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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 16 Dec 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


24. kidnapped

Niall’s POV:

Finally, the party was over. Everyone went home. The hall was empty, except several janitors cleaning up the mess. Cynthia’s fellow art students waited to put away all the stuff they made. But she was nowhere to be seen. my group and I have been looking for her ever since we finished our interview. We checked the hall, all the corridors, even the bathrooms!(yeah. Both boys and girls!) Did she go home that early? She wont go alone on a night like this. She would wait for me. for the seventh time, I picked up my phone and dialed her number. she is not answering my calls. Where did she go? And why do I have a really bad feeling about this?

“she is not near either of the gates or in the music room.” Louis reported jogging up to me. the rest of the group came. They also looked confused, wondering where she had disappeared. “maybe she had gone home early for some urgent reason. Call Mrs. Bluebell and ask if she had arrived.” Harry suggested. I quickly called her mother’s number. After the third ring, Mrs. Bluebell picked up the phone. “hello, Niall.” she greeted. “Mrs. Bluebell, is Cynthia home?” I quickly asked. “no. I thought she is with you. why you ask, dear?” she asked. uh-oh. What am I going to tell her mother?

“umm… I will explain everything when I reach your house. Thank you, Mrs. Bluebell.” I quickly said. I heard her say yes as I quickly hang up. “lets go over to Cynthia’s. maybe we might be able to find her at her friends house nearby.” I told them and quickly began walking. By then, I have started to panic. Something has happened. Something very bad. I felt my heart beating louder and faster each minute. I felt all alert and suffocated at the same time. Something definitely had happened to her.

After 20 minutes, we reached Cynthia’s house after putting away all our instruments at our place. Mrs. Bluebell opened the door wide without a word, as if knowing that it was us before we even rang the bell.

“where is my daughter?” she asked a bit tensed. “Mrs. Bluebell. I am as tensed and as worried as you are. I am not going to hide the fact that Cynthia is nowhere to be found. I am very sorry to tell you this but please do believe me that we didn’t do anything to her!” I explained. I saw her eyes grow wide. “I do trust you dear. But where have she gone off to? Elizabeth even said that she is not at her house either! Oh! My daughter! What if she got lost or something?” Mrs. Bluebell said worriedly. She flopped down onto the sofa, probably from feeling dizzy due to thinking too much. She looked very worried. “don’t worry, Mrs. Bluebell. We will get Cynthia back. We promise! Niall will not do anything else unless he gets her back safely!” zayn said, giving support to her. And that’s when I felt it. I felt the same huge wave of fear come over me. I felt my hands go icy cold all of a sudden. My heartbeat started to get slow at first, then got faster as the heavy feeling of fear, anger and horror conquered my entire body. Inside my head, I could hear a loud screeching noise. it’s the bell. It’s the emergency bell. She really is in deep trouble. This time, its huge. Really huge. Its coming. Its coming…

All of a sudden, my phone started to ring. It startled all of us. I took it out of my jeans pockets, hoping it would be Cynthia. when my eyes scanned the contact name, I was filled with joy. It actually was her! Its Cynthia! it really was her!

“hey! What in the world are you doing not picking up the phone? Where on earth are you???” I bellowed into my phone. But fear washed away all the happiness in my world as a manly, deadly, creepy voice spoke. “I have Cynthia. don’t bother calling the police as its going to hurt her, not us. If you want to see her alive, come to the abandoned apartment near your school. You better hurry. Or else…” the guy said. I was frozen on the spot. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think or do anything else. I was paralyzed. The only thing I could hear was my loud heart beat. This is not happening. This not happening! She has been kidnapped! What if they hurt her? Or worse? What if they planned to murder her?

“who are you? where is she? What are you going to do with her?” I asked the guy. My throat was all dry. My voice came out low and serious as I was shaking with fear. the rest of the gang looked at me with confusion. “abandoned apartment, second floor. Alone. You have one hour.” The voice said. After that, the line went dead. Still holding on to my phone, I dropped on to the sofa, feeling weak.

“what happened? Who called?” the rest of the gang kept asking me. “Niall! what is wrong? What happened? Tell us!” but how am I going to get it all out even though there is nothing much to say?


Cynthia’s POV:

At first, I heard sudden crackling noises. the air felt hot and damp. I slowly gained enough strength to lift my head up and open my eyes. I saw that I was inside a room with a single light bulb dimly glowing at the far end of the room, which was not furnished. Only an old looking table and a chair stood nearby. In the corner of the room were several blocks of wood, half covered in cobwebs. The ceiling looked old and might fall in any minute. I tried to stand but got caught in something. That is when I noticed that I was tied to a chair. I tried moving my legs. They were tied too. Where on earth am i? I also noticed that my knees were a bit bruised and bleeding from the struggle to get away from the gangsters. And it hurt a lot!

I was startled as I saw a figure move towards me in the shadow. It was a guy, he was wearing a red shirt with the hood over his head... and what’s with the sunglasses at night? He picked up a piece of wood from the ground and tossed it into a large empty oil can (which I didn’t realize that it was there). The fire he made inside it began to grow a bit and illuminated the room a bit more, making eerier shadows on the old, worn out walls of…wherever I was.

“who are you?” I managed to mutter. He turned to me, and smiled in an evil way. A cold wave of shiver ran down my spine even though the can of fire was near me. I saw several other guys walk into the room. “all clear. Not here yet.” One of them said. “go keep an eye on the entrance. Make sure no one enters but him.” The red shirt one replied. Three of them walked out. One of them slowly walked closer to me. he was tall, with spiky hair and his eyebrows were pierced. “nice chick you caught hold of.” He said couching down next to me. he grinned as I tried to move away a bit. “aw, don’t be shy. You know your really cute!” he said to me, checking me out. Then the guy with the red shirt came up and couched right next to him. “I rather say, she is one sexy chick I caught!” he said in a familiar voice that sent a wave of fear around my body. I looked at him with horror. “that’s right baby. You know who I am, right?” he asked, standing up.

No, it cant be! It cant be! Not him! Not him! Please tell me that I am wrong!

The guy took off his glasses and hood, reveling his punk-like hair and hideous face. “missed me?”

It was none other than keith. Yes. It was keith. I was freaking at that moment, breathing heavily, trying to calm myself down. “what are you going to me? why are you doing this? Let me go!” I told him in a shaky voice. “oh, don’t worry. I am not  going to hurt you… yet!” he replied coming closer to me. “why would I hurt such a pretty one like you?” he asked huskily, dragging a finger on my bare legs. (I was still wearing the short angel dress)

“don’t touch me!” I told him. “the more you say that, the more I want to touch you!” he replied in a whisper, moving closer each second. I struggled to get free, holding my breath to avoid smelling his alcoholic breath. “relax! I am just untying one of the ropes so you can breathe better!” he said and untied the rope which fastened me to the chair, along with the ones on my legs. But my hands were still tied to my back.

“why are you doing this?” I asked him. “oh, I just wanted to get back at you guys. Mostly Niall. actually, I want to make Niall feel sorry that he messed with me. I want to make him feel sorry for taking everything away from me!” he said angrily. “but I was never yours! I am no one’s property! Don’t hurt him for something he never did!” I protested. “he took away your feelings! You are MINE! Not his! But you don’t really matter anymore now! you are nothing to me. I really hate girls who doesn’t go easy that way! I am just taking revenge!” he replied, walking around the room. Then he changed his direction to me and mover closer. Then, he planted a sloppy kiss on my neck bone.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” I screamed. “shh… you don’t want to disturb the neighbors, do you? that will cause even more trouble, right?” he whispered. “just let me go!” I begged him. He laughed evilly. “you are not going to get away with this! You know you are going to be busted and taken to the police! you know you are going to be in trouble no matter what!” I told him. “I don’t care! All I want is to get revenge!” he replied.

“why waste your breath on someone low like her?” someone said behind keith. He turned around( and I leaned a bit) to see veronica standing by the doorway. She was still wearing her hideous-extremely bare costume. Keith walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and thighs. “hey, sexy! Whats up?” he asked huskily. At that moment, I felt sick. Eww! He is hogging her and she doesn’t care at all!! Such a sick thing to do!

“it seems like I like girls who go super easily like her!” he said. Veronica snickered, looking at me in the most selfish way. Then, they both smashed their lips together. But I bet their arms were moving more than their lips! Keith is actually touching every part of her body! Yes. EVERY part!! By then, I was literally gagging! Finally, they let go and I was able to open my eyes!

“veronica! Do you have any idea what you are doing?! Do you eve care about your parents? Your dignity or respect?” I asked her. “I get all the respect I need. Who cares about parents? They are stupid!” she replies in a diva tone and turned her head away from me. I was about to insult her for insulting about parents when I heard some noise outside the room. It sounded like a small quarrel going on.

“we got him!” someone exclaimed. I saw a wide smile spread across Keith’s face. “bring him in. did you make sure he was alone?” he asked. horror and fear filled in me as I saw them drag Niall into the room. I started panicking even more. I felt myself shake as I felt shivers run down my spines and legs. This is not good! Not good!

“Niall!” I cried out as I saw him. “Cynthia!!! are you okay? Are you hurt?” he asked very worriedly. He was also panicking like hell. Two guys kept holding on to him s he cannot reach me. “Niall!! why did you come alone?! You are gonna get hurt! Go! Leave! Now!!” I screamed. “no! I am not gonna leave without you!” he replied.

“aww. Still trying to act cool even in the last  moment!” keith said grinning widely. “let her go! What do you want?” Niall asked him. He laughed in reply. “Its simple. All you have to do is say that you are over with her. Give her up. Then I’ll let her go.” He says. Niall glared at him. “No! that is never gonna happen!” he exclaimed. “say it!” keith said sternly. “NO.” Niall replied even more sternly. I saw keith’s anger boil inside him. His face grew red as he raised his hand and punched him on the face.

Niall collapsed on the ground. “Niall!!!” I cried out. His lips were bleeding from the hit. “say it! Now!” he pressured. Still, Niall didn’t say a word. Instead, he slowly got up. But another guy punched on him. That made the rest of the gang pounce on him. They kicked, punched, pushed and did everything they could to hurt him. “no! NO! stop! Stop it!! Keith please! Stop it! Somebody save him!! STOP IT!!” I screamed out, crying out loud. “NIALL!!” I screamed out as I saw him soaked in blood. His face was cut, blood was streaming out from his mouth, lips, nose and from the large cut on his forehead. I was crying my eyes out as I helplessly watched them beat him up. “SOMEBODY SAVE HIM!!!” I half screamed, half cried. I was going crazy at that moment. I couldn’t think. Couldn’t do anything to save him.

Finally, Keith signaled to stop. By then, there were blood puddles all over the floor. Niall was lying on the ground with his lovely hair half stained with blood. I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t stop calling for help. Niall is hurt! He is badly hurt! That’s all I could think of.

Slowly, Keith walked up to Niall, and grabbed the collar of his shirt from the back and lifted him up. His face was red, lips and nose smeared with blood, cheeks, forehead and eyebrows covered with cuts. His eyes were partly closed and he was breathing really quickly since they kicked his back and stomach really hard. It was worst than the most terrifying movie I watched! I was horrified to death.

“say it.” Keith said. “say it NOW!!!” he repeated, getting really angry. I saw a smile spread across Niall’s face. He let out raspy breaths. “you think I am gonna say that? Think again, stupid!” he finally managed to say. That got me filled with fear to maximum. They are going to hurt him more! No! no!

“SAY IT!!!!!” Keith yelled. In anger, he grabbed the chair near the table and raised it up. I don’t know what got into me. I felt a sudden wave of energy flow through my entire body. I don’t know where it came from but it made me realize that I was not tied to the chair. My legs sprang into action. In a split second, I jumped up and ran towards Niall. the moment I reached him, Keith smashed the heavy chair right on my shoulders with a loud bang. The chair broke into pieces  as I collapsed onto the floor, right next to Niall. I saw his eyes widen with fear and terror as he realized what just happened. I felt pain shoot through my body. As soon as it reached my head, everything began to fade away into the darkness. “Cynthia!” I heard Niall cry out weakly, as I passed out.

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