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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 16 Dec 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


3. trapped all alone

We walked around, rather awkwardly. “This is the science lab.” I told him as we reached the lab. He nodded silently. “Do you like science?” he asked me. “Well, yeah. Kind of.” I replied. “Is there a music room here?” he asked. “Yeah, it’s right there, next to the cooking class.” I pointed out. Again he nodded silently. This is really awkward! I thought.

As I showed him around, we entered the small, circular and grassy ground with a huge oak tree in the center in the middle of the school. “This is the area students usually hang out, we named it ‘the hang out’” I explained. Then I heard someone call out to me. It was Liz. She was standing near the oak tree with the Lucy grim, my second best friend. (She has short straight hair with brown eyes and skinny legs)

I walked up to them with Nial. “Hey guys!” I greeted them. “Hey Cynthia, who is this?” they asked. “Oh, this is nial horan, he is-““your boyfriend?” Liz cut in. “no! He is new to this school! You know I am not allowed to have one!” I replied. They laughed. “Hello, nial.” They greeted him. “hey.” He awkwardly greeted back. “Nial, meet Lucy and Liz, my two best friends” I introduced. “Hey, Cynthia, I’ve got something to show you!” Liz said and sat down near the tree with Lucy. So did nial and me.She handed me over a paper with ‘young music’ written on it. “What’s this?” I asked. “They are holding a music band contest in a few months. The auditions are going to be held after two weeks. Want to go for it?” she asked. “Me as a singer? No way!” I exclaimed. “Aw come on! You even sang a song on the school anniversary! Everyone adored your singing!” Lucy pointed out. “nah. I am not going to sing this time because of singing last time; I attracted so many boys that gave me a head ach.” I replied. Nial looked at me. “I’ll go for it!” he told me. “You? As a singer? Are you good at singing?” I asked. “I don’t know about that. You should hear it for yourselves and then tell me. I just want to give it a try!” he replied, picking up the paper.

“Hey, Cynthia, what happened to your clothes?” Lucy asked. “MissFriendly here wanted to introduce me to someone and got me into an accident.” I replied shortly, eyeing Liz. “Who? What happened?” she asked. Liz sighed and said; “I was going to introduce Cynthia to Nial in the cafeteria when they crashed into each other and spilled some food on her” nial’s cheeks went red with embarrassment. “I didn’t do it on purpose!” he mumbled. “I know that.” I replied. “Hey nial! You owe her a shirt!” Lucy said in a teasing way. But nial took it more seriously. “What kind of shirt? Long sleeve or short? Which color? I want to buy one for her to make it up!” he replied. I was a bit surprised to hear what he just said. “Wow! Dude! I was just joking!” Lucy exclaimed rather surprised. We all laughed together. I have to admit that nial is kind of nice and friendly too!



I was in my bedroom, wearing my favorite short sleeved black hooded shirt with grey tights, painting a picture for the art class. Nial horan. Nice name… I thought as I painted. Friendly, smart… what else? I haven’t got to know him well yet. First time I met him. Is he good at singing that he wanted to try out for the auditions? He sure is different from the boys I’ve met before. I’d like to get to know him better. But why is Liz trying to get me too close with him?? Maybe it’s just my imagination! It is just the first day! I’ll have to observe him a bit. Wait, observe what? Why am I like this? Okay, I do admit that he is a bit cute.

As I painted, I dug my brush into the small container of red paint, which made me realized that I have run out of paint. “Who used up all my paint colors?” I asked myself.“Oh. Must be me. I guess I’ll have to go and buy one now or I’ll be in big trouble tomorrow!” with that, I put on my knee length black boots and a thin sleeveless and loose jacket over my hooded shirt. Then I put the text-book-sized painting into my side bag with my wallet and went out of my room.

“Mom! I am going out to the shop to buy some paint! I need to finish my homework for tomorrow!” I called out as I slipped a strawberry into my mouth from the fruit bowl. “Be back before ten! Or I’ll send the cops to search for you!!” mom called from the living room. “Yea okay mom!” I replied. “Be careful!” she said as I went out of the house. That’s mostly how she says bye at night.

As I walked, I noticed that the night was a starlit night. It was pretty but a bit cold. Several people were walking on the street. A few cars and bikes went by. I quickly hurried to the store as a cold breeze sent me shivering.

DLING! The bell rang as I entered the shop. Few people were there: A couple wearing matching shirts and a guy wearing a red shirt and its hood over his head with head phones over it. I moved to the arts section and searched around for a box of paint. “Where is the type of paint I wanted?” I mumbled to myself as I searched around. BUMP! I bumped lightly into someone behind me. “Oh! I am so sorry! I-“I paused my apology as I recognized who it was. His headphone dropped on his shoulders with his hood on was nial. THE nial. “You again!” I exclaimed rather silently. “You too?” he asked. “How come you’re always bumping into me??" he asked me. “You should ask that to yourself!” I replied giving him a look. “Well, if you come frequently here, you should know this place very well and how to move around about and not to bump into people!” he exclaimed. “Hey! I know this place well, but the people who come here don’t stay frozen at the same spot when I come back next time!” I fought back. Nial ran out of words and gave me a you-win look. That’s when the shop keeper called: “hey, who’s there just chit chatting and gazing over the things without buying anything??!” it sounded like a noisy old man. “What? Who is that man? I never-“nial covered my mouth with his hands and dragged me behind a book shelf. “Shh! Keep quiet!” the new shop keeper here is very rude! He kicks out people who just stare at the stuff and won’t let them in unless they buy something!”he whispered to me, with his hand still on my mouth. I struggled to get free but he held tightly. Then I heard footsteps. Must be the shop keeper! We slid deeper behind the shelf until I was against a wall. The footsteps came closer and closer. Nial also moved closer to me in order to hide from him. He came so close that I could actually count his eyelashes! We kept silent as the footsteps stopped on the opposite side of the shelf we were hiding behind. Then, the footsteps went away, fading to the other side of the shop. Nial let go of me. He looked at me. “You’re blushing.” He simply said grinning. “What?!? No I am n-not!” I replied. “Yes you are! Then how come you’re going pink all over?” he asked. I gave him an angry look which made him smile. “I can say the same about your ears!” I shot back.

“Didn’t you know about the new shop keeper?” he asked me, keeping his voice low as whispering. “I actually haven’t been here for the past few months…” I quietly mumbled. “No wonder! That guy goes bananas if nobody is buying anything from this shop!” he explained. “He sounds rather scary!” I whispered back to him.

“I think he is coming back! I can hear his footsteps!” he suddenly whispered in an alarmed tone. “What?! Where??” I asked jumping a little bit and clinging to his arm. I had my eyes closed tightly for a few seconds, waiting for the footsteps. But there was no sound, so I opened my eyes to see nial with a sneaky grin plastered on his face. “You… UGH! You tricked me!!” I cried out. (We had our voices very low, even though I cried out, it was very quiet.) I quickly let go of his arm. I knew I was blushing like mad. I shot him a glare and turned around.

“We better get out of here before the shop keeper fined us.” I told him. “You go out fir-“I stopped as I saw him standing so close to me, his nose a few inches away from mine. He had a grin on his face. I stared at him with my cheeks going red. I tried to back away but the wall was right behind me. I sent out a tiny “what?” from my mouth. “See. I told you that you’re blushing!” he whispered and stepped back from me. I was still frozen on the spot.

“Let’s go out before he finds out.” He replied smiling at me as I was still frozen on the spot. So he grabbed my hand and was about leave our hiding spot when all the lights went out. I automatically grabbed nial’s arm. “What’s happening?” I asked. Nial let me cling to his arm and went out of the hiding spot with me. There were no people in the store. I started to panic. “Hey! He is closing the store! Do something, nial!” I cried out as I saw the shop keeper lock the door and walk away. Nial quickly ran up to the door and called out. “Hey! Mister!! You locked us in here! Hey! HEY!” it was too late. The shop keeper was way far away to hear his cries. He gave up and took off his hood, revealing his cute blond hair. I ran up to him with worried expression. He looked at me realizing that I was panicking. He also looked the same. “HEY! MISTER!! Oh man! What are we going to do??” I asked him breathing heavily from banging on the door so much. “We are trapped!” nial exclaimed.



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