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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


23. party like hell

I was sitting on the sofa, working on my circlet that I planned to wear on the costume party. My mother was sewing my costume, sitting next to me. while working on the circlet, I thought of what happened earlier at the mall. They knew that I was with him. They know who I am and what kind f relationship we are in. but they are so horrible. So cruel and disgusting! Did they plan to do that to me? did somebody else sent them to hurt me? there is something going on. I know there is something really fishy going on.

“what are you thinking so deeply about, dear?” my mother interrupted my thoughts. I looked at her a bit startled by the interruption. “oh. Nothing” I replied getting back to work. “you were thinking about something a few seconds ago. Is something wrong?” she asked me. “why do you ask that? I am fine.” I told her. “well, you have changed a lot the past few months. Is someone bullying you at school? Or did someone mess with you while you were out somewhere?” she asked.

Boy, my mom is really good at body language! Its like as if she is directly reading my mind! “no, mom. I am alright! See?” I told her smiling. After giving me a suspected look, she continued working.

I don’t want to tell my mother about what has been happening to me lately. I had this fear that she might lock me up again in my room, or not allow me to go out without her tagging along with me. that would be a disaster! But I understand that she will do those things for my own good. To protect me. that is a mothers job, right?

After a while, the door bell rang. I set down my circlet and headed to the front door, wondering who it was. “Niall! What’s up?” I asked when I saw Niall standing at the door. He was holding a large white box with six holes on each side. “oh, I just dropped by to say hi.” He said. Making sure mom was not looking, I tugged his shirt neck bringing him closer. “but we were together at the mall half hour ago!” I whispered into his ears. His face turned red. “oh, yeah. I forgot.” He mumbled, scratching his head. “uh… I got something for you.” he told me, eyeing my mom. “come on in.” I told him, motioning to come in. taking a deep breath, he walked inside and placed the box on the coffee table. Mom looked up and smiled brightly at him. “oh, hello Niall! where have you been?” she asked. “well, I have been working with Cynthia on the school décor last week. How are you, Mrs. Bluebell?” he asked. Mom seems to be kind of happy when he asked that. “oh, I have been well, thank you honey!” she replied. Then she frowned. “is something wrong, Niall? you look nervous.” My mother said. After staying frozen for a second, he gave an awkward smile.

I came up to him. “what is in that box?” I asked. “it’s a little gift I prepared for both of you. I hope you like.” He said. Then, he slowly opened the box. Even the inside was all white. First, I thought it was empty. But to my surprise, I saw two big and bright green eyes staring at me. I gasped. The eyes blinked several times. I walked up to the box and took a closer look to see if my guess was right. “it’s the snowy cat! You actually brought the cat!” I exclaimed picking it out of the box. The cat purred cutely and let out a tiny meow when I hugged it.

“thank you Niall! thank you so much!” I thanked him. I turned to mom. “can I keep it? Can i? please?” I asked. I knew she was a bit surprised by the sudden gift. She hesitated to answer. When she saw Niall’s expression, she kind of relaxed a bit. After a few seconds of silence, she said “okay. You can keep it as long as it doesn’t mess up the house.” I was shocked and filled with joy at the same time. “are you serious? I can really keep it?” I asked her. She nodded. I saw Niall smile.

Mom reached out and stroked the cat. “wow! This one is really fluffy! And it doesn’t shed like others!” she said. The cat looked at her with its bright eyes, let out a cute meow and licked her hand. Mom smiled. “cute! Are you going to give it a name?” she asked looking at us. I smiled. “snow. I am going to name it snow. Its all white, fluffy and beautiful. Just like snow.” I told them. Mom laughed. “snow looks a lot like you, Cynthia! she has beautiful white fur and you have beautiful white skin!” she said. “hey, at least I am not furry!” I told her. We all laughed.

“why don’t you stay for lunch, Niall?” mom asked him. He smiled. “thank you, Mrs. Bluebell! I would love to.” He replied. I was happy that mom and Niall are getting along well. I feared that even after the time I ran away after being locked in my room, mom might not like him. But somehow, she likes him and always welcome him here. I wonder if she knows something? I mean, she doesn’t usually let me be THIS close to a boy! She request me to go with Niall where ever I go! Weird, huh?

“well, I am off to take a shower! It wont take long.” I told him. “okay! I will be waiting down here.” He replied and sat down on the sofa. With that, I went upstairs to take a shower.


After showering, I came out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around my body. I picked up another towel and began to dry my hair. Since Niall was waiting downstairs, I wanted to hurry up. But something made me freeze on the spot. Something very bad. Fear filled my whole body as I saw a figure standing near the window. It was a man. A man was standing in my room, wearing a hockey mask. His arms were coated with tattoos. His face was hidden behind the mask and his hair was messy. I knew he was up to no good.

“who are you? what are you doing here?” I asked him tensed. He didn’t reply. Instead, he slowly stepped forward. I was scared to death. What is going on?? Today at the mall the same thing happened! Even now! this is crazy!!

“get out of here!” I told him. Still he didn’t reply and kept stepping forward. I hugged myself and realized that I was not wearing anything. The only thing that covered my body was the towel. He might do anything to me! I realized. I was frightened like hell at the moment as he stepped closer. “I said get out of here!” I cried out. He didn’t listen as if he was deaf. Then I began to scream when he grabbed my hand, pinned me to the wall and covered my mouth, muffling my cries. I was screaming for Niall but he held on tight. Panic made me bite his hand without knowing it myself. The man let out a short and not-so-loud cry of pain and let me go. I ran up to my bed and screamed for help. The man quickly ran up to me and pushed me on to my bed and again held on to me. I was desperate to get his filthy hands off of me, to escape his disgusting breath and his low evil laughs. During my struggle to escape, I knocked over a jar of marbles on my bedside table, causing a lot of noise. That is when my room door burst open and Niall came running into the room. The moment he saw the scene, he began to boil in anger and a bit of fear. without hesitating, he grasped the man’s shoulders and heaved him off of me. my mother came stumbling into the room and gasped when she saw the scene. I was too frightened to move. I saw Niall give a hard punch on the guy’s face. The man collapsed on to the ground. Then he quickly got up and broke into a run. Niall was about to chase him, but he was too quick. The man jumped out of the widow and ran away into the trees.

 Niall turned to me, with his eyes filled with concern. I was still paralyzed on my bed, gripping the bed covers tightly. Niall dashed up to me. “are you okay? Did he touch you? are you hurt?” he asked. Finally, I was able to breathe. I let out a sudden gasp and hugged him tightly. He hugged back. “Niall. what is going on? Why am I being attacked so often? I am scared Niall!” I whispered to him “don’t worry. I am here.” He said. “please call the police.” He told my mother, who dashed downstairs to call.

“something is going on, Niall. I am very scared now. I don’t feel safe anymore!” I told him, still hugging him. “don’t worry. I will protect you no matter what. I wont let anyone touch even your finger!” he told me. “did he touch you?” he asked me. “he only grabbed my hand.” I told him. I felt his heartbeat go faster as he got angrier. “please don’t get angry.” I told him. He let go of me and looked into my eyes. “I won’t. now don’t worry and relax. Your safe now.” he told me. a tear rolled down my cheeks. Before it fell down, he dried it up. “come on. Smile for me. it hurts to see you cry.” He said.That is when I felt the towel around me loosen. Uh-oh! But before it fell off, Niall caught it and fixed it around me properly. I saw him smile, making me go red with embarrassment. Then he brought his face closer to me and whispered. “now get some clothes on before I start drooling all over!” I gave him a slight slap on his chest. “its not like we are married!” I told him in a whisper, blushing even more. Then he bent down and gave me a small kiss on my shoulder bone. It felt ticklish but kind of warm and nice. “I will wait right outside the room. Make sure you lock the window this time!” he told me. with a smile, he left the room, closing the door behind me.


Niall’s POV:

“when is the party going to start?” Zayn asked. I shrugged. “don’t know. in a few minutes I guess.” I replied looking around. The school hall was crammed with students wearing different kinds of costumes. They all were talking, laughing and having fun together. Some of the students were just arriving with their dates beside them. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to come here like that with Cynthia. speaking of her, where is she anyway? The party is almost about to start.

“hey Niall! I see you came alone! That is great because I also don’t have a date! Want to dance with me?” Veronica asked. I looked at her with disgust. She was wearing the shortest skirt with a black top which was made of lather. She was wearing a fishnet panty hose with heavy black boots. The tip of her hair was dyed in green color and she was wearing smoky makeup. Did she come to perform a metal song or what?

“you like my costume? Its called the modern witch!” she said. I almost burst out laughing. More like modern stripper! “come dance with me Niall.” she said. “No. I can’t. And I won’t anyways.” I told him. Her face turned to a glare. “why not?” she demanded. “Because I am here to perform our song so I cant bring a date or dance.” I replied pretending not to be disappointed. She scoffed and walked away.

“keep your mood straight, man. You would want to spoil tonight’s show, eh?” harry asked me. I smiled at him in reply. “but still, where is Cynthia? isn’t she a bit late?” he asked. “I don’t know.” I replied, checking my watch. “ooh, somebody is desperate to see his girlfriend!” Louis joked. I gave him a playful punch on the stomach.

All of a sudden, the hall slowly grew quiet. They all began gasping and saying “wow! So pretty!” and “look!” and “is she human?” stuff like that. Wondering what was going on, I turned around. Standing at the doorway of the school hall was her. Face glowing like the moon, hair combed nicely and tied to the back in a beautiful way with several strands on her eyes. She was wearing the most excellent and the most beautiful dress I have ever seen! the sleeves were short, reveling her beautiful neck, and was decorated with tiny little sparkling beads along the beautiful blue satin on the chest. The rest came flowing down gracefully up to her knees. The back of the dress was longer and flowing out nicely. She was wearing a beautiful pair of heels decorated with diamond moons. The beautiful circlet around her forehead glittered as she slowly walked into the hallway, looking shy. Her beautiful blue eyes slowly drifted through the crowd and landed on me. smiling shyly, she walked up to me, rubbing her bare hands which seems to glow just like the moon. “I look odd, don’t i?” she asked me. I was stuck on the spot, eyes wide open and mouth slightly parted. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. “uh…” I hesitated. “are-are you t-the real moon spirit?” I finally was able to say. She laughed in the cutest way. “Niall! stop joking!” she said. “Cynthia, you look… amazing! Beautiful! Fantastic! I don’t know what to say!” I told her. “aw. Thanks Niall. that’s sweet!” she replied, batting her eyelashes at me. “you are practically making me drool!” I told her. she clapped her hand on my mouth. “not yet!” she said and smiled when she saw my cheeks go red.

Cynthia’s POV:

That is so sweet of Niall! He look so cute when he blushed. And he looked handsome  in the red shirt with the sleeves folded up to his biceps and black vest with tight jeans. His hair was spiked, with a little touch of red hair spray on the edges. “you look stunning today!” I told him. He blushed even more. Then he frowned, looking around. “you should have worn a coat.” He said. “why is that? I am fine.” I replied. “a lot of guys are looking at you!” he whispered. I gave him a slight punch laughing.

“so, are you ready to rock this place out?” I asked him. He nodded confidently. “I am more comfortable since you are here!” he replied. I smiled in return. “not only you, Niall. What about you guys?” I asked the rest of the team, who were a bit behind us so we can have our privacy when talking. That is, in their way!

They turned to us. “wow! Hey! When did the moon spirit decided to come down to earth?! You look amazing, Cynthia!” harry said. “say no more, harry! You might get Niall jealous!” Louis teased. I laughed. “yeah. We all are quite confident that we will perform really good tonight!” Zayn replied to my question. I smiled. “I am glad you all are in a great mood!” I told them. “I’ll catch you guys later! I am off to find Liz!” I told them. after sending a wink at Niall, I walked away with my dress flowing smoothly behind me. I really wished that I could dance with him! But he has to perform for the show so he cannot have a date. That’s what their manager said!

As I walked around, I scanned for Liz. There were students wearing different types of costumes, walking around, talking to their friends and having fun. But as I went by, their eyes fell on me with amazed smiles. I felt my cheeks going red as I quickly skimmed the crowd for Liz. Finally, I saw her near the punch bowl, helping out Katie, one of our close friends with her hair. “hey cynth! You look stunning today! I just LOVE your dress!” Katie greeted with her usual cheerful smile. “thanks Katie! I like your dress too!” I told her, checking out her dress which looked like snow white’s gown. She was having a bit of trouble with her hair. I plucked off an extra pin from my hair and fixed her hair with it. “wow! Thanks Cynthia! I have been going mad with my hair all this time!” she said. I smiled in reply. “I really wish everyone would stop staring at me.” I murmured “come on! You are the only one who look as stunning as a movie star! Why wouldn’t they stare!” Liz said sarcastically. “but it makes me feel embarrassed! Isn’t that a little too much of staring?” I asked feeling a bit creep-out. Katie giggled. “you should be proud of yourself! A lot of boys are looking at you!” she said. I groaned. “you know that I am not interested in them!” I replied. Liz grinned. “ooh! Looks like someone has caught your heart!” she teased. I smiled at her, blushing a bit. That is when the hall grew dark as the host, Danny Mile who was also a friend of ours, walked up the stage.

“ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you all to this exciting costume party where you will see different types of costumes, plays and music shows! Before I say anything else, I would love to point out the fact that this hall looks stunning! Please give an applaud to all the art students who worked really hard on making this place look like a mystical landscape...”

Everyone clapped and cheered. “tell me about it! My fingers still hurt from trying to fix all of the light bulbs on the trees!” I said. “yeah! Just an applaud is not enough for all that work!” Liz joined me.

“… i would love to welcome Cynthia Bluebell, the leader of the decoration group who mainly did all the work on stage!” that is what I heard next from the host. I was first a bit startled when the spot lights landed on me. hesitating a bit, I walked up the stage, smiling nicely. “tell me, how much effort did you put on making this place look this amazing?” Dannyasked. “well, I was up until three in the morning for three days working on the decorations.” I simply replied. Danny gasped. “oh my god! That must be really hard!” he said. I looked around the large hall. All of my friends were smiling and shooting thumbs up to me. I smiled back at them. But even among them, one of them stood glaring at me in her most hideous costume. Veronica. She looked meanest in her dark and heavy make-up. With a deadly glare, she turned and walked away like a diva in her 20 cm long heel boots. Ouch.

After that, I returned to the crowd. “wow, someone is popular around school now!” Katie teased. I didn’t mind. “…first we will start this amazing party with a great song which will be performed by the latest, one of the most popular young group band now. please welcome the one and only… ONE DIRECTION!!” he announced. All began to cheer extremely loudly. I also clapped and cheered.

Niall and the rest of the group climbed up on stage, looking cooler than ever. They all stopped at their positions. “hello everyone! Are you ready to rock the night out?” Niall asked, leaning to the microphone. We all cheered. “I would like to dedicate this song to all of our fans and friends.” He said. Again we cheered. “don’t miss out that special someone of yours, Niall!” harry added. Niall blushed still looking cool. I must be the only one who was blushing without looking cool!

After sending a wink at me, he began playing. The rest of the band followed. Everyone started to dance and cheer. I just stood near the punch bowl, smiling and blushing like an idiot.

“oh! I just wanna take you anywhere that you like!

We could go out any day, any night!

Baby ill take you there, take you there!

Baby ill take you there! Yeah!

Oh! Tell me, tell me, tell me how to turn you love on!

I can get, get anything that you want!

Baby, just shout it out! Shout it out!

“baby just shout it out, yeah! …

They sang as they danced along. It was amazing how they played! They sounded way better than before! Liz and Katie were already dancing. So was I! well, a little bit…

Everyone was having so much fun. And the best thing is, Keith is not present to the party! Earlier he used to crash every party the school holds. But not this one! Also, veronica is nowhere to be found. Where are those two? Meh… who cares!? I was having fun already by watching how amazingly Niall and his band are performing!

… Baby say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

And baby let me kiss you!

When he sang the last part, he eyed me and gave me a smile. I smiled back shyly. Katie nudged me, grinning like an idiot. That is when I noticed Niall wave to me, motioning to come over. I was confused. Me? I should go there? Is something wrong? But I was already half walking, half being pushed towards the stage by my friends at that time. Then, Niall took my hand gently, and lead me up the stairs, on to the stage! “Niall! What are you doing?!” I whispered to him. The band kept playing on. I knew I was blushing like hell. Then Niall continued playing his guitar and sang…

… Oh! I just wanna show you to all of my friends!

Makin them drool outta chinny chin, chin!

Baby, be mine tonight! Mine tonight!

Baby, be mine tonight! Yeah! …

He sang while looking at me. I just stood there awkwardly smiling. He came closer over to me, singing and giving me flirty looks. He came over and slightly brushed his cheeks on mine from the back. I felt a shiver go down my spine as he did so. To be honest, I did feel proud to have someone like Niall as my sort-of-boyfriend! I mean, he does the sweetest things!

… and baby let me kiss you!”

They finally ended the song beautifully. Everyone cheered like hell while some of them wolf whistled at us. Niall took my hand and gave it a kiss. “thank you all, and thank you, Cynthia!” he said to the microphone. I must have looked like a tomato by then!

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to the back stage with Niall. He told me that he will come back in a few minutes as that was the only song they planned to perform tonight as they also wanted to have fun with their friends.

So, I went back to the spot I was. But unfortunately, they were somewhere else. So I stood there watching another small, but not that popular band climb up the stage. They were wearing heavy clothes with dark colors and make up. Must be a heavy metal band. Not the type I actually like.

My view was blocked by several guys who walked up to me. they looked a bit mean and pervert style, like gangsters. (I’m good at body language, remember?) they had flirty looks on their faces.

“hey there. You look hot. Want to dance with me?” the guy who had a silver ear ring on his ear asked me. “no thank you.” I simply replied politely. “aw come on, baby! It gonna be fun! We can go to our apartment afterwards! What do you say? Just the two of us?” he asked again. This time, the rest of his gang laughed silently. “no thank you. I am not someone who like to do those kind of dirty things. Please ask someone else. Excuse me.” I replied a bit firmly this time and walked away just as the metal rock band began to play. Luckily, the gang didn’t follow me. what’s their problem? Couldn’t find anyone else but me? I thought as I quickly exited the school hall.

By the time I reached the empty hangout which was deserted, my ears were still ringing because of the hardcore metal music. I wonder how they listen to those. (No offence!) I wanted to stay there for a few minutes until the metal band finish their song. If I had stayed in there, I would be having a very severe headache.

I looked around the grassy hangout. No one was in sight. Not even a breeze. The moon glowed brightly in the starlight night sky. The huge oak tree stood proudly in the middle of the compound, letting several leaves fall each minute. Small fire flies flew near the grass in a lazy motion, slowly blinking its light. Even though there was no one around, I had this feeling that the whole place was alive. It was lovely indeed.

That is when I heard footsteps on the grass behind me. did the gang follow me here? Startled, I turned around to see Niall. letting out a relieved sigh, I smiled at him. “What’s wrong? Why are you here?” he asked me, coming over. “metal songs gives me headaches. So I thought I’d stay here for a while.” I told him. “all alone? You could have told me that!” he protested. I giggled. “well, a bunch of guys kept requesting me to dance with them. So I quickly walked out.” I explained further. This time, he didn’t reply. I looked at him. “what?” I asked. “you just look too good tonight!” he said in a horny way, moving closer. I didn’t step back. “oh, Niall! please! How many times you have said that?” I asked him smiling. “I lost count!”he replied. “is it just the dress that looks pretty or is it me?” I asked him, batting my eyelashes at him while smiling. He grinned. “stop being so cute! You are making me go crazy!” he whispered to me, sliding his hands around my waist. “every single move I make, you go obsessed with it. So how in the world should I stop being cute in your eyes?” I asked him. “your just being too cute!” he said huskily and crashed his lips into mine. Boy, was he desperate! He slowly deepened the kiss, bringing me closer to him. I just went along playing with his hair from the back. I felt as if electric charges were flowing through out my body.

Finally, after 20 seconds, we let go. Still, he kept cuddling on to me, nuzzling my nose with his. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” he whispered. I smiled at him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. “what if I had to go to another country for some sudden reason?” I asked him. “ill follow you all the way there!” he simply replied. Then, we heard footsteps a few feet away from us. We turned around to see harry, who was trying to tip toe out of the hang out. He looked at us with a sorry look. We both were startled a bit. Niall slowly let go of me, but not that far. I just stood there without moving.

“Heyyyy! I didn’t see you guys there! I am so sorry to interrupt! I was about to leave quietly… I didn’t know that… well… nevermind just carry on!” he quickly said and began fast walking away. “harry! Wait!” Niall stopped him. Harry stopped at his tracks. He slowly turned around. “its okay mate! Whats up?” Niall asked. “oh, the reporters are requesting us for a small interview at the hall. They want all of us to be there. Such a stupid time for an interview!” he said. By the looks on his face, I realized that he was embarrassed and regretting himself that he accidentally invaded our private moment!

“its okay, harry. Don’t be like that.” I told him smiling. “but you two were having the time of your life! And you two looked so cute together!” he protested. I laughed.

“hey Niall, harry! You guys better come over here cause the reporters are making a huge fuss! They aren’t gonna go away without something on their papers! ” we heard liam call from somewhere in the corridor which leads to the hall. “sorry, babe. I guess I have to go and shoo em off.” Niall told me sadly. I smiled at him. “its alright. It kind of make me proud to know that my boyfriend is a famous pop star now!” I replied. Then, he leaned over and gave me a lingering kiss on my neck. With that, he rushed off.

In a few seconds, he vanished into the corridors. I slowly began to walk towards the hall, wondering what kind of chaos the reporters and the media are causing. But before I could walk any further, the same gang who asked me to dance with them came out from the dark corridors. I just simply ignored them and continued walking. But the stopped right in front of me, blocking every possible way of me to walk away from them. “excuse me, can I please have some space to walk?” I asked looking at them. They snickered. “only if you’d dance with us.” The same one replied. “I am sorry but like I said before, it’s a no.” I replied and turned to walk away. But again they blocked my path. “would you please let me go?” I asked them a bit firmly this time. I mean, whats wrong with them? Don’t they have manners or respect at all?

“wow! Wow! The chicks trying to be tough!!” one of them sarcastically exclaimed. He moved on to me. this time, I slowly stepped back. “what are you gonna do about it?” he asked, still moving on. “leave me alone!” I said. Then, I quickly turned around and tried to break into a run. These guys means trouble! I just know it!

I couldn’t get away further. They caught me by my wrist. “hey!! Let me go!” I cried out. To my fear, they all pounced on me without a word. I was filled with fear to maximum as I tried to defend myself. I felt their sticky disgusting hands touch my body as they held my hand behind my back. I began screaming out. But unfortunately, they were prepared for that too. They pulled out a napkin and muffled my cries for help. “Niall help! SAVE ME! SOME ONE HELLLP!” I tried screaming. But it was muffled by the napkin. They held on to me tightly and began tying my hands and legs. “no need to tie her up! Just knock her out!” one of them said. No! let me go! Let me go! Stop touching me! help! Help! What are they going to do with me? why are they doing this? Help! My mind was screaming for help. The napkin held tightly on my mouth and nose started to smelled funny. Then, I felt dizzy and light headed. So light headed I was, I couldn’t move my body. I couldn’t lift my hands up to brush away their filthy hands. Their grinning faces became blurry. The whole world became blurry as I watched one of them slide his hands around me, and lifted me up. Then, everything went all black…

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