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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!



“I am home!” I called as I entered my house. “Oh! Hi honey! How was the sh-“ My mom stopped as soon as she saw nial standing next to me. “Hello, Mrs. Bluebell” he politely greeted. Mom forced a small smile. I never bought a boy home before. That’s why she is acting like that. “We saw each other at the mall so we decided to shop together! He wanted to visit you so he came along with me” I explained. “Oh, is that so? Come on in then.” Mom said without taking her eyes off of him. Slowly, he walked inside with me and sat on the black sofa in the living room. “Would you like to have something? A cookie perhaps?” mom asked in a straight tone. “No, thank you.” He replied politely. “You look paler than before!” I whispered to him. “Really? Well, your mother is quiet scary. I am trying hard to show my good side.” He whispered back. Then I got up. “Well, I am going to my room to change my clothes. Thanks nial for carrying my bags! I’ll be back!” I said. “Nial sent me a don’t-leave-me look. I giggled. “It’s going to be alright! Just act natural!” I whispered to him and went upstairs.


Mary wondered if Nial was the kind of boy she hoped to find for Cynthia. He seems polite though. But what if he is just playing along?! He doesn’t even dress the way those ruthless thugs on streets do. He seems fine. Now to dig out his personality.

“So, nial. What kind of grades you got last year?” Mary asked him. Slightly being startled he replied; “I got good grades. All above B.” nial replied. “Wow, that’s good. I presume you’re working very hard, hmm? That is a quite remarkable grade you’ve got!” Mary said, sitting down on the black armchair. “Thank you Mrs. Bluebell.” Nial thanked. “How is school now?” Mary asked. “Well, it seems fun to study here. I like it. Now, I am preparing for the audition of the school music band concert. Cynthia is even helping me out.” Nial explained. “Really? I didn’t know that.” Mary replied. She wondered why her daughter didn’t tell her anything about that.

“So you have interest in music?” Mary asked. “Yes. I do.” Nial replied. For a second, Mary sat there thinking. In her heart, she knew that he is a good boy. But still, she isn’t satisfied. She wanted to ask more but it may seem too awkward to pour all the questions on him all at once! So she decided to take it slowly.

 “Don’t take it too serious or anything, but, I want to ask you, what kind of relationship do you two have between each other?” Mary asked nicer this time. “Actually, to tell you the truth, I have never been this close to a girl before. I usually don’t talk to girls! We are just friends, I assure you.” Nial replied as if he was expecting that question. He knew that Mary was trying to find out if he is good or bad. “Then how come you’re so close with her? Only her?” Mary asked. This time, nial wasn’t expecting for that question. He hesitated for a few minutes and said; “Well, I don’t really know…” “Is it because you have feelings for her?” Mary asked smiling. “Umm… well, its-it’s hard to say. Uh… I am n-not sure about that… with myself, even.” He replied. “Well, I am saying this because I want my daughter to be safe. There are many bad people out there and I am not saying you’re one of them, nial. I am just keeping her safe.” Mary said. “I understand, Mrs. Bluebell. It’s not your fault. It’s your job.” Nial replied nicely. Mary smiled as she was now almost 79% sure that nial is a good person and that he will not hurt Cynthia. “Hey! Having a nice chat?” Someone said from the stairs. It was Cynthia herself. She was wearing a purple shirt which was a bit big for her, with knee length black tights. Her hair was made into a messy but long braid decorated with small purple flower clips. To Niall, She looked like a purple flower that just had bloomed a few minutes ago.

Niall’s POV:

I was relieved to see Cynthia for some reason. I guess it is because of her mother who kept asking questions to me. Mrs. Bluebell smiled as Cynthia came down and sat next to me. Then, she went into the kitchen.

“Had a great talk with her?” I asked Niall in a teasing way. “Well, your mother seems nicer than I thought. Is she always like that?” I asked her. “Like what?” she asked. “You know, the time we got stuck in the shop she went away with you as if I don’t even exist! But now she is nice and… normal?!” I said. “Yeah. Your kind of the first boy who ever got the chance to step into my house!” she replied blushing a bit. “Really? That’s kind of cool!” I replied. She laughed the cutest way. I just have to admit myself that I do have feelings for her.

“So, are you excited about tomorrow’s auditions?” she asked when I was lost in my world gazing at her perfect blue eyes. “Huh? What? Oh, yeah. Well, not that excited.” I replied. “Why not?” she asked. “Well, earlier, I participated in two other auditions in my old school and didn’t pass. I had high hopes that time.” I replied. “Hey! That doesn’t mean you should stop! You should always try again and again then only success will come! I am sure you will pass this time! If you did not, I am going to hammer the judges on to the school door!” she said. I burst out laughing. “Really? You? You couldn’t even push Keith away so how can you hammer the judges on to a door?” I asked mockingly. “Hey! Don’t talk about that now, okay! I hated that day!” she replied looking glum. “I was really scared that day.” She said. That made me want to hug her but of course, I can’t as her mother is around and if she saw me, she might slice our throats apart! I know I know, I am getting a bit over about her mother. But if you were me, you’d feel the same too!

“Well, it is getting a bit late; I guess I should be going now!” I told her. “Yeah. You must be tired.” She replied. So I got up and walked out of the house. I was about to step out of her lawn, into the pathway when Cynthia called me. “Niall! Wait!” I turned around to see her running towards me. Before I could say anything, she ran up to me and hugged me. My heart started to beat faster. My palms and feet went icy cold. “Thanks for everything!” she said sweetly. After a second, she let go very quickly. Her cheeks were bright pink. “Bye!” she said waving her hand in a cute way. I smiled at her and waved back, smiling. Then, I began walking away.

After walking for a distance, I looked back. She had gone inside. I can see her from her room window, adoring the shoes I bought for her. She likes it a lot! I turned around and continued walking. I was afraid that Keith might have seen us at the mall. What if he tried to hurt her again? What if he forced her to do something worse than before? I was surely scared. And now, I am hundred percent sure that I like her. I am not going to deny, regret, ignore or even forget it!! I promised myself. And I am going to protect her no matter what!


Cynthia’s POV:

“Guys! You can do this! You’re good enough to pass! I am sure of it!” I told the gang. We were at the cafeteria in the school. Liz was also with us. “Yeah! You can do it!” she repeated. “Thanks girls. But we are not that nervous or insecure!” Zayn replied. Others laughed. “Since nial is the boss here, you should tell that to him! He must be nervous like hell!” harry said. Surely they are hiding something from me because when we all get together, they always try to get Niall and me close together! Wait… does he have feelings for me? Do THEY know it? Really?

“Hey, let’s decide a name shall we?” Louis asked. “Yeah! Let’s! Niall, what kind of name is suitable for us?” Liam asked. “Well, it has to be straight, nice, simple and not too metal or smooth jazz. Say, pop music! We go in a single direction, don’t we?” he suggested. “Yes, how about the famous five?” Liz asked. “Nah, that sounds a bit like a super hero group.” Harry replied. “Hmm… how about…” I began. “Yes?” Niall asked. “One direction?” I asked. “Hey! That is a neat name!” Louis exclaimed. “Yeah! I like it! It sounds simple but has a lot in to it and it is… well, cool! What do you say about it Niall? Niall?” harry asked. I looked at nial who was still with his eyes frozen on me. I felt myself blushing. “Sounds perfect!” he whispered more like to me than to harry. “What is perfect? The name or the person who suggested the name?” Zayn asked. Then Niall came back to his senses. His ears turned pink. “Well, uh… both… I guess?” he replied. Those made my cheeks go pinker! Others laughed. “Well, you two have fun. We are going now.” Louis said and got up. So did the rest of the gang except Niall. They all waved and began walking away. But Louis suddenly stopped, turned around and dragged Liz away with them. “Hey! A little warning before you drags someone!” I heard her say to him as they walked away.

“What is with them?” I asked Niall. “I also don’t… really know.” He replied hesitating. “Never mind. So, what are you going to do 30minutes before the auditions?” I asked him. “Well, maybe check if the instruments are working fine with you.” He replied. “Want to come?” he asked me. “I’d love to!” I blurted out. He smiled in reply so; we went to the music room where we kept our instruments.


It was just a few minutes before the auditions. “Are you guys ready?” I asked. They all nodded. Nial was the only one who was holding an instrument, the guitar. Other’s instruments were already prepared on the stage. “Good luck all of you.” Liz and I said together. Thanks they replied. Then, a woman came out of the auditorium with a clip board and said; “okay, you guys are next. Come in.” “Umm… excuse me miss, but is it okay if these girls enter the room with us to watch? They are… kind of important people to us!” Zayn asked. The woman looked at me then Liz. “Alright. But make sure you two don’t disturb the judges!” she replied. So we all hurried in.

Two men and one woman sat at a table near the stage. They must be the judges. The gang quickly climbed up the stage and took their positions. “What is your band name?” the woman asked. “One direction” Niall replied. “Hmm… that is a nice name. I’ve heard weird names before your band!” she said scribbling on a paper. “Okay, you may begin now.” She said. They got ready. Nial looked at me. To cheer him up, I sent him a thumbs-up. He smiled and began. “One two three FOUR!” he started playing the guitar, the rest of the gang followed. They sounded so cool! Nial began to sing the song. His voice sounded so cute and strong! He smiled at me during the song a lot.

Finally, they finished the song in an awesome way. I looked at the judges, hoping for a positive reply. “I just have to say, you guys sound amazing!” the woman replied. “Yeah! That was remarkable!” the man next to her replied. “Thank you so much!” the gang thanked at once. “Your results will be announced tomorrow.” The woman said. Then, they all hurried down. “So, how was it?” Niall asked me when we went out. “Are you kidding me?! I am SO blown away right now! You guys were the best!” I replied jumping up and down a bit. Yes, I was actually feeling jumpy! Their song had made me feel energized and jumpy all of a sudden. “Thanks girls. We couldn’t have done it better without your help.” Louis replied. I smiled at them.

After school ended, I went to my locker and began to put away my books. I was in a hurry as nial was waiting for me on the other side of the hall a bit far away. So I quickly stuffed some of my books into the locker, shut the door and turned around to leave. But my path was blocked by trouble. By one and only Keith. Oh poop! Here we go again!

He closed on me and pinned me to the lockers. “Keith! What is wrong with you?! You didn’t even touch me earlier but now?! What has gotten into you?!” I cried out. “You, babe. I missed you so much babe. You must miss me too, so I thought I’d pay you a visit.” He replied in his husky tone. “Keith, just let me go!” I told him. “That is all you say when I meet up with you!” he replied. Then, he grabbed my wrist and began to drag me. “Where are you taking me to?” I asked worriedly. “Somewhere more private so we can have our time!” he replied in a scary tone. I started to panic. Where is Niall? Help! Somebody!! I forced my hands a lot of energy and pulled it away. “I am not going with you!” I told him and began to run away from him. But he was too fast; he grabbed my wrist again, hurting my hand a bit. “Ouch!! That hurts! Let me GO!” I cried out. “Not until you stay away from Niall!” he said. I saw anger in his eyes. Fear conquered me. I wanted Niall with me. I wanted him to come and save me. But because of Keith, I didn’t have the guts to call him.

As if Niall heard my thoughts, he game running up to us, when he saw me being held by Keith, anger bubbled in him. “Let her go you creep!” he called out. “You! Why do you always have to butt in when I am trying to have time with her?!” Keith asked angrily. His eyes which were dark due to too much use of eyeliner were fixed up on Niall. “She doesn’t want to be with you, so why don’t you just leave her alone?” Niall said. “Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?” Keith asked. “For surely, I am someone who is not rotten like you are!” Niall replied. This made Keith even angrier. He couldn’t hold it; with his fist pointed at nial, he ran towards him to punch him in. but nial simply dodged and kicked Keith’s leg calves, which made him, drop down. Bubbling like a hot teapot, Keith got up and got ready to punch. But Niall was too quick; he jumped up and did a jump-kick straight on to Keith’s face! He went flying through the hall. Then Niall came up to me. “Are you okay?” he asked panting like mad. “My wrist, he kind of sprained it I think! It hurts a lot!” I told him. He examined it. “Don’t worry, let’s go see the nurse. She might be able to do something about it!”

Before I could say something, Keith ran towards Niall and punched him on the forehead! “NIALL!! NO!” I screamed out. That moment, the principal came running. He gasped when he saw Niall, sprawled on the floor. The direction group also rushed towards us. “KEITH BRINDSON!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!! STRAIGHT TO MY OFFICE, NOW!! I AM GOING TO CALL YOUR PARENTS RIGHT NOW AND TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE SUSBENDED!! TO MY OFFICE, NOW!!!” he yelled at Keith, who glared at Niall and walked away.

Sprained wrist or not I didn’t care; I ran up to nial, who sat on the floor. “Niall! Are you okay?!” I asked. As soon as I saw his bleeding forehead, I knew he wasn’t okay! Tears whelmed up and fell down my cheeks. I couldn’t help but cry. “Niall! Y-you’re hurt! How could he… Oh Niall!” I couldn’t say anything. The gang members ran over to us. The boys helped Niall. I quickly took out my napkin and started to wipe away the blood. I couldn’t say anything. I felt fainting a bit. But luckily Liz was next to me. The gang took us to the nurse to be treated.

After a few minutes, the nurse finished putting a small band aid on Niall’s forehead. Tears still fell down from my eyes. I was still scared and hurt as Niall was hurt too. He came up to me and wiped my tears away. “Please don’t cry. I don’t want to see you sad. Please show me that smiling bright face of yours.” He gently said. He slightly hugged me, not just much: he wrapped his arms around my waist. I just simply laid my head against his strong chest and sobbed a little, wetting his shirt a bit. He let me do that as much as I wanted.

After the fight, school ended shortly, the gang and I went to the park outside the school. There, we sat under a large oak tree. I was still out of my cheerful mood. I picked up an acorn from the ground and tossed it far away. A squirrel quickly came down from the tree, grabbed the acorn and scurried up. “Hey, Cynthia. I am fine now. Look at me!” Niall said trying to cheer me up. “No, you’re not! You were bleeding before!” I protested. “Seeing you get hurt is something I don’t like very much. I don’t know why, but, I can’t stand seeing you get hurt.” I told him. He smiled, scooted near me and said; “I am fine as long as you are safe.” He whispered. “I am not safe at all! Look at my hand! It is sprained and dressed with bandages!” I told him. “Oh no! Then that definitely indicates that I am also not well!” he replied smiling. Others laughed. “Then go see a doctor!” I mumbled, playfully shoving him aside a bit. He laughed. “But there is something bad” I told everyone. “What is it?” Liz asked. “There is a big contest in a few weeks, where our school and the Oakwood School compete against each other on drawing the most excellent picture according to their given topic. I am supposed to do very well and help the school win as I am one of their very high art students. But now, as my wrist has be strained, I might not be able to paint on that day

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