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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


22. always in danger

“this costume party is going to be amazing!” I heard a girl say to her friend as I walked down the hallway, towards the hangout. “I heard the decorations are superb! Thanks to Cynthia!” her friend replies. A grin slowly spreads on my face. I was glad they all approved my hard work! It was not that easy you know.

“what are you going to wear?” she asked. then it hit me. I have been busy doing the decorations that I forgot to pick what to wear! What am I going to do??

I was kind of worried about the matter as I walked up to the hang out. The gang was there waiting for me.

“hey miss popular!” Zayn greeted as I sat down on the fresh grass. “what are you talking about?” I asked. “duh! Everybody is talking about your hard work on the decorations! Your name is being carried all around!” Louis replied. “oh! Really?” I asked. “say the same to you! Paparazzi’s and news reporters are stalking you guys all around!” I told them. “hm.. you have a point.” He said. “we were surprise attacked at Cynthia’s house last night!” Niall said. “what were you doing there?” harry asked. “oh, I dropped her home after our date!” he blurted out. I turned crimson. They all gasped at once.

“you two actually went out on a date???!!” they asked at the same time. Niall gave me a sorry look. I shrugged. “so how was it? There were a lot of smooching, right? Did you order for a special dinner? Did you bring her flowers?” harry kept asking. “actually, we went to the carnival.” I simply replied. They all gawped at me. “the carnival?? Really? I thought it would be a better place than that!!” harry said. “no, it was actually very fun there!” I told them. “fun? Dates are supposed to be romantic!” harry protested. “there will be a lot of kissing and cuddling and sweet words and stuff! Don’t you guys know?” I shrugged. I mean, for a first date, it was pretty awesome!

“a date will never be completed without a long kiss. Did you do it?” Liam asked. I went pink. “did you? Did you??!” I was unable to speak. I mean, how would you feel if you had to describe your first kiss (even if this wasn’t) in front of your friends WHILE the one you kissed is right next to you?!

“whoa! Guys! No pressure!” Zayn came to our rescue. “well… it was sweet. I like everything about it! It was fun… and romantic.” I told them. Niall was smiling at me. I smiled back.

“wait, romantic? How can a carnival be romantic?” they asked. okay. This is a bit too much. I quickly scanned my head for an excuse.

“um… Niall will tell you guys the details later!” I told them. “what?!!” niall cried out turning crimson. I grabbed his hand and got up. “right now, we have to go somewhere! See you around!” I said and quickly walked away with niall being dragged behind me. “wait!! Where are you going????!!” I heard Zayn called out. I pretended not to hear that and kept walking on.

Finally, I reached the school gate. “what was that all about?” niall asked when I stopped. “you think I’d leave you alone with them to explain what happened??” I asked him. He scratched his head shrugging a bit. “but I’ll have to tell later on anyway.” He said. I giggled. “so what are you going to wear for the party?” I asked him. “oh, the gang and I can’t wear any costumes. Our manager is going to give us some cool clothes for the concert.” He explained. “so what are you wearing?” he asked, slightly poking my cheeks. “I don’t know. I have been too busy on the decorations I forgot about it.” I replied. “oh. That is bad. Let’s go and buy one from the shops! What do you want?” he asked. I shook my head no. “I don’t like the plastic vampire teeth and disgusting furry masks, or even princess costumes or fairy ones.” I told him. “wow, you are different from other girls! Then what are you planning to wear?” he asked me. I shrugged in reply. “I don’t know. That is why I am going home early today so I can discuss this with my mom.” I told him. He smiled, patting me on the head. “I bet you are going to shock me at the party.” He said. I laughed. “oh, don’t worry! I’ll make sure that will not happen! Besides, I cant make a pretty outfit in this short time!” I told him. “I am going then! See you tonight!” with a wave, I walked towards my house.

“MOMM!!!!” I called out loud entering the house quickly. I heard the clatter of plates from the kitchen. Jogging, I entered the kitchen to see my mother holding a stack of plates. “you almost made me drop all of these! What is wrong??” she asked worriedly. “everyone else have got something to wear to the party today except me!” I told her. “oh, dear. I forgot about getting you a costume. Why don’t you go and buy one from the costume shops?” her mother asked. I groaned as I picked up a chip from the chips bowl on the counter.

“you know I hate the stuff there! I want something different! Not a corny little kids princess ball gown  or some weird looking vampire.” I told her. she stood there to think for a while. “get dressed  after two hours. I think I know the perfect costume for you! And I am going to make it myself!” she finally replied cheerfully. “what is it?” I asked.


We slowly walked around the shop filled with different types of fabric, clothes and dresses. Mom was searching through a section filled with white silky and laced fabric while I checked out a pretty stripped shirt on a mannequin. The place was quiet and nice filled with the aroma of cloth and some pine like smell. There were a bunch of people around, here and there, checking out the stuff. I looked over to mom, who was picking up a long length of pure white silk and lace fabric. I walked up to her.

“why are you taking all that white cloth for? Are you going to turn me into a ghost or something?” I asked her, burying my hands into my coat pockets as it was a bit cold there.

“no, it is something way better than that.” She murmured under her breath, studying the cloth. I knew she was very into what she is doing right now. She sews the best clothes and dresses ever! She started sewing since she was ten years old and she is really good at it. Her ideas were the best ever.

Then, I felt something vibrate in my coat pocket. I pulled out my phone. It was a text message from Niall.

“hey. Are you at home? I am near the mall. Should I search for a costume for you? But I don’t know your size.”

I giggled as I read the text. He came here to buy me a costume? How sweet!

“where are you?” I texted back and waited.

“near the parking lot of the mall. Why you ask?” he texted back. “mom, is it okay if I go and meet Niall? He is here.” I suddenly said without realizing. Mom was also a bit surprised at first. Then she said “okay! I will call you after buying all the materials I need. Go on.” With that, I excitedly jogged out of the shop. Nearly bumping into a woman, I reached the pall parking lot.

I searched around for Niall as I walked down the path. There were lots of cars parked in a uniformly order around me. the lights hanging from the ceiling didn’t give off much light but the place was brighter than night as the sun was shining.

That was when I spotted Niall, wearing a stripped black and white sweater with a black hooded jacket over it. He was wearing cobalt blue jeans with black sneakers. Walking very slowly down the pathway, he was staring at his phone still waiting for a reply from me. smiling to myself I walked up to him.

“why is she taking so long to reply?” he was saying to himself. “why text when I am right next to you?” I asked, crossing my hands. He looked up wondering who was talking to him, and slowly smiled in surprise as he saw me. “Wow! I thought you were at home! How??-“ “i am here with my mom to shop for fabric and stuff. She is going to make a costume for me.” I told him. “wow! Your mother sure knows everything!’ he exclaimed. I gave him a sly smile. “not everything. She doesn’t know about us!” I replied. Niall laughed. “you sneaky devil!” he said, playing with my hair.

“shall I bring you a smoothie?” he asked when we reached the entrance to the mall. I nodded yes. “okay then. Wait here for me. I will be right back.” He said and walked out with a smile. I didn’t enter the mall as it was colder inside there. Burying my hands into my jacket pocket, I waited patiently for Niall to come. For time pass, I slowly walked around checking out the cars parked nicely near each wall. Then, I heard a tiny meow, behind a car. Wondering if it is a cat, I checked out.

That is when I saw the whitest and the cutest cat with its bright green eyes focused on me, curled up into a ball behind the car tire. “aww! Come here kitty! Come on! Wow! Your fur is white as snow!” I said to it, gesturing my hand to come out while couching down. The cat twitched its nose, moving its white whiskers and slowly came out. It was very fluffy and white with the most brilliant green eyes I have ever seen.

I was about to pet the cat, when it looked behind me, and began to hiss in the meanest way. “what is wrong?” I asked, looking behind me. I saw a small group of some dirty looking guys walking towards me with weird grins on their faces. I slowly got up, wondering if it was their cat or not.

“ooh! I think someone discovered our miss pussy cat!” one of the guys said. I took a step back. “oh, this is your cat? I am sorry. I didn’t know.” I said turned to walk away. But one of them held to my hand and turned me around. His action made me recall the memory of Keith doing the same move. Instantly, panic rushed all over my body. The man held on to my hand with a tight grip. I tried to loosen it. “hey! Let me go! What are you doing?” I said in an alarmed tone. They all grinned at me, showing their disgusting teeth which looked as if they haven’t been brushed for days!

The man let go of me. but there was no way I could ditch them and run away: they have cornered me. “what are you doing? Let me go!” I begged them, stepping back as they slowly walked towards me. “don’t you want to have some fun? Come ride with us in our car! We will take you to a nice place! Come on!” one of them said in a husky voice, which got the rest of them crackling with laughter.

What are they going to do to me? are they going to hurt me? will they let me go? Questions whizzed through my mind as I reached the far wall. I am trapped! I thought, pressing myself against the wall to get away from them as far as I can. They gave no sign of stopping. “do you think she is enough for all of us?” the guy with hawk hair dyed in green said laughing. “she is more than enough.” The big one replied looking at me. I was filled with fear. I felt my heart beat go faster and louder louder as they moved even closer.

What made me panic even more is when one of them reached out his hand to touch my cheeks. I quickly flicked his hand away. “keep away from me!!” I cried out. “aw come on! We just wanna enjoy some time with you. get in our car.” He said, again reaching out. This time for my shoulders. I dodged it, skimming around for a way to escape from their grips. But there was no way I could do that. There were four of them! I tried to push away his filthy hands away from me, but he held to my hand again gripping tighter this time. “let me go! What do you want?? I am going to call for help!” I told them, as the guy pinned my hand to the wall. “your dinky boyfriend Niall is not here! There is no one around here.” He said. Wait… how does he know that I am with Niall? How do they even know me?

I hit on the hawk head dude in the eye as hard as he could and broke to a run. Down the corridor I ran as fast as I can without looking back. I  heard the guy cry out in pain behind me. I needed help. I needed to hide. These guys mean hell lot of trouble. They might do anything to me.

I heard their footsteps behind me. They are chasing me!! “don’t let her escape yet!! Make sure she is in pain when she does!” I heard them say. That made me go crazy with panic. My hands were cold but I was sweating at the same time. I quickly ducked behind a car and hoped I lost them. I thought too soon. The big guy suddenly sprang out from the front of another car and cornered me. He violently opened the door of the car and began forcing me in. I fought back, struggling to get away. “let me go! Let me go! Stop this! What are you doing??” I was crying out as I dodged his grabs. Making my hand into a tight fist, I punched him on the stomach and slipped away. I was going to run towards the door to the mall, but my path was blocked by the other two of them.

Where are you, Niall? What is taking you so long?? Help me! I kept saying in my mind as I scanned the entrance. I was filled with fear to the maximum. My brain was going crazy to find a way to escape from their hands. But there was no way. I am trapped.

I was startled when one of them cried out in a painful way. He was hopping up and down, shaking his left foot. That is when I saw the snowy cat digging his claws and bites into his legs. I tried to use this distraction as an advantage and dashed towards the exit. But I wasn’t fast enough this time. Again they grabbed me by the hand and brought me back. This time, the one with the hawk head held on to me by the waist. I could smell his disgusting breath. He is definitely an alcoholic.

“ let me go, you brute!” I cried out trying to push myself away from him. He brought his face closer to my neck and inhaled in deeply. “you have a cute scent on your skin…” he said huskily. “stop touching me!! Let me go!” I screamed into his face. I shut my eyes and started screaming for help. There has to be someone around here!! They are practically devouring me. I am being drowned in their dirty hands.

To my surprise and relief, the brute let me go all of a sudden, which made my fall onto the hard concrete ground. My shoulders and sides ached from pain when I hit the ground. I opened my eyes, wondering what just happened.

I was filled with relief when I saw Niall standing there glaring at the gang. He had kicked the guy who was holding on to me. “I am going to make sure you all pay for what you just did!” Niall said in the meanest way.  The guy got up and aimed a punch at him. But Niall was too quick; he dodged and gave him a jump kick on his face. The shortest guy came running at full speed toward Niall with a metal rod in his hand and swung it at him. Niall avoided the painful hit, held to his hand and did   a hammer lock on him. He squealed in pain, begging to let go. The other two got ready to strike. Niall dropped down the short guy, who howled in pain, and turned to them.

I tried to get up but my shoulders ached a lot from the fall. I was still in a panic state. Niall could get hurt! Or worse! I watched in fear as Niall fought with them. One of them hit Niall on the back really hard. “Niall! Be careful!” I cried out in fear. He didn’t give up; getting up to his feet, he kicked one of them on the stomach and hit him on the face. The other tried to hurt him, but he blocked and did a jump punch on his face. He dropped onto the ground, holding on to his nose. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!!” he yelled at him in rage and kicked him on the stomach. The guy groaned, got up to his feet and hobbled off with the rest of the gang. “yeah! You better run!” Niall yelled after them, throwing a large pebble at them.

He turned to me and quickly came over. “Cynthia! are you okay? Did they hurt you?” he asked worriedly, trying to help me on my feet. “I am… I am okay” I replied breathing heavily. I was still half in shock and fear. “what about you? I saw them hit you! are you okay?” I asked him. He sat down on the ground next to me with a worried expression. “I am more worried about you!” he said. “well, I am worried about you!!” I replied. A tear rolled down my cheeks. I was so overly confused and filled with fear. I had this chest tightening feeling in me. I felt it was hard to breath as more tears rolled down my cheeks. Niall reached out to stop me from crying. But I hugged him in return, crying even more. He hugged back in an instant. “I am so sorry I am late.” He said. “ Niall. I am scared.” I replied in a whisper. “don’t worry. I am here.” “that’s what I am scared of, Niall. I am scared that you might get hurt. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me.” I said to him. He didn’t reply. Instead he moved me closer to him to calm me down. He let go of me and began drying my tears. I knew he was concerned and scared too. His face was pale. His hands shook a bit as he took off his coat and wrapped me with it.

“don’t you feel cold?” I asked him. “you are the one who must be cold! You are wearing just a short and a thin hooded jacket with a tank top!” he protested. I gave him a smile as I hugged him. His heart beat was soft and calming.

 “why do you always listen to my heart beat every time you hug me?” he asked. I giggled. “you noticed?” I asked. “of course! You always do that!” he replied smiling as he wrapped his arms around me. “well, it gives me the feeling that I am really with you. it makes me feel calm and happy.” I told him, looking into his eyes. In reply, he leaned forward and gave me a kiss on my neck.

 “that tickles!” I told him. He smiled. “then I should do more!” he said giving another kiss o the neck. “stop it!” I said laughing.

“somehow they knew that I am here with you. they know you. I think they planned to do this to me all along.” I told him. “did they touch you?” he asked me. “well, they tried to force me into their car. I got away.” I told him. He didn’t say anything. I didn’t expect him to say anything at all. Everything is in the past now. There is nothing you can do to change it. “ I am sorry.” He finally said, looking deeply into my eyes. Before I could reply, he pressed his lips to mine. I felt my whole body go warm all of a sudden as he deepened the kiss.

When we let go, we saw the snowy cat standing in front of us. “you sneaky cat! Invading our privacy!” Niall said chuckling. “ I was about to pet it when they came. It looks so beautiful. Not even a single dark patch on its white furry skin!” I told him. The cat meowed cutely, walked up to my leg and rubbed itself on me, purring. I picked up the cat. It looked at Niall with its bright green eyes. He reached out to pet the cat. The cat obediently let him touch him. “she is cute!” Niall said. “I know. she must be all alone here. I wish I can take her home. My mom will make a fuss if I did.” I told him, putting the cat down on the ground.

After buying a snack for the cat, we headed into the mall. We were not planning to go somewhere. So we just stopped near the cloth shop, where my mom was. “from now on, be careful and don’t walk near that kind of looking people. Stay out of trouble. I am going to be in more pain than you would if you got hurt.” He said. “I know. I didn’t got in trouble on purpose!” I protested. he smiled. With lightning fast speed, he gave me a quick kiss and let go after holding on for a few seconds. I felt myself go red.  

“Don’t do that!” I told him turning red eve more. “why not?” he asked with a sneaky grin. “what if mom saw that??!” I asked him. Niall laughed. “you are worried about your mom? Not even about all the people around us who saw that??” he asked me. It made me go pink even more! “your cute!” he said grinning wider. “I know!” I told him with a sly smile. “Cutie!” he said, poking me in the cheek. I gave him a slight punch on his shoulders.

“let’s go home, Cynthia!” someone said near us. We both turned to see my mom standing there, holding several shopping bags. “mom!” I cried out in surprise. Was she standing there the whole time?? Did she see Niall kiss me? Uh oh!

“Mrs. Bluebell! We didn’t see you there! Have you finished shopping?” Niall asked in surprised. She nodded. “mom, how long have you been standing there?” I asked her worriedly. “oh, for a while. Now come along! We have work to do!” she said and began walking towards the exit. I gave Niall a glare. He gave a sorry look at me. with a wave and a flying kiss, I left with mom, not knowing that tomorrow night, the party night, is going to be the biggest nightmare of my entire life... o_O

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