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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 16 Dec 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


2. tour

I entered the class rather nervously. Everyone looked at me. There were some unknown faces looking at me. But the most familiar person smiled at me.  I gave a small wave to her and sat down behind her. “Cynthia!! I missed you so much! How are you?” my best friend Elizabeth asked me with her usual warm smile. “I am fine Liz! I missed you too! How was your holiday at Maldives?” I asked. “Oh, it was fantastic! The sea was so crystal clear and the sky was so blue! The inn we stayed was built above the lagoon! Is it called a water hut or something? I forgot its name! But all the fishes and the coral reefs and everything was so beautiful!!” she went on” hey! Don’t make me drool!” I joked. She laughed. At that moment, the teacher came in. and behind her a boy with blond hair and blue-green eyes walked in. I never have seen him before. He was taller than me, wore a cute green hoodie with black jeans. While he was entering the class, his striking eyes met mine. Who is that? I wondered. “Students!” the teacher interrupted my thoughts. I looked at her. Near her, the blond boy, another skinny boy with fuzzy brown hair and a girl with brown hair and fringe stood near her. “Please meet the new students to this school” She introduced them. “Hi, I am Eric Jackson and I like to study a lot.” The first one gave a quick introduction. “I am veronica Kris, and I like to shop a lot.” The girl said grinning. She seems to be a bit selfish. “My name is Niall Horan, and I like music and pizza a lot.” The blond boy said to me rather than to the class. He looked at me. Not moving. His blue-green eyes burning into mine.

“Okay, everyone, take a seat!” the teacher said. Before she could completely finish, the Niall guy ran up to the empty seat next to me and sat down there. I looked at him. He looked back. But I quickly drew my attention away from him to the lesson. I felt him smile a bit. But I tried to ignore and continue looking at my note book. There was something about him that I can’t put my finger on it. That is the ‘something’ that’s keeping me staring at him…


“What’s with you?” Liz asked me. “Huh?” I was puzzled. “Ever since the new students entered the class, you seem to lose your concentration on the lesson!” she replied, sitting down at a table in the cafeteria. “Oh… I don’t really know.” I replied. She had a questioned face. I ignored her and looked around the room. Everyone was walking and carrying their trays to their favorite spot, laughing and having fun, except for one.


It was the Horan guy! He was sitting at a corner table all alone, eating his pasta silently. Liz saw me staring at him. “Bingo! So he is the reason your being distracted!” she exclaimed. “What?! No way!” I replied, turning away, facing my tray. “Yes he is!” she told me grinning. “I just saw him! I haven’t even talked to him yet!” I protested, playing with the pasta. “Hey! Let’s introduce ourselves to him!” she popped up. “WHAT? No way!! I… I no, that… would be rather awkward!” I refused. “Aw come on! Okay then, finish your lunch up first!” she exclaimed. “That is something I can do at least!” I replied rolling my eyes.

“Okay! I have finished, why did you want me to finish my lunch so fast??” I asked, standing up. Suddenly, Liz grabbed my arm and started to drag me toward the corner table. “Hey! Hey! What??-WH-what are you doing?? Liz!” I exclaimed. “At least we can say hi to him! Come on!!” she told me grinning. I tried hard to pull away from her grip.

“Wait! Where did he go?” she asked me confused. I looked at the table where he sat before. He wasn’t there. So I quickly took my chance to escape. “Well, too bad! He is gone. I guess I’ll go too! Bye!” I quickly said to her and turned around to leave. “No! Wait-“before she could finish, I bumped hard into someone and fell down. I heard the clatter of a tray. “Oh my gosh!” I gasped. “I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to- oh! I should have looked where I was going!” I apologized nonstop. “No, it’s okay. I should have looked where I was going!” the boy replied. “No. I… I should-“I couldn’t finish my sentence as my eyes met his. There was a bit of pasta on his jeans. But most of it was on my clothes. “I am so sorry!” escaped from my mouth, staring at him.

He has fair skin, nice hair and a cute smile. He was wearing a black shirt with grey blue jacket, which showed off his blond hair nicely.

“Ill… just go and… wash this off.” He told me awkwardly, got up and walked away after helping me up. I just stood there, a bit embarrassed. “Ooh! Look who you just bumped into!!” Liz teased me, nudging me with her elbow. “Oh, please! Stop it. Because of you, I got my favorite shirt dirty!” I told her. “You’re blaming me??” she asked. “Oh. Forget it. I am also going to go and try to wash this off before it leaves a permanent stain!” I replied and walked towards the bathroom.

When I reached the girls bathroom, I quickly started to wash off the pasta sauce on my shirt, quietly cursing Liz. After washing it away for a few seconds, I headed out.

“Hey!” somebody called me. I turned around to see the Horan guy. He walked up to me. I saw that the sauce on his jeans were all gone. He looked at my clothes and said: “sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin your clothes!” I smiled awkwardly. “No, it’s okay… I guess. My mom can clean this off… maybe.” I replied. I was going to turn and walk away, when he stopped me. “I am Nial. Nial Horan. What’s your name?” he asked me. “Oh. I… I am Cynthia Bluebell.” I replied. What’s with him? I thought. Why does he suddenly want to be friends with me? Maybe because he is very lonely, since he is new… I thought while gazing into his blue-green eyes. Suddenly, an Idea popped into my mind.

“Hey, since you’re new, I’ll show you around. Would you like a tour?” I asked, without realizing what I have just said. He seemed a bit surprised. He wasn’t expecting it! I thought. “Umm… ok. That sounds good…” he replied rather awkwardly. So we began our so-called tour. This is kind of weird. I thought. Why did I actually say that? Well, Liz usually says that I can easily make friends. Could be it!

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