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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


15. band competiton

Trying to keep track of time, I quickly swallowed the last bit of cornflakes on my spoon, dropped it into the bowl and got up to go to school. “Honey! What is the rush? You’re so early today!” mom said coming down the stairs in her night robes. “Early to bed, early to rise!” I repeated what she always told me. Mom smiled in reply. “There has to be a special reason why you are so early!” mom said, making herself a mug of coffee. I didn’t say I word. I mean, of course there is a special reason on why I want to go so early. Because of Niall you ask? Maybe…

As if mom read my mind, she asked; “is it because of Niall?” I froze on the spot. I knew she was grinning from ear to ear. “Uh… I have to go now! Don’t want to miss the bus!” I blurted and ran out before she could say anything else.

I was walking with my eyes on the path down my house drive way when I bumped into someone. “Sorry. I am very sorry.” I quickly apologized without checking out who it was and turned to leave. But the person held my hand and stopped. Uh oh. Did I just bump into a gangster? Or worst, a pervert?! Or a killer? Or a kidnapper? Okay, guessing won’t do any good.

“Where are you going so early?” asked a very familiar voice. I turned around to see Niall’s cute smile. He was wearing a white shirt with a black tank top under it and black jeans. “Niall! What are you doing here?!” I asked surprised. “I was just going over to your house to make sure that your mom sends you to school.” He replied. “Since your mom said to avoid strangers, are you avoiding me too?” he asked. I laughed. “No, I was just in a hurry” I replied. “Why hurry so early?” he asked. “Well… I planned to go over to the park in front of the school hoping to see you!” I blurted out. Oh-no! I didn’t mean to say that!! I quickly covered my mouth. Niall laughed. “Too late, secret out!”He said as we began walking. I blushed. “Oh, by the way, I found out the name of the park in front of our school.” He said. “Really? That place doesn’t have a sign board or anything s most of the people doesn’t know. What is the name?” I asked “Dandel Fairy Park”. He said. “why is that?” I asked. “people used to say that they see fairies come to that park at night and use dandelions to decorate their hair. So they named them Dandel fairies. Weird, right?” he explained. I nodded. “what if you actually saw one?!” I exclaimed. “I believe that there is no such thing as fairies!” he replied. “who knows, there might be fairies…”  I told him. “don’t tell me that you actually believe in that stuff!!” Niall said laughing. “no I don’t!” I told him. “yes you do.” He said back. “no I really don’t! even though they don’t exist, I could make you believe in them!” I told him. I know. It sounds weird, right?! “how are you supposed to do that? Special effects?”he asked. “no. no special effects or costumes or anything will be included!” I said. I was actually joking. But to tell you the truth, after several months, he believes in them because of something I did without me knowing that.


We were having fun talking to each other when we reached our school. “oh, I forgot to tell you, I am going to perform a song with the rest of the gang at the Cinnamon restaurant tonight. You should come by.” He said. “really? That is awesome! You guys even play for people?! That is so cool!” I told him happily. “thanks. That means a lot.” He replied.

 Neither of us said anything after seeing veronica watching us a few feet away. After a few seconds, she began walking towards us. “why did you come to school?” she asked as if she was the boss here. “she study here, so she can come.” Niall defended me. “aren’t you supposed to be locked away in your room?” she asked in a nasty way. “I didn’t do anything to be locked away.” I told her. “didn’t do anything? Really? You are so stupid not to know what you have done, loser!” she said. “such a low class person trying to argue with me.” “don’t you dare insult her!” Niall said firmly. Veronica looked at him wide eyed. She was shocked. “excuse me?” she asked. “don’t you dare insult her or else!” he said. After staying shocked like that, she Shot a death glare at me, flipped her hair back and walked away dramatically. “ignore what she says. She is just a big show off.” Niall said to comfort me. I nodded uneasily. What a bummer. She sure know how to lose my mood!

At recess, I walked out of class with Liz, into the hangout. Niall ran up to me with his smart phone in his hand. “hey Niall, what up? Nice rescue mission you planned. Worked out well.” Liz complimented. “thanks Liz, but I’ve got bigger news!” he said breathing hard from running. “what is it Niall?” I asked. “the judges from the band auditions just called, they said that my band has been selected as top! The contest will be held at different locations and this time, we get to perform at the mall tonight where everyone can see us!!!” he said excitedly. “WOOOOOOW!! THAT IS SO COOL!” Liz and I gasped at the same time. I was so excited and happy about him. So was Liz. She and Niall did a high five. “Congratulations, Niall! They finally paid your hard work!!” I told him. “me and the rest of the group are really excited. We have even decided a song to perform tonight!” he said. (he was practically bouncing!) “Which song is it? Tell me!” I asked. “no, it is a surprise! You should come or I will not perform well!” he said. I laughed. “okay! I will come! It is a promise!” I told him.  “I’ve got to go and ready our instruments for the show and stuff. It Takes a lot of time to get ready. See you girls tonight!” she said and jogged off waving to us, and sent me a secret wink! i went pink all over. “Somebody is in love!” Liz sang. “not funny Liz!” I told her giving a gentle push. “well, you better be ready for tonight. Don’t want to miss it or you’ll be sorry. What are you going to tell your mother?” she asked. “the truth, of course!” I told her.


“mom, what does a boy like to have as a gift?” I asked my mother, who was knitting a mitten in the living room. “most boys like games, gadgets, comics, and of course, girls!” mom replied grinning. “no, mom! Not something like that. Something way special than that.” I asked. “well, you can give something you like. It is always special.” Mom replied. “hmm… okay. Thanks! I am going now.” I told her and walked out of the house.

“do I look okay?” I asked as me and Liz walked in to the mall. I was wearing a white leather jacket with a black shirt and a bit dark purple colored jeans. I wore the white stilettos Niall bought me, as it might encourage him and make him happier. My hair was nicely combed and let loose.

“yeah, you look perfect! Niall is going to be surprised! Very surprised!” she replied after checking me out. “what do you mean that he is going to be that surprised?” I asked her. “we are 100% sure that he likes you, duh! That is why.” She replied. “we are?” I asked turning pink. “of course!! He kissed you and that proves that he likes you. I mean, no one would do something like that if he doesn’t like her!!” Liz said. “I guess you have a point.” I replied. The word ‘kissed’ made me turn pink every time!

“wow! This place is crowded!” Liz gasped as we entered the area where the stage is located. People were swarming, carrying boxes, clip boards, hammers and electronic equipments. A huge audience was already near the stage. “how are we going to get to the front?” I asked. Before Liz could answer, someone tapped on my shoulder. It was Zayn. “oh, hey! What up?” I asked. “Niall told me to give you two this.” He said, handing us two VIP passes. “thanks!” Liz said dreamily. Zayn shot a wink at Liz and went away. “what was all that about?!” I asked when Zayn left. “what?” Liz asked pretending to not know. “what was that look on your face when he came up and why did he wink at you?” I asked. “he winked? I didn’t know. I-He did? D-Did he actually wink at me? Don’t know.” Liz began to blabber. And when she blabber, that means she is hiding something really big from me.Before I could ask any questions, someone called me. it was Niall from behind the stage. I waved to him. Liz and I climbed on to the stage. “thanks for coming, girls!” he said. “wow. You look pretty!” Niall complimented me. I blushed. “thanks! You look great too!” I replied. He was wearing a really cool swagger outfit with black leather jacket, red shirt and boots with spikes on the back. “thanks.” He replied. Then, a guy holing a clip board, wearing a headphone came over. “Mr. Horan, the competition starts in five minutes. Please take your positions.” He said and went away. Niall turned to me. “well. Here we go.” He said. He looked nervous and worried at the same time. So, to cheer him up, I gave him a hug. “good luck. You can do this.” I told him. His ears turned pink. Smiling, I walked away, into the audience with Liz.

After a few seconds, a man walked up the stage. He must be the host. “welcome everyone to the big group band contest held by the Teen Tigers magazine cooperation. In this contest, six groups compete against each other to get to the top and the top prize is something every group band wishes to achieve: a chance to be the next new singing group band in the world with managers, advertisers, reporters, head of different cooperation’s and of course, fans rushing up to them! Since the judges are ready, lets all give it up for the first band performing which is known as One Direction!!” he declared and climbed down the stage as the curtains began to rise. The gang was standing ready with their mikes. Everyone cheered like hell. So did I! Niall was standing at the center of the stage. Then they began to sing.

“your insecure! Don’t know what for.

your turnin heads when you walk through the door!”

everyone cheered even more. The judges seem to like the song even at the beginning! I was also enjoying the song a lot. The boys did nice and cool dance moves on the stage. Suddenly, Niall’s eyes turned to me as he sang:

“baby you light up my world like nobody else!

The way that you flip your hair make me overwhelm!

The way you smile at the ground makes it hard to tell,

You don’t know!

You don’t know your beautiful!!”

He continued singing, pointing his finger at me at times. People looked at me and ‘ooh’ ed. The boys continued rocking the stage off.

“if only you saw what I could see!

You’ll understand why I want you so desperately!

Right now I am looking at you and I cant believe,

You don’t know!

You don’t know your beautiful!

That’s what makes you beautiful!”

“wow! They are really good at this!” Liz called out over the loud music booming from the speakers. “I know! I think they are going to get the first prize!” I told her.

Finally, the song ended nicely. Everyone applauded. Even the judges. Liz and I ran over to the back stage. On my way, I bought seven orange drinks and followed Liz. “hey guys! That was AMAZING! You guys totally rocked the whole place!! Best performance and song I’ve ever heard!” I complimented as I handed over each of them a drink. “thanks Cynthia! We really appreciate that.” Liam said. “do you think the audience liked the song?” Zayn asked, sipping his drink. “of course! They were cheering their lungs off! Trust me!” Liz replied. I looked at Niall. He was drinking his orange drink as if he had been thirsty for ages! “wow! You look thirsty!!” I told him. He looked at me. “after all that singing and dancing, I am dried up!” he said. I handed him my drink. Smiling, he picked it up, dropped onto a chair like a big bundle of cloth and began drinking away on the drinks I gave him. He looked kind of cute that way. “I love the song you guys made.” I told him, sitting down next to him. He smiled. (looked tired, yet happy) “when do you guys get to go home?” I asked. “after the show finishes.” Niall replied with the straw in his mouth. “how long is that?” I asked. “about one and half hour from now.” Louie replied. I gasped. “one and half hour??! That’s one long show!!” “will your mom be okay if you stayed here till 9:30 pm?” Niall asked. “well, she said my curfew is 10. So I guess it is alright!” I said, sitting down on the chair next to him. He smiled. “well then, sit back and relax. We are going to be here for a while!” harry said sitting down.


Finally, when it was close to 9:30 pm, the show ended. Everyone got up to leave. Liz already left as her curfew was 9 pm. “Niall. Get up! It is time to go!” I called Niall. I looked at him. He was fast asleep on my shoulder. So cute!! “Niall, wake up. Let’s go home now.” I whispered, brushing off a lock of blond hair off of his eyes. “give me a minute… please.” He whispered in his sleep. I giggled. He looked so cute when he sleeps! But how am I supposed to take him home? I wondered. Then I got an idea. “Niall, my shoulder hurts!” I lied. Wide eyed, he stood straight up suddenly. “really? I am so sorry. Does it hurt a lot?” he asked. I quickly stood up so he can’t lie down again. “no. I said that to wake you up. Now come on! Lets go home!” I told him. Without a reply, he dropped down on to the chair I was sitting. “give me a minute!!” he groaned. “aw come on!! Where is the rest of the gang when I need them??” I whined, pulling his arm. He was way too strong to move an inch!! Instead, he pulled my arm and brought me closer to him, noses barely touching. “why don’t you give me a little peck? I think then ill be wide awake!” he whispered to me. I turned bright pink. “this is not the time or the place!!” I said and pulled away. He grinned. “get up and meet me outside in one minute, or I am going home alone.” I told him and quickly began walking away.

I was sitting on the bench outside the mall. It was a bit colder than other nights and there were less stars in the sky. A cold breeze sent a chill down my spine. I brought my jacket closer. How long does Niall need to come out? I wondered, fidgeting on the bench. That is when I saw a figure in the shadows. It was moving under the tree on the street. Who is that? I wondered. Then it began moving towards the moonlight. I got up from the bench, scared a bit. Who is that? I kept asking myself. Fear struck me when I saw who it was: Keith. He looked deadlier than ever. (always!) slowly, he walked closer to me, his eyes burning under the moonlight. I took a few steps back. “don’t worry. I am not going to hurt you this time.” He said. How am I supposed to trust him?! No way!!

“what do you want?” I asked firmly. “cant you just say hello nicely?” he asked. I glared in reply. “I am here to ask you something.” He said. “why do you try to keep away from me that much?” he asked. I felt like laughing out loud. “why you ask? You don’t even know that yourself?!” I asked. “you go around picking on everyone who is weaker than you, hurting others and playing filthy jokes on them!! That is why! You disturb me every day, force me to do bad things, hurt me and my friends! That is why!! How could you just come here and ask why I hate you?! I hate you because of who you are! When are you ever going to stop bothering me?? When are you ever going to stop bullying others and me?? When are you ever going to stop butting into my life?!!” I yelled at him. His expression didn’t change. It was sour as it always is. “I had enough of you and your treats! Leave me alone! I don’t want to see your face!!” I told him. After staying silent for a few second, he asked; “will you ever give me a chance to win you?” I looked at him. “how can a monster like you win me? Never! I gave you enough time to change but you got worst! Don’t even think of trying to win me!” I told him. His expression changed to anger. “you like that Horan guy, don’t you?” he asked. “yes. I do.” I replied trying to be braver. “he is not going to be able to protect you. He is not going to come back. So come to me when you have the chance.”  He said. “who says I am not coming?” someone said from the entrance of the mall. We both turned to see Niall standing there. He walked over to me and slid his hands around my waist, making me go pink. “believe me, I will protect her with all my life until my last breath. You don’t need to worry about that!” he said. With that, we began to walk away. “I gave you your last chance to be safe, Cynthia. and from now on, I am going to win you even if I have to hurt you, your friends or even me.” Keith said behind us. I looked back to see his angry face. Uh-oh. I think he really meant it!

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