Stay Cloudy With Me (a JC Caylen fanfic)

The 7 members of O2L are overwhelmed by the success of their collaboration channel, and after only 7 months, the channel had reached 500,000 subscribers. After celebrating over webcam, the members decided to finally meet each other in person, so each member flies out to L.A, California, and 5/7 members officially move there to live in what they call the O2L house. One of the members, JC Caylen, finally gets to meet his youtube crush Hazel, aka Thursday on O2L.

Have you ever wondered what goes down whilst living in the same home as your crush?


9. Dates

Connor's POV

"Hey JC, come here for a second?" I yelled to JC, I'm currently standing in the kitchen and I need a close friend to do me a huge favor. 
"What's up Connor?" He walked in, still in his pajamas. 
"Dude, it's 6 p.m, have you been in your pajamas all day?" I laughed. 
"Yeah, obviously! Pajamas are life, plus I didn't go anywhere or do anything today." He smiled. 
"But anyways, I needed to ask you a favor?" 
"What is it?" 
"I'm going on a date with Natalie tonight, but she's bringing a friend and she asked if I could bring a friend and I was hoping that you could be that friend?" I pulled my biggest smile, revealing all my teeth, hoping that he would say yes. 
"I don't know man, I'm not really into the whole 'blind date' thing."
"Please?! It's only tonight, I really want to see Natalie." 
"Fine, I'll do it for the love of you and Natalie." He mocked and started to make kissy faces. 
"It's not love, it's just the start of a great friendship." 
"Or relationship..?" JC smirked. 
"Maybe.." I couldn't help but to giggle, this was mine and Natalie's first date. It will be the first time we've seen each other since she gave me her number at the skate park. But honestly, ever since that day she just memorized me and we haven't stopped talking via text either. 
"So, where are we going?" 
"No where fancy, just the cheesecake factory." 
"Ahh, saving the fancy and more expensive restaurants for when you're alone, hey?" JC winked. 
"Pretty much. Plus, who doesn't love the cheesecake factory?" 
"I heard cheesecake factoryyyyy!" Ricky walked into the room singing. 
"You heard riiiiight!" JC attempted to sing back. 
"So, when are we going?" Ricky asked. 
"Umm, well, it was sort of just me and JC, we're going on a double date." I explained. 
"I wanna go to the cheesecake factory." Ricky frowned. 
"Who's going to the cheesecake factory?" Hazel walked into the kitchen, grabbed a drink and joined the conversation. 
"JC and Connor, they're going on dates." 
"Why can't Ricky go?" Hazel asked. 
"He needs a date, or he's going alone." I said. 
"I don't wanna go alone." Ricky frowned again. 
"How about Kian?" Hazel asked. 
"He's not here, he's gone for a week with Andrea." I explained. 
"Ohh.. I'll be your date Ricky?" Hazel smiled. 
"Yaaas!" Ricky accepted. 
I looked to JC straight away, I knew he had feelings for Hazel and I was the only one who knew. I only asked him to accompany me tonight because I wanted him to get his mind off of her, but I couldn't tell Ricky and Hazel that they couldn't come. JC looked a bit sad, but he got over it, it's not like it was a real date between them. 
"So when do we leave?" JC asked. 
"At 7, so like 50 minutes or something." I hurried everyone to go get ready for the triple date. 


On our way to the restaurant, the ride was pretty much just Ricky singing and me being nervous about tonight. If Natalie doesn't like my friends, will that affect the way she looks at me? I hope she's not like that, she doesn't seem like the girl to judge. Her personality actually sort of matches all of ours. 

We got out of the car and walked into the cheesecake factory, we had made it here before Natalie and her friend. 
"So, who's your girlfriends friend? Like, what's her name?" JC whispered. 
"I'm not sure actually.. and she's not my girlfriend." I'm pretty sure I blushed. 
"Yet." He smiled and looked away. 

Not too long after the girls had arrived and sat down. We sat at a booth with two sides. I sat next to JC and next to him was Ricky. Opposite to Ricky was Hazel, then Natalie's friend then Natalie, opposite to me. 
"Soo.. how are you two?" I started the conversation. 
"Great!" Natalie replied, her smile shining, which really did make my day. I was so happy to be able to see her smile in reality rather than her texting me, telling me I make her smile. Now I know she meant it. "By the way, this is my friend, Jenna. Jenna, this is Connor." 
"Who are the others?" Jenna smiled. 
"I'm JC, and if you need anything, just let me know." JC tried to be as polite as he could. 
"I'm Ricky and this is Hazel." RIcky and Hazel smiled. 


Ricky's POV

This triple date thing has been going really good. JC had tried being a gentleman, but he barely spoke to Jenna and because Natalie was too consumed with Connor, Jenna had no one really to talk to. Hazel tried, but her mind was constantly wondering. I asked to swap seats with Hazel and took the initiative to talk to Jenna. 

Turns out we have quite a bit in common! We both love to skateboard, play video games and sleep. We're both addicted to our phones and we're into all the same movies. When I first saw her, the things that caught my eyes was her dip dyed blue hair that came around to her shoulder, it was braided and reminded me of Katniss Everdeen. Her hair suited her eyes and her personality matched mine, her smile was flawless and if I may say so myself, I thought she looked even more beautiful than Jennifer Lawrence. 
"Yeah, so I'm not even too sure why I was dragged along on this date." Jenna looked at Natalie, who was still deeply engaged in conversation with Connor. 
"Maybe she was too shy, and a double date would've maybe calmed her nerves?" 
"Yeah, maybe. So, were you my blind date of the night?" She giggled. 
"Actually no, JC was meant to be your date." I pointed over at JC, who was on his phone. 
"Soo, you were her date?" She pointed to Hazel who was putting food onto her fork and flicking it around the restaurant, she can be so childish. 
"No actually, Connor said if I wanted to come I had to come with someone and she said she'd come with me. Not as a date or anything." I explained to Jenna. 
"I see.. well, I think Connor did a bad job at match making." 
"I think everything happens for a reason." 
"Yeah, like this, how we're on this date now. Right?" Jenna smiled and her cheeks flushed with a soft red. 
I couldn't help but smile, "Yeah, just like this." I kept my conversation going with Jenna and kept looking around at everyone. Connor and Natalie were getting along really well, JC was being anti-social and Hazel was.. what? Hazel was talking to Sam Pepper? Maybe they're friends, I don't know. I didn't bother to ask or say anything because I was too interested in Jenna. 



Hazel's POV

The night had been going pretty decent. Connor and Natalie were really getting to know each other, and I was happy for him. JC had also ignored hi date without realizing it, so Ricky took over and I'm happy to see that he and Jenna are getting along great too. 

I had become so bored to the point of my flicking food from my spoon behind me. I never saw where any of it went, but I heard a couple of complaints. No one saw that it was me, and no one could exactly prove that it was anyway. I picked up a small piece of cheesecake and pondered on whether to flick it or not. Everything else I had been flicking were peas, nothing that could potentially stain anyone's attire. I was playing around with it, until I accidentally flung it to a group of males sitting at a table diagonal from us, about 3 tables ahead. One of the guys stood up and his shirt was white, shit, what if it hit him? He looked around and I hid my face so he didn't see me looking. I looked back up and saw the man sitting across from the person who stood up point at me and the guy stood up again. 
As he walked closer, I looked away and tried to avoid contact. But when I felt a presence standing there, I had no other choice but to look. I slowly looked up his top and saw a stain from the cheesecake and as I saw his face I was surprised to see a very happy Sam Pepper. Holy shit, I fan girled on the inside. I was a huge fan of Sam and had never met him before. 

"Hi." He pulled up a chair from a vacant table, "I think you lost this." He handed me the piece of cheesecake. 
"Ohh, so that's where that went." I laughed really nervously. 
"I'm Sam Pe-" 
"Pepper, yeah. I kinda know who you are." I smiled, "I'm Ha-" 
"Hazel Taylor. Yeah, I kinda know who you are too." He smiled. His smile was to die for and his strong British accent topped it all off, I was ready to die in my seat. "I'm a huge fan." He said, but his words were barely audible. 
"What was that?" 
"Come here." He pulled my arm to the empty table next to the one I was previously sitting at, "I'm a huge fan." He smiled again. 
"No way? I've been a fan of your videos for as long as I can remember." 
"Why thank you, lovely."
I sat there lost for words, I was actually sitting here talking to THE Sam Pepper. 
"You okay?" He asked. 
"Just dying on the inside, how about you?" 
"What?" He laughed, "Why are you dying?" 
"I can't believe I'm meeting you. And here out of all places." My smile was uncontrollable at this point. 
"I can't believe I'm meeting you either. But, this doesn't have to be the only place we meet." 
"What do you mean?" 
"We should hang out sometime. Do some videos together, just chill. You know?" 
"I would love that." I almost freaked out. 
"Here's my number. I better get going, that JC over there keeps starring at us, I think he needs you or something? See you around though." Sam said goodbye and went back to his table, as I did to mine. 

"Everything okay JC?" I asked, he was so deep in thought and didn't stop starring at Sam until he sat down. 
"Yeah. What were you guys talking about?" 
"Nothing really, just it was good to meet each other." 
"Sam's an asshole." 
"JC, don't say that." I tried laughing it off as a joke, but JC sounded dead serious. 
"I'm not joking, please don't hang out with him." 
"I never said I was going to." I shrugged. 
"Good. Thanks." 
"But I never said I was not going to either." 
"Please just stay away from him." 
"JC, I'm trying to make more friends, especially youtubers who I've looked up to for a long time."  
"I understand that, but I'm telling you, Sam Pepper is an asshole." 
"Whatever." I left it at that. 

Me and JC didn't talk for the next hour we had stayed at the restaurant, and when we got home, all 4 of us went out separate ways to our bedrooms. JC really annoyed me, although the only thing he said was that Sam was an asshole. You just don't insult anyone's idols. 

I decided to text Sam, "Hey Sam, it's Hazel. :)" 
He replied almost immediately, "Hey there, you free tomorrow? ;)"

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