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  • Published: 8 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 16 Dec 2014
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"Do you believe in love at first sight? is it real? how can a person love someone on their first sight? how did HE fall in love with me? WHY did he liked me? i wonder is it because of my looks? or is he just playing around?"
these are the thoughts Cynthia Bluebell has been having ever since she met Nial Horan, a boy in her class. she suspected that he has a crush on her. but soon, when his amazing talent of singing spreads through the world and got famous, people started to give death glares and threats to cynthia as she is the closest person to nial. will he be able to protect her while trying to keep up the rating of his fans? this story will make you thirsty for more. please do read and enjoy!


10. almost a kiss...

“What are you planning to do tonight?” mom asked me, adjusting a bunch of red roses in a vase on the kitchen counter. I was helping mom with the dishes. “Well, I am planning to go shopping a bit. I need new stuff for my art studio and my wardrobe.” I replied, hoping that she will not ask me with whom I am going with. “Do you have enough money with you?” mom asked. “Well, I’ll just manage somehow.” I replied. With that, mom went away. I just stood there, silently doing the dishes, humming to myself the song I wrote for nial. After a few seconds, mom returned with some money. “Here, enjoy yourself!” she said. “But mom! That’s too much! You said that you’re broke! How are you supposed to pay the household needs?” I protested. “It’s alright! I’ll manage it!” she simply replied. “No, I am not going to take it! Go on, put it back!” I told her. She exhaled loudly. “Tsk tsk. This girl never accepts what I offer as a reward! (That is, if it is money or something) I never raised you to be TOO polite!” mom said smiling and went back to put the money away.

After whipping the last dish, I checked the clock. “Oh no! I am going to be late!” I gasped and quickly hurried to my room. Then, I wore an aqua blue knee-length silk dress which was ruffled at the bottom, making me look like as if I am wearing an upside down blue flower! I topped it off with a pair of black glossy shoes, tied my hair up a bit messily, which looks like a messy ballerina bun and applied a bit of rosy lip gloss. Then I wore a thin short and white coat, grabbed my side bag and hurried out. I know, I know. It’s like I have gotten ready to go to a prom night! I don’t know why I chose this outfit to wear tonight.

Nial’s POV:

Does my hair look good? Which way does she like my hair to be? Messy? Made up into a quiff? Or neatly combed? Maybe I should keep it neat. What about my outfit? Is a grey turtle neck with a knee length black coat over it okay? But where is she?! Wait, it’s not that late! Is it? But I feel like I’ve been waiting for her for hours! This is the right place, right? The lovebird fountain in paradise mall?

Just then, through the crowd of people, I saw a glimpse of a girl with very white skin, wearing a blue dress. She looked so beautiful that I felt being dragged towards her. Then I realized. “Cynthia?! Is that… you?” I asked in amazement. She walked up to me and smiled the cutest way with her cheeks going pink. “You look brilliant!” I blurted out. She turned pinker than earlier. “I hardly recognized you in that outfit!” I breathed. “thanks.” She replied shyly. “What’s with your hair?!” she asked. She reached out and ruffled it a bit, making it untidy. “There! That’s more like you! You look… cuter…that way!” she said shyly which made me go crimson. “Oh, thanks!” I replied. “Well, to tell you the truth, you’re not the first one who said that I look nice!” she told me. Someone else said it to her?! Who? Who is that guy?!

“Well, you’re the only one who said it in the sweetest way!” she replied. Then I relaxed. I felt myself blushing. “So, shall we begin?! Where should we go first?” I asked. “I want to buy some stuff for my art studio first. Let’s visit the art shops first!” she replied. So we began walking towards the shops.

Cynthia’s POV:

That was so sweet of nial! He actually said that I look beautiful! He looks really cute too!

We went to lots of shops where they sold so much art stuff. There, I bought several pen holders, set of paint brushes and a big white pallet to mix paint. Next, we went to a crafting shop where they sell crafted ornaments such as wind chimes, little wooden statues, small boxes to hold accessories and stuff. I decided to buy a wind chime. “Which one does suit me best, nial?” I asked him showing two wind chimes. One was in creamy pink color with crystal hearts hanging from it, the other on was purple with green marigold flowers hanging. “I think the pink one matches you best!” he exclaimed. So I took the pink one.

After going in and out of a lot of art and craft shops, we went to a shop where they sold snacks and treats. Nial bought two large boxes of French fries, two chocolate drinks, a chocolate bar and two fish sticks. “Wow, nial, how are you going to finish all that?!” I asked as I only ate a few fries and one chocolate drink. “Well, I love to eat a lot! Especially pizza!” he replied stuffing his mouth with fries. One fry was sticking out from his mouth. He looked cute!

Within a few seconds nial had devoured every single food he bought! I was amazed. “You ate that all? Did it get stuck in your throat or chest?!” I asked laying my hand on his chest. “No, why?” he asked. “Well, you ate all that so fast and, and-“then I realized that I had my hand on his chest. (It was strong indeed!) His ears turned red. I felt myself going red too! Slowly I lowered my hand shyly. There was an awkward silence for a second or two. “Well, are you done shopping?” he asked. “No, not yet. I hope you’re not tired yet! If you are, you can go. I can c-““no! I am not tired a bit!” he broke in. I was a bit surprised. “Uh… okay then, let’s head to the clothes store!” I told him. He nodded obediently.

I was checking out some t-shirts when nial came up to me after saying that he will be back. “Come with me.” he said. “Where?” I asked. “Just come on.” He replied without even looking at me. Then he grabbed my wrist and dragged me towards the sofas in the corner of the shop. He made me sit down. What’s going on? I wondered. Then came a sales girl. “This is the one.” Nial told her. The one? What did he mean by that?

The sales girl bent down and started taking measurements of my feet. “Nial, what are you doing?” I asked him. “You’ll see” he simply replied. After the girl finished taking the measurements, she hurried off. In a few seconds, she came back with a box and handed it over to me. “What is this?” I asked. Before the girl could reply, nial said “go. Open it!” so I simply took of the lid, peeped inside and gasped. Lying beautifully in the bottom of the box was the pair of most beautiful white stilettoes I’ve ever seen! It had ribbons to tie on the ankles with pretty diamond decoration on it. It was so beautiful!

“Wow! Nial! This is so pretty!” I told him. He smiled in reply, took the stilettoes out of the box and bend down. What is he doing? To my surprise, he gently slipped the stiletto up my feet! I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart started to beat faster and faster!

When he was done, I got up and examined it. It was very pretty! “You look beautiful in those!” nial complimented. “I’ll buy it!” he told the sales girl, handing over the money. When she was gone, I ran up to him and gave him a hug. His ears went pink. “Thank you so much nial! I love it very much!” I told him. Slowly, he hugged back. “Well, since veronica broke your other one, I felt pity for you. So I thought I’d buy you one tonight!” he told me. “That’s so sweet of you nial! Thank you so much!” I thanked again.

After shopping, we went outside the mall. There were not much people around. “Well, I guess, I am done here.” I told him. “Thanks nial, for everything.” I told him. “For what?” he asked. “Well, you helped me when Keith held me, and you bought me these-“I pointed at the stilettoes. “-you’re actually the kindest guy I’ve ever met. You even stood up for me when veronica said bad things about me. Thank you for all of that.” I told him. He smiled turning red. He is so cute when he blushes! His blue-green eyes melted into mine. I was in a trance for sure! Everything else around me began to fade away. All I could see was nial. His cute blond hair, handsome eyes and striking smile. Slowly we both came closer to each other. So close that I could count his eyelashes. I couldn’t help myself as if some invisible force was pulling us close together. Suddenly I gasped as I realized that I was so close to him. Nial also realized that and quickly moved away. His ears were pink and his expression was like as if he was surprised and dreamy a bit. I felt myself blushing. I mean, we were almost about to kiss each other! I didn’t know what got into me!

“s-sorry” nial said. “No, it-it’s okay.” I replied. “So, uh… I guess I’ll go home now.” I told him. “Are you sure you can carry all the bags?” he asked me. “Yeah I can, it’s just three bags! Not that heavy.” I told him. “No, they look pretty heavy to me. Here, let me help you.” He replied and took the bags from me. “Thanks!” “No problem!” with that, we began to walk towards my house. “Wait! What are we going to tell your mother?!” he asked. “You can tell her that we bumped into each other at the mall so we decided to shop together! Something like that! She’ll believe it!” I replied. Nial frowned. “I hope your right Cynthia. If she knew, I am scared of what she might do to you!” he replied. “She is my mother! What would she do?” I asked.

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