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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


21. consider it as... a date!

“so it is a date then?” Liz asked me, sitting on my bed. “I don’t know. he said I can consider it either way.” I replied sitting beside her. “that is the polite way to say it is a date! See? You two are finally dating!” she exclaimed. “shh!!” I shushed her. “mom might hear you!” I told her. “she already knows, I am sure!” she said. “What? No she doesn’t!” I protested. “yes she does! I mean, if she doesn’t know about you two having a special relationship, she wouldn’t send you off with him!” she replied. “she would never send me off with a boy! Especially if I like him!” I told her. “then why is she trying to keep you two always close? I mean, no matter where you go, if you are with him, she is fine with that!” she replied. Its true. When I think of it, everything sorts out that way. Does she already know that I like him? But still, what is the reason behind why she always sends me off with Niall?

“Now you believe me?” Liz asked after giving a few seconds for me to think about it. “never mind about that now. Help me get ready for the date. What should I wear?” I asked her. She looked at my wardrobe. “Something simple and casual is always the best!” she said. “but if it is too casual, wont that be too dull?” I asked her. “so you want something that will take away Niall’s heart eh?” she asked. “then try something like… between your mom and veronica!” she said. “what do you mean?” I asked, opening my wardrobe. “well, your mom wears super simple stuff and veronica wears highly hot stuff. Wear something that is not too hot or simple.” She said. “yeah! Like I am ever going to wear what veronica wear!” I replied. “You don’t have to.” She said. “come over and help me out then, miss Styler!” I said smiling. So we began the big mix up of simple and hot stuff…


This is it. This is the first date of my entire life. It must go well.

Trying to swallow the lumpy feeling in my throat, I slowly climbed down the stairs, ready to meet Niall. I knew he was right downstairs, but still, I wasn’t ready…yet. My legs felt as if they weight a ton as I went down each step. I felt my hands go icy cold as my whole body felt warm. Taking a deep breath, I started to go a little faster, eyes on the floor. What should I say there? What should I talk about? Is this outfit okay? I asked myself as I gazed upon my clothes.

A thigh-length cream colored trench coat with a pretty fringe on the back, under it I wore a black v- neck sweater and topped it off with an orange Minnie skirt and a black panty hose with pretty stiletto boots which had a flame colored bow tie attached to it. Hair let loose with another flame bow tie clip attached. I hoped this outfit looked okay. Taking another deep breath, I went down the final flight of steps.

“oh, hi honey! Niall is here!” my mom said as she saw me coming. I looked over to the sofa. There he sat, playing with his phone. Slowly, I walked up to him. “oh, you are h-“ she stopped. Eyes locked on mine with a shocked expression. I gave him a shy smile. Still frozen, he looked at me from head to toe.

“what is it?” I asked him. He just stared. Finally, I couldn’t hold it, I snapped my fingers in front of his face. Then he came around. “why are you staring at me like that? Is something on clothes?” I asked looking at myself. “oh, I-um…” he stammered. “well, let’s go!” I said and walked outside. he followed me like a minion.

“you look good!” I told him, as we walked down the drive way. I saw him turn red as he smiled. “I am always this good looking!” he replied. “seriously? Acting up! How many girls you dated before then?” I asked laughing. He shrugged. “so I am not the first one eh?” I asked him. “why do you ask that?” he asked me. I just ignored his question. “how could you?? I thought you were always single!!” I said, walking faster than him. “no, wait! I didn’t! I never did date anyone before you!! Cynthia!” he called as he followed me behind. “what if I say that you are not my first boyfriend?!” I asked him. “what! You are joking, right?” he asked worriedly. I gave him an evil smile and continued to walk. “Cynthia… tell me you didn’t.” he said. “you also dated before so why cant I too?” I asked him. “stop right there.” He said behind me. “what?” I asked and turned around. I gave a little gasp as I realized that he was an inch close to me. I stepped back a bit. But he closed in, making my heart beat faster. Slowly, he slid his hands around my waist, giving me shivers. Swallowing hard, I looked at him. His eyes slowly moved from my eyes to my lips. I was frozen there not knowing what to do next. Slowly, he closed in even more.

All of a sudden, he let me go and smiled. “you never dated before.” He said. “h-huh?” I was still frozen. “I know it by the way you react. You are still not used to kissing me as you never kissed before. Otherwise, you would make the first move!” he said. I was still standing there in awe. “what? Was I wrong?” he asked me mockingly, while walking. “don’t do that.” I told him in a tiny voice. “why not?” he asked chuckling. “it make me go paralyzed every time you do it.” I replied with my eyes on the pathway. “but you look so cute like that! Especially when you blush!” he said. That made me blush even more. “on second thoughts, I don’t mind you doing it.” I replied after a pause. He laughed.

Finally, we reached the huge carnival. It was lit with millions of colorful lights and decorated very well. The night was beautiful with lots of stars in the sky.



 Lots and lots of game booths, snack stalls and rides were there. People were swarming here and there. Without waiting, we entered the huge place.

First, we played  a game in which you have to knock out three human sized dolls placed ahead of us to win a prize. with the first ball, Niall knocked out the first one. Drawing my hand back a bit, I threw my first one. It hit the wall, bounced back and knocked out two dolls. “yay!” I cried out, jumping up and down. “beat that!” I told niall, laughing. He grabbed the second ball and threw. It knocked out one doll. He groaned. Laughing, I picked up the second ball and threw. It bounced off the wall and fell on the ground. I wasn’t disappointed. Instead, I laughed. Niall threw his last ball. It bounced back, hit him on the stomach, again bounced back and knocked out two dolls.

“Niall! Are you okay?” I asked, running up to him. He was on the ground with his hands on his tummy. “does it hurt?!” I asked worriedly. “wow! I knocked out four dolls!” he said grinning. “what??” aren’t you hurt?” I asked. “it was just a ball!” he replied chuckling. “seriously?! You gave me a shock!!” I replied angrily, giving him a small hit on his head and walked away.

After playing a few games, Niall went to buy me and him some snacks. I stood there waiting for him. Up to this moment, I have been having a blast. Niall was so fun! He cracked jokes at times which was so funny! And he does cute little things that I sometimes adore a lot! This is the best date yet! Niall sure knows how to have fun!

While waiting there, I noticed a man who was standing near the rides watching me. he looked kind of scary, staring at me that way. Ignoring him, I began walking towards the food stalls to find Niall. He also followed me with his cold eyes on me. I walked a bit faster. He did the same. Filled with fear, I broke into a jog. To my horror, he jogged faster towards me. without waiting, I took off. Running as fast as I can, I turned to a narrow pathway, looking for Niall. I saw the man coming at full speed towards me. gasping for air, I squeezed through a crowd and emerged into a clearing near some snack booth. I looked around to see if he was still following me. gasping for breath, I turned around. I think I lost him.

Then, I felt a sudden hand on my shoulders. Giving out a small cry, I turned around to see Niall holding a small box of chips and two smoothies. “oh! Niall!” I gasped. “what is wrong?” he asked after observing me for a few seconds. “there was this creepy guy following me around! I tried to run away but he kept following me!” I told him. He looked around. “I don’t see anyone like that.” He said. That is when I noticed the man standing behind me. slowly, I turned to face Niall. “there he is.” I whispered to him. “where?” he asked. “he is right behind me.” Niall slowly dropped his gaze upon the man, who stared for a few seconds and walked away. “don’t worry. I am here. You are safe now.” He said handing me a smoothie. “why was he following anyway?” I asked. “he must be some stupid pervert, I guess.” Niall replied, looking around. That was scary. Seriously, that guy is ruining our date! I cant let this happen! I need to focus on the date and ignore him.

After a while, I forgot about the guy and was having a blast with Niall. We rode the roller coaster, bumper cars, played some games and had some snow cones. It was really fun.

After a while, we stopped at another game. In front of us was several clown masks with their mouth open. On the top of their heads were deflated balloons. “be the first one to pop the balloons by filling them with water using this water gun to win your lovely girlfriend a prize! Come on over!!” the friendly man at the booth called. Smiling, Niall walked up to the booth and paid the man. There were other contestants too. I stood aside watching him.

“on the count of three, one… two..” the man counted. They all got ready, aiming the water guns at the mouth of the mask heads. “THREE!” the man cried out. All of them fired at once. The water went through the clown’s mouth and into the balloons, making them grow larger.

“go, Niall go!” I cheered. His balloon grew bigger than the others. But at the end of the row, another balloon was growing larger than him. Oh-no! he is going to lose!!

“hurry Niall! He is gaining on you!!” I called. Gritting his teeth, he pulled the trigger harder and more firmly. Suddenly, there was a loud ‘pop’ and water came out flying in all directions. Niall won! “yay!” I cheered, jumping up and down, clapping my hands. “well done young man! Pick a prize from the shelf. Any prize!” the man said. Niall gazed at the shelf full of different prizes. “that one!” he said, pointing at a round and cuddly looking stuffed panda bear. The man handed the panda to him. Smiling brightly, I walked over to him. “wow! That is really cute!” I said. “not as cute as you!” he said, handing it over to me. “oh, thank you Niall! I love it!” I thanked him. “he looks just like you!” I told him. “hey! Do I look like a panda bear?” he asked. I gave him a smile. “only more handsome!” I replied. Laughing together, we both headed to a different direction.

Finally, we went to the exit.

“I had a blast!” I told him. He smiled in reply. “so are we heading home?” I asked, half of me not wanting to go home. “not yet. Come with me. there is one place I want to take you to.” He said. I followed him obediently.

The street was empty. No cars, bikes or people. The atmosphere was a bit cold but very nice. The sky was in a deep blue black color with millions of stars twinkling above us. “its beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked. he nodded, looking up at the sky.

“can I ask you something?” I asked him. “sure.” He replied looking at me with a smile.

“will you ever forget me, even if you have to far away from me for a long time? Even after we have to get separated?” I asked. he smiled sweetly at me. “how could I ever forget you? I will never forget you even after my death. You are my whole world.” He replied. Feeling happy, I continued to walk with him. That is when I felt his hand slide around mine.

 I felt a tingly feeling fill my body as he held my hand. Blushing a bit, l gazed at him. With a cute smile, he gave me a wink. Smiling shyly, I set my eyes on the ground. Like that, we walked to a small restaurant.

The building looked nice with lots of flower vines crawling up the walls. There were a few people and some staff members there. “where are we?” I asked. “you’ll see.” He replied and walked inside, still holding my hand.

The place was a beautiful place with a romantic flowery atmosphere. Friendly looking staff members walked around. There were not much people there.

Niall stopped at a receptionist. “can I have a table for two, please?” he asked the woman at the counter. “do you have a reservation?” she asked.


“can you please tell me your name?”

“Niall horan”

The woman entered something into the computer in front of her. “Please follow me.” she said, walking towards a door. we followed her out to the grassy field behind the building. There was a small picnic set on the grass. The place was quiet with no one around. “sit down.” Niall said as the lady left. I sat down on the grass. It felt soft and nice. The place was amazing.  Beautiful trees stood all around, with its branches swaying to and fro by the gentle breeze. The smell of flowers and fresh grass filled the night air. It was very relaxing for the brain.

“you like this place?” Niall asked. “its amazing!” I told him with a smile. “I am glad you like it. I booked the picnic area yesterday so we can have our own time here with no one to bother us.” he replied.  I gave him a shy smile. Cuddling myself, I looked at the small blanket set on the ground. There were several beautiful roses on the center with two glasses of apple juice. Niall picked up the roses and handed it over to me. “I don’t… really know what kind of flowers you like… so I bought what I thought was the best…” he said. “oh! Niall! They are beautiful! Thank you!” I told him, smelling the bouquet. I don’t know how to thank him! He is so sweet! Just saying thank you is not enough for me. so I gave him a kiss on his cheeks. His ears went crimson as he smiled.

“hey, I want to show you something!” he said standing up. I also stood up. He grabbed my hand and walked further out into the huge clearing. When we reached the center of the clearing, he made me sit down with him. This time, he sat so close that my knees were above his! I felt myself blushing as I sat down.

“now, look up into the sky.” He said. I wonder why? I gasped out loud when my eyes reached the night sky. I was so shocked that I forgot to close my mouth! The sky was lit with millions and millions of stars all over! They glittered so beautifully and gently. There were so many that would take ages if I had to count them! they were so beautiful! In the middle of all, was the crystal clear moon which floated majestically near the glittering stars. “wow! There are so many for miles!” I said while gazing around. “it’s amazing, isn’t it?” he asked. I nodded. This has been the best date ever! Niall is so sweet to do such thing! He is amazing! He sure knows how to make this date fantastic!

“its not as amazing as you.” I told him, cuddling up to him. He was startled at first, but then, he wrapped his arms around me. “Niall, your one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. Without you, my whole life will be gone.” I told him. “I know. Don’t worry. I will always be with you no matter what.” He said looking deeply into my eyes. Then, he leaned in and kissed me. as I was still not used to get kissed by a guy, I was frozen. But soon, I got the hang of it. He made the kiss deeper and more romantic as he slid his arms around me. there we sat, under the moonlight night full of stars. It was one of the happiest moments in my life!


On our way home, we chatted a bit and had fun. Unknowingly, we were holding hands the whole time. Somehow, I felt safer like that. Soon, my house came to a view.

We were almost there when a guy holding a camera came up to us. “hello, Mr. horan! Please stop for a while so I can take a few pictures of you.” He said. We both were confused. He began snapping pictures, flashing the camera on both of us. I was blinded by the light so I covered my eyes. Niall pulled me behind him, still holding my hand. “um.. excuse me but..” Niall tried to stop the man but he was stopped by a woman and another man holding a camera. “Niall horan! What is the name of the song you are going to perform next? What do you have to say to the other contestants? What is your target?” she began pouring questions on him. We were stunned, not knowing what is happening all around. Again more camera men came over to us, recording, taking pictures and asking questions. What in the world is going on??

“I am sorry, but I can’t answer your questions or let you take pictures and videos!” Niall tried to reason them but none of them listened. So Niall grabbed my hand. “come on! Lets get to your house before this mob gets bigger!” he said. I nodded. We dashed towards my house at the same time with the crowd running after us.

With a loud slam, we shut the door behind us. gasping for breath like mad, we sat down on the sofa just as mom came running down the stairs. “what is wrong, dears?” she asked. “there is some group outside asking us questions and taking our pictures! Mostly Nial’s. we don’t know why they are doing here but for surely, we didn’t do anything wrong!” I explained. Mom sat down beside Niall. “you are taking your very first steps towards being famous, Niall! You are now popular!” she said. “huh?” he was still confused. “people already recognizes you and your band now. You are known around this city now!” mom said. “I am getting famous? That soon??” he asked. mom nodded. “I have to admit, your songs are pretty amazing!” she said. I saw Niall’s ears go pink. “oh. Thank you, Mrs. Bluebell! That means a lot for me.” Niall thanked. Mom smiled in return. “and if you want that mob to go away, the competition people will send over body guards to keep you safe.” Mom said, getting up and heading towards the kitchen.

“how are we supposed to go out like this then?” Niall asked me. I shrugged. I mean, what was I supposed to say? They want Niall. Not me.

“so, enjoyed your little ‘walk’?” mom asked coming over with a plate of cookies. Niall and I froze. If mom knew that we kissed, she will never allow him to see me!!

“um.. it was fun!” I told her. she eyed me. “we rode the roller coaster!” Niall came to my rescue. I gave him a thanking smile.

“the roller coaster, eh?” she said. We both nodded at the same time. “okay, then. Its getting late now. Niall, honey, you should get home now. Its late. I think the reporters have gone now. Thank you for take caring my daughter for me.” mom said. “mom! You speak as if I cant take care of myself! I am old enough now!” I complained. Mom gave me the look.

“actually, she is kid of clumsy at times. I have to keep an eye on her all the time! Well, sometimes I automatically end up watching her.” Niall said. WHAT?? WHY THE HELL HE SAID THAT FOR??

I saw his expression change as he realized what he had just said. Quickly, he stood up before mom could say anything. “well. I am tired now. I’ll be going now.” He said and fast walked towards the door. before he got out, he gave me a quick wink and left.

“honey, did he just-“ mom began. I also quickly got up and dashed towards my room. “I am so tired! Ill go in and wash first!” I called to her and shut the door behind me. smiling to myself, I walked out to my room balcony.  The mob had gone away. That is when I saw Niall in front of the gate. He saw me and waved. I smiled at him and waved back. Then he took out his phone, pressed something several times and put it back in. that is when my phone beeped. He must have sent me a text message! I took out my phone and checked the text.

“you look beautiful under the moonlight!”

Smiling, I looked over at him, who was smiling at me.

“go home safely, my panda bear!”

I texted back. I saw him check out his phone and smile. I smiled back. With that, he left home. I also went inside and picked up the panda he game me and gave it a hug. For surely, I am never going to let go of him.

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