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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


19. lost his heart.

First, I heard birds chirping a beautiful melody. Then I felt a stream of light on my eyes. Blinking rapidly a few times, I opened my eyes to see sunlight pouring into my room from my bedroom window. The light gave a warm morning glow into my bedroom making it look cozy. Healthy green trees which grew from my mother’s garden slowly rustled making a peaceful rustling noise. Then I heard a low rumbling noise. It was smooth and slow. After a few times, it stopped. That was when I realized that the sound came from Niall. He was snoring.

Finally I was able to open my eyes better. The same moment, Niall woke up. How long have I been asleep? I wondered. I tried to get up but I was stuck. I looked around and gasped. I was sleeping on Niall’s shoulders and his arms were tightly held around me. “Niall! Get up!” I told him trying to untangle myself. By then I must have turned red as a tomato!

He began to stir a little. “just give me five minutes!” he said in a sleepy voice. I struggled more. But he was too strong. Does he go do gym every day to get this strong? “if you saw the situation I am in right now, you’d get up right away!” I told him. Slowly, I saw him open one eye and gasp. With a sudden jolt, he got up wide eyed. “what? What am I doing here? Why am I sleeping with you…in your room?!” he asked. “don’t you remember anything?” I asked him. He looked at me blankly. “hmm… sometimes when you get drunk, you don’t remember what happen during that time.” I said to myself. “what? Drunk? I never drink! What are you talking about?” he asked. Usually startling the person brings back the memory… I picked up a pillow and hit him on the head with it. “hey!! What was that for?” he cried out. “do you remember now?” I asked moving closer and looking deep into his eyes. He seems to look back at me. “uh… no.” he replied. “then do you remember going out with veronica to the mall?” I asked him. He began to panic.

“what?! How did you find out?! I didn’t ask her out! Honest! She made me go!” he said. “then I remember she gave me that drink… then I got… drunk! Now I remember!” he exclaimed. “please tell me I didn’t do anything bad.” He said in a tiny voice. “what if I said you that you two kissed?! And you enjoyed it?!” I asked him angrily. “WE DID?? TELL ME WE DIDN’T!!” he cried out. I grinned. “then what happened?” he asked gripping the bed covers. “she tried to hit me but you blocked it and fell asleep on my shoulder so I brought you to my house where you slept on my bed next to me!” I told him. “please tell me that I did NOT kiss her!” he said. “you didn’t…” I told him. “OH THANK GOD!” he breathed. “but why did you go out with her?” I asked in a sad tone. He looked at me realizing that I am confused and hurt at the same time. “look, she made me go out with her. I didn’t want to go at the first place.” He said. “that doesn’t explain it all.” I told him. “okay. I promised myself that I will not tell you this but… she blackmailed saying that she will destroy all the round light bulbs they gave you for the school decorations. I was afraid that they might punish you or something.” He said. That is why he went out? He was sacrificing for me? That’s so sweet of him! But there was more I wanted to know.

“she even said that you told her you didn’t like me. She said that your just playing around and you liked her” I told him. “no! those are all lies! Not a thing she said is true! You know I don’t like her! I never liked her! I like you!” he said. I looked at him with my teary eyes. “I like you because you are smart, cute, funny, kind, gentle, beautiful, cheerful, and lovable girl! you are my everything!” he said. His ears went pink as he talked. I smiled at him. “now you’re just being cute!” I told him and gave him a hug. “you know you were cuddling me when you were asleep, right?” I asked him. He turned red. “I was?!” he asked. “you were even snoring very cutely!” I told him. “I don’t snore!” he protested. “yes you do!” I told him getting up from my bed. He didn’t reply. I looked at him and saw that he was staring at me in a sad way. “what is wrong, Niall?” I asked him. “Cynthia, I am so sorry I didn’t tell you when she blackmailed me. I am so sorry for keeping it as a secret from you.” He said. “its okay! You did it to protect me. Besides, ¾ of the bulbs have been moved to my garage yesterday. If veronica destroys what is at school, I still have back up!” I told him. He smiled. “I am so glad to have a girl who understand easily.” He said. I laughed. “now go back home and get changed before school starts!” I told him. Pinching me lightly on the cheeks, he left home.

Niall doesn’t like veronica for sure. He went out with her for me. He did it to save me. He would never do such thing. He would never make me sad. He loves me and I love him too. That is something I have made sure tonight. But this isn’t over yet. She will attack again I am sure! I better be ready. No matter what, I am never going to let her take Niall away from me. This is my fight. And I will be the one to win!


I was at art class, working on the party stuff when Zayn came in. “hey Zayn, whats up?” I asked carefully adjusting a light bulb onto a tree branch. “hey Cynthia. just dropping by to tell you that our next music band competition will be held here, in this school on the day we are having the party. I thought you might need to know this as your decorating the place.” He said. “oh, really? Then I must make sure that the stage looks stunning!” I told him. He smiled in reply. “see you at the hang out at lunch!” he said as he left. “sure!” I called back. Just then Mrs. Hartwell came over to me, holding a clip board. “after doing a small research, I found out that you are doing a very good job on leading the group! They all like the way you give them the tasks. You are doing an excellent job!” she said. “thank you, Mrs. Hartwell!” I thanked her. With that, she went away. It is not that easy to handle a lot of students while working! There are some rude students, students who doesn’t understand their tasks easily, who keep forgetting what to do and some lazy ones too! Not as easy as you think!


 At lunch, I went to the hang out where the gang sat on the usual spot: under the tree. I walked up to them. “hey guys!” I greeted as I sat down. “I heard you are playing for the competition at school!” I told them. “yeah! I am so excited. We are going to be popular around school!” harry said. “is that all you care about, harry?” Louis asked. “not only fame. We have to win the competition no matter what!” Liam came to his aid. “don’t worry, guys. We are going to win for sure!” Niall told them. “of course you are! You guys sound WAY better than the other boring bands! Honest!” I told them. They all smiled at once. “straight from Cynthia’s mouth! We surely are going to win!” Louis said. “yep! The lady said it and it is going to happen no matter what! Harry said. I laughed. “oh, Niall! Did you forget something?” Zayn asked Niall. First he looked at Zayn blankly. Then he said “oh!” and dug into his bag. He took out a small pink box and handed it over to me. “what is this?” I asked him. “go on! Open it.” He told me. Smiling, I carefully untied the white ribbon and opened the box. I gasped when I saw what was inside it. The most beautiful necklace I have ever seen! a pink glittery heart was hanging from the most beautiful string of silver! the light beautifully danced off of the tiny gems on the heart as I examined it. “wow! Niall! Its so pretty!” I told him. Then he took it and wore it around my neck. “I knew it would match your beautiful neck!” he said and turned pink. I laughed. “thank you so much, Niall!” I told him. “you see that heart? Its my heart. I have given it to you. So you must not lose it, okay?” he said. “yes. I promise!” I told him smiling. Then, I leaned over and gave him a kiss on his cheek, near the lips. The rest of the group ‘ooh’ ed. “dude! I never knew you two kissed like that!” Liam said. “oh, you don’t know the half of it! They both even make out!” Zayn said. “no, we don’t!!” Niall and I cried out at the same time. They all laughed.

“hey, you guys heard that the ones who volunteered for the decorations have to come to school tonight?” I asked, quickly changing the subject. “yeah. We all are going to come and help you out.” Harry said. “thanks guys.” I replied. “how come any of you haven’t brought any food here? I am STARVING!” Niall said. “ I think I might have something in my bag.” I told him and dug in. then I took out a small box of fries and handed it over to Niall.  Hungrily, he shoved a handful into his mouth. “lets go check out the cafeteria. There might be some left over!” I told them while watching Niall munch on fries.


After school, I was walking down the hallway, carrying a box of tools for the decorations. I was on my way to the school office to put them away, when I bumped into veronica. Without even saying a word, I turned away and continued to walk. But veronica stopped me. “what now?” I asked glaring. “who gave you that?” she asked rudely but astonished, pointing at my necklace. “what? Why?” I asked. “that was one of the most expensive ones in the jewelry shop in the mall! Who gave you that?” she asked with her eyes wide. “why? You want it? I am sorry, or not, but you cant have this. Now mind your own business!” I told her and continued to walk. “answer the question! Why are you being such a b**** so much?” she said behind me. I stopped at my tracks. Did she call me…? Oh! That is IT!!!

“did Niall gave it to you?” she asked in a selfish tone. I turned around. “yeah. He did. What are you going to do about it? Nothing! So why don’t you keep your filthy fingers away from others lives and leave us alone?” I snapped back. With that, I hurried away.

That day, Niall came over to my house to help me out with the decorations. I was fixing the light bulbs to the tree branches, in the garage when he came over to me, holding two smoothies. Smiling, he gave one to me. “you know, you are very different from the rest of the boys I know.” I told him. “is that a good difference?” he asked. “if it was some other boy, he wouldn’t come over to help me out like this. He wouldn’t buy me drinks unless we were on a date or something.” I told him sipping the smoothie. “so, should I stop being like this?” he asked confused. “no! not like that!” I gasped. “I am saying I like it very much!” I told him. He smiled. I smiled back, while holding the smoothie. “freeze! Don’t move!” he suddenly blurted out. “why?” asked. “is something on my head?” without a word, he stepped aside, took out his smart phone. “no, I just want to take a picture of you.” He said. “you startled me! Why all of a sudden you have to cry out freeze just to take a picture.” I mumbled. “smile!” he said. But I raised my hand in front of me. “no, I don’t like people taking my pictures!” I told him. He lowered his phone. “aw come on! Why not?” he asked. I set down the smoothie and picked up a large circular light bulb. (they are about the size of softballs) “its just because!” I replied.

then, I accidentally stepped on a screw driver which was left on the floor and slipped. “OH!”I gasped and tried to protect the light bulb but it flew out of my hands. Everything happened all of a sudden and I was in confusion. I closed my eyes and raised my hands to block my fall. Instead, they landed on Niall’s shoulders. He caught me and the light bulb before either of us hit the ground. Turning pink, I looked at him. His blue green eyes met mine, more like burned into mine. His ears slowly turned pink as he continued to stare at me in a dreamy state. Then he helped me stand up, handing over the bulb. “careful. You could have fallen on the smashed bulb.” He said. “thank you…” I replied shyly, turned around and walked up to the tree I was working on. Slowly, Niall walked up to me. “um… Cynthia. I have been thinking…” he said fixing the wires. “yes?” I asked. “um…    if you are not busy… this weekend…” he said hesitating. I set down the bulb and turned to him. “yes?” I asked again. He turned to me. I noticed that he was sweating a bit. What is with him? “want to go to the carnival with me?” he finally asked me. Is he actually asking me out? I was excited, happy and filled with energy all of a sudden. My heart started to beat faster and louder. “to the carnival? Really?” I asked. “if you don’t like it, we can go somewhere else!” he blurted out. “I would love to go to the carnival with you!” I told him. I saw energy rising up and down I him from his face. He was as eager as me to go out with each other. “really? You really want to go?” he asked. I nodded smiling. “so, I’ll pick you up at 4?” he asked. “sure! I cant wait!” I told him excitedly. I was practically bouncing up and down. He actually asked me out!! I kept saying in my mind.

“is this a date?” I suddenly blurted out. Half of me wanted to punish myself for asking but the other part wanted an answer for it. Niall looked at me. He was startled like me, not know what answer to give. “um…” he began. He went crimson as he thought of an answer. “y-you can consider it either way…” he replied. I smiled at him.

“that is enough for today. We will be doing more tonight at school.” I told him after finishing two trees. He nodded. “I’ll be back. I need to wash my hands. They feel a bit sticky from all that glue.” He said and went inside. I began cleaning up the place a bit when I saw Niall’s phone. He wanted a picture of me. Why not give him one? Its not like he would put it on the net or something! Thinking like that, I picked up his phone and snapped a selfie of me, posing my cutest smile. There! Lets just say I am thanking him for giving me that necklace. I said to myself in my mind. He came back the moment I set down his phone where it was.

“what were you doing? Reading my text messages?” he asked and picked up his phone. I gave him an innocent look. Then his eyes grew wide as he saw the picture. “you took a picture of yourself! Wow! Look at that! You look so cute!” he said. I pretended not to know. “why did you take on from my phone?” he asked looking at me. “why? You don’t like it?” I asked. He gasped. “no! I love it!!” he said, showing his phone to me. He has set the picture as his phone background. I smiled shyly. “I want one more!” he said as I wore my jacket. “wha? Isn’t one enough?” I asked him. “just one more!” he begged. “hey, you can bear with just one picture of mine!” I told him. “lets take a picture together!” he begged as we headed outside into my garden. “no way! Thank for what you got!! Why ask for more!?” I asked mocking him. “seriously! Ah, Cynthia!!” he called as I jogged away from him, down the grassy lawn. I laughed as he came after me. “live with what you got, Niall! Always remember that!!” I called out to him. I saw him drop down on to the ground. “but I can never get enough of you!” he said. I laughed and walked over to him and sat down on the grass.


“okay everybody, we need more than 100% of your effort on this job. We must finish it by eight. only two days left for the party. Okay, now lets start!” Mrs. Hartwell said to the whole decoration group. We all quickly went to continue our tasks. Some of us attached clothes and banners to the wall while others assembled the stage decorations. The gang and I worked on the light bulb trees. A group of teachers worked on the tables for the food to be placed, the lighting, microphones, speakers and stuff.

“Cynthia, come over here.” Mrs. Hartwell called me. I jogged over to her. “how many trees made so far?” she asked. “Twenty trees are completely done and we need ten more to go.” I told her. “what about the stage?” she asked. “I gave a group of students to assemble the stage props and some of the strobe lights. They will finish it by tonight.” I told her. “and the wall decorations?” she asked. “ another group is working on the starlight night sky. They will finish it tomorrow as making the stars takes some time.” I replied simultaneously. “anything else?” she asked. “I made an extra group for placing the red carpet on the stairs near the entrance and the stage. They will also decorate the table for the food to be placed and placing the cotton balls near the tree roots.” I told her. “well done, Cynthia! you are doing an amazing job on leading the whole decoration group! The principle should hear about this!” she said. “actually, a lot of people are helping me, Mrs. Hartwell.” I told her looking at the gang, who were busily working on the trees. “is that so? Oh, but still, you and your band are doing a great job. And on top of all, you guys are going to play for the competition here, on the same day as the party, right?” she asked. “oh, I am not in that band.” I told her. “oh. Okay then. Back to work now. Don’t want to waste time!” she said and hurried off. I walked up to the group.

“aren’t you guys supposed to be practicing for the competition now?” I asked them, wrapping black paper around the branches. “this is also part of practicing!” Louis said. “how is that?” I asked. “just singing will not do any good. You need some exercise too!” Liam said. “but you guys do wild dance moves they look very tiring!” I told them. “hey, we enjoy helping you out too! Its as great as singing!” Harry said. “thanks guys!” I told them. “anything for our little sister!” Zayn said.

“Cynthia, can you bring us some more black paper and wire?” Louis asked. “sure! I’ll be right back!” I replied and walked off to the corner of the hall which was stuffed with boxes of supplies. Picking up a box of black paper and wires, I turned around and began walking towards our work area. Suddenly, someone came running and bumped into me out of nowhere. I lost my balance and fell on the ground, spilling the paper and wires in the boxes. “oh, I am so sorry!” the person said. It sounded like a girl. she tried to help me up. “ I am so sorry. I should have looked where I was going!” she said. “no, its okay.” I told her and began to gather up the paper and wire. But all of a sudden, she got up and ran away, out of the hall. I looked at the direction she went. What was all that about? Not even helping a bit or checking if I was okay? Niall ran up to me. “Cynthia, are you okay?” he asked helping me up. Zayn put all the stuff into the boxes and took them. “yeah I am fine. But that was weird.” I told him. “what?” he asked. “that girl tried to help me out at first but without a word, she just ran out.” I told him. “what a rude person to do such thing! Leave her.” He said brushing the dirt off of my palms. “hey, Cynthia, where is your necklace?” Zayn asked. I touched my neck. “oh! Its not here! Where is it!? I never took it off!” I said panicking as it was the necklace Niall gave me. “did I drop it when I fell?” I asked myself and began searching. “oh, I am so sorry, Niall! I didn’t mean to lose it!” I told him. “its okay. You didn’t do it on purpose.” He said. But I knew he was disappointed. I mean, how could I lose something he gave me yesterday? I promised myself I will not take it off but now it is gone!

“Zayn, check the box. It might have gone there when I gathered everything.” I told him. He double checked the box. “I am sorry, but it is not here.” He said. No. no. no. I cant lose it! Not something Niall gave me! Not something I love a lot! This cannot be happening!!

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