Sorry......I Changed

Louis comes back from tour with the boys and there staying at Louis's house
What happens when his sister comes to live with him?
What happens when a certain boy fancies his sister?
What happens when Louis sees his sister?


2. move

Taylor's (p.o.v.)

My boyfriend Michael is taking me I hopped in the car and after a while we were there he helped me take my stuff out of the car and he came around and smashed his lips on to mine he pulled away and said " bye babe I'll text you later I have to go finish packing " I nodded and he left I walked up to the door and Louis was already there he asked sternly " who was that? " I rolled my eyes and said " that was Michael my boyfriend " he said " how old is he because he looks dangerous " I replied " he's 19 and just because he's covered in tattoos Louis your covered in tattoos and your not dangerous " he nodded I pushed passed him and asked " where's my room " he replied " upstairs to the left last door " I nodded and when I was at the top of the stairs. I entered the room and it was pink ugh I hate pink good thing I brought my spray paint cans I took out the black and drew batman then the superman symbol and I did my name in graffiti I put the word " pain " in sharp letters styled in graffiti and I decided to do the rest later.

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