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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


17. Party planning

I quickly made my way to the cafeteria to meet the gang and the girls. I picked a box of French fries and a blue berry muffin. I didn’t buy any drinks as I had a small carton of orange juice in my bag. I looked around the cafeteria and spotted the gang sitting at a table near the window. I waved at them. Cynthia waved back. I walked up to the table and sat down. “hey, Niall. So… you okay?” Zayn asked me. I was confused. “yeah I feel great. Why you ask?” I asked. “I meant, are you okay after the Keith incident?” he asked. “oh. Yeah. As long as Cynthia is alright.” I told them. They nodded. “hey, guys! I am fine now!! Come on! Don’t be so dull!” Cynthia said. Then, she turned to me. “how come you have less food on your tray today?! You always eat more than two plates of noodles!” she said. “I didn’t feel like eating that much.” I told them. Then, Cynthia put a bowl of pasta on my tray. “there. Now you can enjoy your meal! I know its your favorite! Go on!” she said. “where did you bring this from? They are not serving any pasta today!” I asked. “oh, the cafeteria ladies had a small pot of freshly cooked pasta made today for them. Since I am a bit close with them, they gave me some!” she replied. I looked at her. Then at the bowl. Then at her again. “stop judging and eat it, mate! She brought it for you!” Liam said. “yeah! She knew its your favorite!” harry said. “don’t want to make her sad, do you?” Louis asked. “of course not!! I love it and thank you so much! I said and began wolfing down everything on my tray. (plates Excluded!) Cynthia laughed. “you know pasta is something special between us, right?” she asked. I was confused. “if pasta wasn’t made here, we would never have met each other, right?” she asked. Then I remembered the time I bumped into her and covered her with pasta at the beginning. “I don’t get it!” Zayn said. “on the first day of school this year, they both bumped into each other and got covered with pasta, before they knew each other. Since they were covered in pasta sauce, they went to wash and while apologizing, they became friends. If it was not pasta, they wouldn’t have gone to wash and talked on the way. That is why pasta is special for them.” Liz explained to everyone. They all “oohh!!” together. Cynthia giggled.

By then, I had gobbled up everything on my tray. Others were just halfway through! Suddenly, there was the sound of a bell. A voice spoke from the loud speakers. “attention students. Attention! Please report to the school hall after lunch. Mr. Cavion, the principal would like to give a special announcement to all. Thank you.” The announcement ended. “I wonder what it is?” Liz asked. “don’t know. lets hurry up and find out!” Louis said. So they all quickly finished up their lunch and quickly headed to the school hall.

The principal and the assistant principal, Mr. Lockhart was up on the stage. We sat down on the third row of chairs the hall. Everyone else came in and sat down. I sat next to Cynthia. “Hello my dear students. We brought you here to tell you some good news.” Mr. Lockhart said. “for school charity, we are holding a special costume party next week.” Everyone cheered. Some of them slapped high fives to each other while others squealed with joy. (Probably girls) “to decorate the school, we need a group of volunteers. And to prepare the buffet we need another group of volunteers. Some of the teachers will also join to help. Now, I will let Mr. Cavion speak.” He said and stepped aside as the principal came up to the mike. “evening, dear students. I know you all are excited, but I have to inform that we need excellent costumes and decorations for our party as the media will be here that time. We need striking decorations that will catch their attention and excellent costumes that will make the front cover of magazines. If we are able to make it that far, the education ministry will gift us money for new equipments for the school.  I want all of the students to help the volunteer groups for the party. The teachers will give out the details. Thank you” he said.

 After that, we all got to have one hour to select the volunteers for decoration and volunteers for the buffet. Mrs. Hartwell, the art teacher picked the ones who want to help on the decorations. I volunteered for the decorations. The theme is ‘mystical forest’ as it will match all the costumes. We will need students to paint the forest trees and the stage background, another group for setting up the leafless trees, and a group to attach the banners, clothes and other things. Who will be in charge of the decoration group?” she asked. No one volunteered. “okay, then. I’ll pick. How about you, Cynthia? you have a great taste for art.” She said. I was startled. Am I the only one here who is good at art? “I guess I could try for it…” I told her. “that’s the spirit!” she exclaimed. “Cynthia will guide the decoration group. She will give out the directions, list of equipment and things to buy and help around as well.” She said. Oh boy. This is going to be a tough week!

After all the groupings and instructions, we were dismissed. I was still stunned by all the work I have to do. “don’t worry. We will help you out.” Liz said when she saw my expression as we walked down the hallway. “she had already given me the responsible to take care of the circular shaped light bulbs for the decorations in the hall. If anything happens to it, I am DEAD.” I told them. “don’t worry. Everything is going to turn out good! I will make sure it happen” Niall said

Niall’s POV

Keeping my eyes on the floor, I walked down the hallway after class. The hall way was half filled with students going to different classes, chatting and hanging out. For some reason, I felt like I am the odd one out of the crowd. That is kind of true because I am the only one who is walking continuously. Others were chatting excitedly about the costume party. Like what to wear, what to do, who to dance with. Then it struck me. we need a partner to dance with at the party or will have to stay at the buffet table serving food to others! How am I going to muster up the courage to ask Cynthia out? What should I ask her?? A simple ‘hey, want to go to the dace with me?’ or a complicated ‘we both are meant to be together, we are destined to do things together, no one interfere us and the ones who do, should be kept away.’ Okay. That sound very weird! Maybe the simple one will work out fine!

My thoughts were interrupted by the “hey, Niall!!” said by a selfish, diva self-centered voice I don’t want to hear ever in my life. Yes. Veronica. “come with me.” she said and began dragging me. “hey! Let me go! What is wrong with you?1” I asked flicking my hand away. Without a reply, she grabbed my arm again and dragged me near her locker where there are not much people around. “what is with you?” I cried out. “you are going to meet me at the mall and have a drink with me and that is final!” she said pointing her finger at me. I flicked the finger away. “I told you a dozen times, I am not going out with you!!” I replied. “yes you are. If you don’t want anything to happen to your Cynthia, do you?” she asked with a little hint of evilness in her voice, eyeing me. “what are you talking about?” I asked. “I knew you’d listen if I say that. Seen the circular bulbs stored in large boxes in the hall? I believe those are under the responsibility of Cynthia. And if anything happens to it, she will be… well, wouldn’t want to say it!” she said. “where are you going with this?” I asked. “if you don’t want anything to happen to her, then meet me at the mall. I am sure we will have a great chat!” she said. I stood there thinking. “with just on wave of my hand, I can smash all of the light bulbs with the trust of the teachers for Cynthia in a split second. Wouldn’t want that to happen, do you?” she asked after a moment. Ugh! She is so evil! And good at blackmailing, I have to admit. I have no choice but to go with it. Of course, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. Sometimes, life just stinks!

“fine! I’ll do it! When should we meet up?” I asked gritting my teeth. An evil grin slowly spread on her face. “tonight at eight. Sharp. You better be there!” she said. “okay but I am going to leave when its nine. Got it?” I asked. “yeah. Sure.” She replied. With that, I didn’t say a word and left. This time, she didn’t follow me or call my name out. I just quickly walked out of school with my mind whizzing with different bad thoughts. Cynthia mustn’t know about this or find out or see us! if she does she will be heart broken. Of course it’s the last thing she ever want to hear or see in this world; me going out with veronica!

“Hey Niall! What’s the rush?” someone called behind me. I was startled. “What?? Who?!” I cried out turning around. It was Cynthia. “wow, what is up with you? Something happened?” she asked. “um… no. nothing has happened. Nothing important…that you should know…” I muttered slowly, frozen on the spot. I am so bad at lying! “what is wrong, Niall?” she asked. “nothing! I am fine!” I replied pretending to be normal. Cynthia lifted her eyebrow in reply. “okay then! I am off to the craft store to buy some stuff for the decorations. See ya!” she said sweetly and walked away. How am I supposed to keep it a secret from a sweet, sweet girl like her? I thought. Tonight, I have to end it. Tonight, I am going to tell veronica that I am not impressed by her even a bit. Tonight at eight, no one should see me.


Cynthia’s POV

“tonight at eight, I am going shopping to the mall, is that okay mom?” I asked my mom, sitting on the counter, munching on some chips. “is that for the party?” she asked. “yes. I am selected as the leader of the decoration group!” I told her. “wow, I am so proud of you, honey! Always take lead in good things you can do!” she said. “ugh! I don’t want to be the leader of that group! Its already driving me crazy!” I told her. “not that, what are you going to wear to the party?” she asked coming over and munching on the chips from the chip bag I was holding. “actually, I haven’t even thought of it! Other girls are already taking measurements for their dresses!” I told her. “why don’t you pay a visit to our neighbor, Vanessa? I heard that she was an excellent fashion designer. But she quit her job and moved here.” She said. “I know that mom! I haven’t seen her for weeks. I wonder where she had been?” I asked myself. “well now, lets leave that for now. Can you be a dear and help me make dinner?” she asked. “sure mom. Why not?” I replied and got off of the counter.


Niall’s POV

Time: 8:00

Place: paradise mall

I walked up to veronica, who was standing near the cinnamon open air restaurant. Looking around to make sure anybody I know from school is not around, I followed her up to a table and sat down. From there, we can see the floor below us which was crowded with people shopping and stuff.

“what is with the hat and the sunglasses?” she asked me. “take it off.” She said. Why would I take it off?! Just in case I see someone from school, how am I supposed to hide myself?  “just get this going will you?” I snapped back. Making an angry face at me, she called a waiter. “please bring the drinks.” She told them. “so Niall, tell me, do you like her that much?” she asked. “more than you know.” I replied looking around. She groaned, got up and snatched the hat and glasses off of me. “HEY! What was that for? Give those back!!” I cried out. With a simple flick, she threw the hat off of our floor, down to the level below us before I could get it back. “where were we? Ah. Yes. Why the hell are you trying to ignore me?” she asked. “really? You don’t know that? Why don’t you recall the time when you told false information to Cynthia’s mom which got her in a big disaster?! What about the time you broke her shoes? Did you ever talk to her nicely? All you do is show off, brag and bully.” I told her. She scoffed. “that’s what you see? Only that from me?” she asked. “I don’t even want to look at your… other parts!” I told her. (I actually meant her bare arms and legs!)

Just then, the drinks came. The waiter placed a long glass filled with blue liquid garnished with a lemon and a small umbrella in front of me. then he place a similar one which was pink in color in front of veronica. “what is this?” I asked as the waiter left. “its just fruit punch. Try it. It’s a treat for coming tonight.” She told me. I carefully examined it. Looks fine. No such thing as chilies or salt in it for a prank. I guess it’s just punch! “Seriously? It’s no prank! Just taste it!” she said normally. With that, I took a sip. Mm mm!! Tastes really good! Then I drank it all down with one shot without knowing that I just drank up a whole glass filled with alcohol.

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