Sorry......I Changed

Louis comes back from tour with the boys and there staying at Louis's house
What happens when his sister comes to live with him?
What happens when a certain boy fancies his sister?
What happens when Louis sees his sister?


3. hello boys?

Taylor's (p.o.v.)

I put my spray paint cans away and I heard Louis yell " TAYLOR DINNERS READY " I threw my bag in the corner of the room and jogged down stairs. I entered the kitchen and there was four men and my brother in the kitchen and guess what was for dinner pizza classic boys I grabbed a plate and two slices of pizza i exited the kitchen and bolted to my room before anyone noticed. I grabbed my sketch pad and drew a heart and a skull with an evil grin shadowing around the shadow of the heart. I closed my sketch pad and went down stairs to put my plate in the sink when I entered the kitchen all heads shot towards me I smiled and put my plate in the sink I was about to leave the kitchen when Louis said " Taylor I want you to meet the boys " I turned on the ball of my heel and Louis pointed and said there names " Taylor this is Zayn Liam Niall and Harry I nodded and left the kitchen this was a interesting day. I grabbed shorts and tank top and headed to take a shower a few minutes later I got out of the shower and changed just then there was a knock on my door I opened it and it was Niall he asked " um Louis wanted to know if you wanted to watch the conjuring ?" I nodded and and followed him when I entered the theater room and Louis jumped up and grabbed my shoulder and ran his thumb over my rose tattoo he asked sternly " when did this happen " I rolled my eyes and said " when Michael went to go get his neck tattoo I got this " he looked at me and he said " I don't like this Michael guy " I got out of his grip and sat down next to Niall ugh why does my brother not see -_-

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