to us and I appreciated everything, it really helped us money wise too, because now we didn't need to buy those things. 

"So what now?" Ricky laughed, still amazed at the fact that we just brought a house. 
"Well usually we wouldn't be able to move in straight away, but we can move in as soon as next week." Connor laughed, walking around our new home. 
"This is going to be really life changing, I've never lived away from my family." I laughed nervously. 
"You'll be fine, we're like your second family, remember?" Connor reassured me, coming in for a hug. Ricky joined in for a group hug and we soon let go when my phone went off. 

It was Kian. 
"Hey Kian, what's up?" 
"You guys in L.A?" 
"Yeah, why's that?" 
"I just wanted to know.. have you guys checked out any houses or anything yet?" 
"Kian, we have some really big news.." 
"What is it?" 
"We brought a house!" 
Kian just gasped, and I heard a weird noise, "Sorry, I dropped my phone... How many bedrooms? What's it like?" 
"5 bedrooms, 3 stories, a pool.. it's perfect." 
"Uhh.. wow, that's amazing. But another reason as to why I called is actually wanted to talk about mo-" 
"Moving in with us if we found a place?" 
"Hah, yeah, that.." 
"Kian, you're 100% welcome to move in with us." 
"Thank you guys so much!" 



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