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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


20. alone in the darkness


Niall’s POV

I am sure she didn’t lose it on purpose. She loved it a lot. She wouldn’t want me to be sad, right? But where did it go? Did she misplace it? Its glittery enough to be spotted in a large area. But it wasn’t in the hall when we searched last night. Did someone take it? No. that is not possible as she was wearing it. How could someone steal it without her noticing it?

These thoughts circled my mind as I walked up to the door of Cynthia’s house. We planned to go to school for the decoration work together that night. After pressing the bell, I waited. Mrs. Bluebell answered the door. “hello, Mrs. Bluebell.” I greeted. “oh, hello Niall. Here to pick up Cynthia?” she asked cheerfully. I nodded. “come on in, she is in her room. I called her a few times but she said that she is not going to come down. Why don’t you check out what’s going on?” she asked. With that, she let me in. the smell of freshly made cookies filled my nose as I walked up the stairs, towards her room.

First, I knocked on her door softly. “I am busy now!!” she called from inside. She sounded tense and worried. “Cynthia, its me. Can I come in?” I asked. She didn’t reply. Then, I heard a faint cry from the inside. “open the door Cynthia! what is wrong?” I asked. Then the lock turned. Slowly, the door opened. I gasped. In front of me, stood Cynthia. her hair was all messy. The whole room was upside down: drawers opened and spilled on to the floor. All the clothes in the wardrobe spilled on the bed, bookshelves emptied on the floor, it was a total mess!

 I was still gaping at her. “What on earth are you doing?” I managed to ask. “its not in here! I checked every place I can! I couldn’t find it!” she said. “what are you talking about?” I asked still looking around. “the necklace! I looked everywhere!” she said. “I told you, it is okay!” I said. “it is not okay for me!!” she cried out. I paused, feeling startled. Then, she walked inside. “you gave me your heart. I promised myself that I will never lose it and to treasure it forever. It is not just a necklace for me, Niall. Its your heart I lost. The heart you gave me. I will not even be able to sleep while it is lost.” She said. Oh my god. She is really taking this seriously! I told her to forget about it but still she is not giving up! She wants my heart back.

“look, it is okay. There is no need to rush finding it. You must have misplaced it somewhere.” I told her giving her a hug. She hugged back surprisingly fast! “I know you didn’t do it on purpose! And I know how much I mean to you. but always remember that I will always be there for you and I will never leave you. you are my everything and I will always protect you. its just a necklace you lost. You didn’t lose me. Isn’t that right?” I asked her. She smiled at me. “are you writing poems now?” she asked. I laughed. “you always know how to spoil the moment, right?” I asked her, making her laugh. Then, I walked over and picked up a hair brush and began brushing her hair. “I was almost ready to go. But I had this sudden urge to look for it.” She told me. “I can see that. Are you going to be able to manage cleaning all of this?” I asked her, looking around at the messy room. “yeah. I guess so.” She replied. “how are you combing my hair?!” she asked looking at the mirror. “look, I never combed long hair before, okay?” I told her as she picked up the comb. Then she began to comb her hair really fast. After like 30 seconds, her hair was perfect!

“how did you do that?” I asked her. “I used to comb my hair faster than this when I was little!” she told me as we headed out of my room. “I am going mom!” she told her mother as we walked out of the house, into the starlight night.

Cynthia’s POV

I was still not in a very good mood when I reached the school. Losing that necklace was one of the biggest things that made me want to punish myself. I mean, Niall gave it to me and told me not to lose it for a reason. He cared for me. While knowing that, losing the necklace will definitely make him very disappointed! I don’t want him to feel like I am not caring for him. I want to prove him that I like him back but all of a sudden I lost it! I don’t remember taking it off.

 “hey, ready for some more action?” Liam asked as we arrived at the hall. I smiled at him weakly. “what is wrong, little sis?” He asked. Niall sent him a look which made him give an awkward smile and walk away. With that, we began working. During that time, I almost dropped a bulb and spilled glue on some of the black paper. Trying to clean off all the glue, I accidentally touched my phone, which made it go all sticky. I tried to paste some paper but it got stuck to my hands. “ugh! What is wrong with me?!” I said to myself after working like that for a while. “I am going to wash this off.” I told the others and walked away, towards the toilet.

After washing my hands and relaxing a little bit, I headed down the hallway, towards the school hall. That is when I saw a girl leaning on the wall, playing with her phone. She stopped me. “you are Cynthia, right?” she asked. “yes.” I replied trying to remember if I ever met her before. “did you lose a necklace?” she asked. “yes! why you ask? Did you find it?” I excitedly asked with my hopes high. “yes I did. But…” she said. “what is wrong?” I asked worriedly. “I left it in the school old art class. If you want it back, you better go and get it now because I heard that everything in that room is going to be thrown away by tomorrow morning.” She said. “oh! Thank you so much!” I told her and dashed towards the school building.

Luckily, I was able to grab hold of a torch on the way. As I approached the building, I noticed that it looks creepy at night. There were no lights on. No sign of life. For some weird reason, the doors were not locked. Slowly, I entered the building with my torch on. The hallways were dark and scary. All the lights were turned off. I had this scary feeling that something might jump out at me from the shadows all of a sudden. No. don’t think like that. You have to find Niall’s heart. You have to! I thought as I walked up the stairs, towards the old art room.

 Finally, the art room came to a view. I opened the door and slowly entered the room. There were lots of shelves, old paintings, crafting, wood blocks and stuff. How am I supposed to find one tiny necklace in this huge and messy place? it looked as if it haven’t been cleaned for months! But still, without wasting a second, I began to search for it: I dug into shelves, moved several wood blocks and boxes away and searched around the floor. It was nowhere to be found.

“where is it?” I asked myself as I couched down to look under the large table piled with junk. While I was searching, I heard a noise. Frozen on spot, I listened. It sounded like chains being handled by someone. Then there was a loud click, after that, I heard footsteps going away. Wait… Did somebody just lock the door? Filled with fear, I ran towards the door and tried to open it. It opened just enough for my hands to slip through. I looked at the lock on the other side. It was wrapped up with a long and thick chain. The security guard must have locked it!

“Hello? Is anyone there! Help me! Hello?” I called. There was no respond except an echo. I shook the door, hoping that the chains will fall off. It was no use. I tried kicking it but all I got was a pain in the foot. Suddenly, something leaped up on me from the shadows. Screaming out loud, I fell on to the ground trying to get away from whatever the hell it was. That is when I realized that it was only just a box filled with feathers along with an old broom. Trying to calm down myself, I slowly got up and inspected the box. It must have fell down when I kicked the door. Then, an idea popped into my mind.

I picked up the broom and tried to smash the chains. But I didn’t have enough strength to do it, plus, the broom was old and weak. It was no use. Then I tried to open one of the windows. But they were the type that opens using a lock!

What should I do? There is no one around to help!  I am all alone inside this creepy building! I cant just stay here till the next day when the cleaning people come! This place is too creepy! What if a burglar comes in while I am here? This is bad! Really bad!! I even left my phone at the school hall!! What should I do?? I was practically bouncing with fear. I know I was stuck at a store before, but at that time, it was with Niall. He helped me be calm and comforted me. back then I was not that scared. But right now, I am all alone in this creepy building, stuck in a messy art room with creepy clay models staring at me!


Niall’s POV

It was almost time to finish up and clean everything. Everyone was putting everything back and preparing to leave. But still, Cynthia was nowhere to be found. I went up to Jennie, who was a close friend of her. “have you seen Cynthia around?” I asked her. “sorry. I haven’t seen her.” She replied. Jogging off, I decided to check the toilets. Whether is girls or boys, I didn’t hesitate as something is wrong with Cynthia. She will not go off like that in the night.

First, I got into the boys toilet. I knew she would not be there but still I went in. there was no one there as it was late. Then, without hesitating, I entered the girls bathroom. Luckily, there was no one there which was kind of not good too. Where is she then?

From that point, I started to panic. Jogging faster than before, I searched around the halls for her. Empty. No one was there. Then, I broke into a run. I ran to the school building where the classes were. While running, something I wish I hadn’t thought came into my mind. Keith. What if he was doing something to her? Worst that before? That made my fear get bigger.

I looked around, trying to spot if any classroom was lit. that is when I saw it. From a window far away, I saw a white light ball turning on and off. Stopping on my tracks, I focused hard on what it was. The light turned on again and this time it stayed on. That is when I knew it was a torch light. Who was in there? Fear conquered my whole body as the light shone on the person’s face. It was Cynthia. She is trapped in that classroom! Did somebody trick her? Is she okay?

Without wondering like that, I ran towards the building. It was very dark and scary indeed. She must be frightened like hell! I opened the door and quickly dashed inside. When I looked from the outside, I knew it was the art room so I had no trouble finding her.

After climbing several stair cases and running down a hallway, I reached the classroom. She was there indeed, calling out for help. “Cynthia, are you there?!” I called out, which made her jump a little. She turned around with frightened expression. “Niall?” she called back. Then she ran over to the door. I saw a tear streaming down her cheeks. “oh, Niall! I am so glad you came!” she said. “are you okay?” I asked her worriedly. “Niall… I am scared.” She replied in a tiny voice. Indeed she looked terrified. “don’t worry, I am going to get you out of there. Move back a little.” I told her. So she took a few steps back.

I began kicking the door with all my strength. The chain got damaged a little bit but it wasn’t enough to break open the door. Then I picked up the extinguisher placed next to the door and began wreaking the lock.'i must get her out!! i thought as i put all my strength on it. i had this feeling in me that i will never be able to break it. i felt as if she was far away from me. she is in danger. she is terrified. EXTREMELY terrified. she needs my help. i looked at her face which was streaming with tears now. i felt a pain in my chest. no, don't feel weak now. i must get her out no matter what!!!! all these thoughts whizzed trough my mind as i gritted my teeth and tried to break the lock. to my relief, after using all my effort, I managed to break the lock. I opened the door wide enough for her to come out. I was startled when she ran up to me and hugged me as soon as she was free.

i turned crimson. She wrapped her arms around my waist as she hugged me. without hesitating, i hugged back. i was so scared that i might not be able to get her out. i felt myself calm down as she listened to my heart beat, the way she always do if she is tense. “thank you.” She said in a whisper. Wow! She must have been very scared in there! Of course! That place was all dark, spooky, and silent with nobody around.

After calming her down, we began to walk down the stairs. “how did you know I was trapped there?” she asked me. “well, nobody takes ten minutes to wash their hands! And at night, you don’t go around alone.” I told her. I saw her smile. “this time, I felt even more scared.” She said. “what do you mean?” I asked her. She smiled again. “last time I got trapped at a place was the shop, and that was with you. I wasn’t scared for some reason back then.” She replied, looking at me. “I guess when you are around, things are different…” she said. I smiled at her. “don’t worry, I will always protect you.” I told her.

Suddenly, we heard footsteps downstairs. Cynthia went pale a bit as she held on to my jacket sleeve. I pulled my hand away from her and held to her hand to support her. “don’t worry.” I told her as we began to go downstairs to check out was going on.

When we reached the ground floor, we looked around to see if anyone was there. No, there was no one to be seen. “there is no one here, lets go now.” I told her. She nodded slightly, still holding my hand. We were only able to take only one step forward when a dark figure jumped out from the shadows. Cynthia screamed and hugged me tightly. I was startled too. It took me a half second to realize that it was only Zayn.

“Niall!! There you are! Where have you been? We were looking all over for you and Cynthia!” he said. “dude! Cant you just walk up to us normally and say that??!” I asked him angrily. He looked at me. then at Cynthia. “oh! I startled you! I am so sorry!” he said. The rest of the gang came running up to us. from the looks of their faces, I realized that they have been worried about us.

Slowly, Cynthia opened her eyes. “oh! Its only you! You scared me to death!” she told them. “what happened? Why are you two here?” Zayn asked. “don’t tell me you two were making out!” harry joked. I looked at him with a serious expression. “this is not the time for jokes. Cynthia was almost scared to death.” I told them. instantly, they all turned serious. “what happened??” Liam asked. Cynthia explained everything.

“if I hadn’t gone out looking for her, she would have to stay there till tomorrow.” I said. “wait, why did you go there anyway?” Louis asked. “on my way to wash my hands, I saw the girl I bumped into. I don’t know her but she seems to know me. she asked if I was looking for a necklace. Of course I told her yes, and-“ “what necklace?” I interrupted while Cynthia was explaining. “the one you gave me.” she told me. I froze in the spot. she went there to find the necklace? She is going through all this, just to find the necklace I gave her? i never thought she’d care so much! mostly, if a girl lost something that is impossible to find, she just forgets about it! Does this mean she ACTUALLY really care for me?

“she told me that she found it and that she left it in the old art room. so I went there to look immediately. But it was all a lie. There was no necklace there. I was about to leave when someone came and locked the door. Luckily Niall rescued me.” she finished. I was still looking at her in awe.

“I thought she said that she found it. I cant believe I fell for it!” she said looking disappointed.

“she didn’t find it.” Zayn said. “we know that.” I replied. He looked at me very seriously, and held up his hand. Coiled around his fingers glittering in the moonlight was the heart necklace. Gently, he placed it on Cynthia's palm. “she stole it.” He said. Cynthia gasped. “but how? I never took it off!” Cynthia said. “remember the time you bumped into her last night?” Zayn asked. we both nodded, curious to know what happened. “while she was helping you up, she was able to snatch away the necklace without your notice. That is the reason she ran away so quickly. Her name is Bianca, veronica’s best friend. I saw the necklace in veronica’s hand while we were looking for you. That moment I knew what happened. I snatched it away from her and made sure she will never do it again.” Zayn explained. By that time, I was burning angry for sure. That veronica is going to die for sure!! And I am going to make sure she pay for what she did and will do!!

Cynthia’s POV

How could she do that?? That filthy b**** dare to steal Niall’s heart from me!!! I was furious and wanted to tear the whole place down with my bare hands!

I quickly slip the necklace around my neck. The moment it rested on me, I felt calmer than ever. Somehow I felt safer and more confident. I saw Niall looking at me. I gave him a shy smile. But sill he kept staring at me. Zayn reached out and snapped his fingers in front of his face. Niall came around and realized what he had done. Turning crimson, he said. “We better get home. Cynthia’s mom will be worried if she is late.” Others grinned at him as if he had done something he never did before. (you know the kind!)

With that, we all got on the bus to get home. Niall and I sat together near the window. The bus began to move towards home as we settled down in the comfy atmosphere.

“do you really love that necklace?” Niall asked me, after a while of silence. “yes I do. its your heart, remember? You gave it to me and I will do anything to keep it safe.” I told him with a smile. “now you are being cute! Don’t give me a heart attack!” he replied planting a kiss near my ears. I giggled. After that, he grew silent. I looked out of the bus window, into the starlight night. Everything was clear and beautiful that night. I felt more relaxed than before and I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world. Warmth filled my heart as I felt Niall’s head on my shoulders. I turned to look at him. He was fast asleep! How cute! His eyes were shut nicely with his lips slightly open. Slowly, I ran my fingers through his hair.

While I am with him, I feel like nothing would go wrong. I feel like I am in a different world. A world only me and him rule and nothing stand in our way. Whenever he is around, I always have this strange feeling in me when his eyes meet mine, when he smile at me, or hold my hand. For surely, I am never going to let go of that hand. True love comes only once in a life time. Some ask how you know it is true love. Well, when you are around that person, or when you see that person, you can feel it. You won’t feel normal. A sudden urge to talk to the person will conquer your mind and you will make many excuses just to be with him. Even if you stay away from him for longer than a year, when you see him, you will still feel it. Love can never be described in words. It’s far greater than you think. True love comes once in a lifetime. So cherish it…  


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