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  • Published: 4 Feb 2014
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girls who think they are the most beautiful and always get what ever they want in life and they think they can treat other students as they want.


2. World of thoughts

  The day passed and we all went home and there I noticed that Trisha’s home is not far from mine and Vann’s (vanny) I was in my room on my tablet browsing on the internet and thinking of that pair of cute black eyes and blip blip arrg it was my phone I picked it up it was Vanny she just sent a message it read can we have a walk to the park please babes don’t say no ;) I am bored and we gotta talk you know makes plans and talk about Trish that’s kind of weird you know lol I smiled to myself answering the message yes babes will be there give me five mins and omfg (oh my freaking god) u wont imagine who just sent me facebook friend request she replied if it’s Trisha duh I got her request too and we need to talk and see how we can make room for a third party xxx ;-) wow I was shocking.  five minutes later I met van in the park we talked for one hour and when going back we met Williams and Armel oh Eric was between them I was blushing at the sight of Williams but to my greatest surprise so was vanny hi the boys said you guys are in our history class right Williams asked yeah yeah van said I was unable to say a word I had turn red to the extent that I was going green is that even possible for someone to be green well yes cause my adrenaline was too high by the way I am Eric said one of the boys said and Vanny blushed more Williams and Armel said the other guys I am Vanessa and this is Bella vanny said after some seconds Williams said sorry girls we would love to be here forever with you girls but we have to go see ya tomorrow at school as soon as they left I heard vanny say omg omg omg omfg Bell you like one of those guys no I don’t I said trying to hide my facial expression you don’t dare tell me you don’t I know you so well as my finger nails you do just tell me which of them oh oh nahhh not so fast you also blushed remember so who was it no I asked first so answer she said ok I have a crush on......... speak she yelled Williams I said immediately well so Williams is the lucky one when where you planning to tell me ermmmmm don’t try and change the chapter I told who I have a crush on so your turn well I have a crush on Williams too she said that’s not possible that can’t be possible please say you’re kidding please I beg you in the name of... don’t waste your time she interrupted I am not kidding sorry and seriously I can’t let him go not even for you even though you are my best friend well I am not going to let a boy come between us if he likes you too as you do like him cool fair enough you two can date and what if he likes you instead she ask well if he likes me either I won’t date him cause my best friend likes him too that will be weird but promise he won’t come between our relationship she looked at me and laughed shut up clumsy she said I was just teasing you I like Eric not Williams I know you have a crush on Williams since cause you always day dream and just today in the history class you wrote his name on your book seriously I screamed yeah... she said her phone rang she looked at it oh it and pick it up after a minute she dropped and said it was Trisha she just wanted me to give you her number and I should save it great I said taking the number and saving it Trish was the name I used in saving so did vanny but Vann’s name on my phone was BBY V while mine on hers was BB BBY we went home and first thing I did was to check my facebook and I had a friend request from Trisha and a message saying hey babes its Trisha accept my request xx oh my freaking god did she just wrote babes well I will have to get use to that I sent her a text with my phone yeah van gave me your number this is mine see u 2morrow xx I sat on my California king bed thinking of Williams thinking of if he will ever ask me out or talk to me again since I messed up everything today by becoming green and not saying anything he might think that I am a freak gosh I got to fix this ok tomorrow I will walk to him head straight and talk to him gosh vanny is a moron she took control of everything miss perfect I am going to strangle her tomorrow in a smooth and good way though.

William’s p o v

Armel: Dude tell me in the park you were kind of nervous so why were you nervous which of the girls do you like and don’t tell me none because I won’t believe you.

Williams: if you instead tell me why you were not nervous because even little Eric was nervous so are you normal ohhhhhhh don’t tell me you are gay oh are you?

Armel: no are you crazy I didn’t get nervous because the girl I have a crush on was not present she was not among them today

I had that tricky smile on my face omfg how the fuck do you make me talk? Well I just know how to manipulate you that’s why I am your best friend ha-ha so tell me who were you nervous about which of them made you nervous and don’t lie to me and don’t try to take my attention away I won’t take it ok I said I was nervous because I think I have a crush on Bella I said don’t try to take my attention away did..... wait what did you say Bella Brown that’s erm don’t know what to say ok say nothing because if I hear a word in school I swear I will kill you read my lips I said kill wait but why? He asked me well I am popular I am loved by everyone and all the fab fives love me if they know I fancy her then..... ok I get it so catch you up tomorrow he called while grabbing an apple from my kitchen and exiting the room when he left I asked myself why I am ashamed of Bella if I have a crush on her and she is as her name define her BELLE a French word meaning beautiful she is so beautiful and gentle just yesterday I saw her she doesn’t have the mind of I want to be popular she is always invisible that is what I like most on her Goshhh and those her lips they sound delicious I will like to put mine on them one day oh only if I could I know she hates me because I am all bossy bossy and I am popular but if she hates me why was she blushing in the park dude don’t be stupid my mind told me there were three boys in the park as well so... ok just shut up now I told him. You are not ashamed of her you are just scared she is going to reject you it kept talking shut up I told my mind why must you always be so dull?

In school next day


 She is coming I gasped I saw her coming straight in front of me with this smile so perfect but instead she bent and gave a peck to Armel since when are they this close oh no don’t tell me Armel has stabbed me on the back we need to have a serious discussion I was talking to myself then a teacher came in I had to seize my thoughts for later gosh that is disgusting Armel is meant to be my best mate. Armel came to me at the end of the lesson was trying to create humour and all I could do is react like a retarded what the hell was that since when is miss invisible giving you pecks in front of everyone willy are you jealous she is not your girl in the first place so spare me the hell of your lectures I am not jealous I corrected him feeling guilty I am trying to protect you she wants to be popular that is why she is coming by you or maybe she is trying to make you jealous don’t be silly ok I am dating Trish ok if you feel anything for that girl better go tell her before it’s too late don’t be a retarded dam I am out of here where the hell do you think you are going to? I called. Have lunch off course pffff he sighs and left Willy now I can confirm you are really a retarded and instead of talking try to think of why she is trying to make you jealous I told myself.

Bella’s p o v

 Bell, hurry up vanny cried by the time I was going up to her, after putting my stuffs in my locker, ewe guess what I saw! the plastics and they were picking on my friend hey what the hell is happening here I called ouhhhhh I am scared called one of the plastics your hand bag has come for revenge am I dreaming did they just say van and I were items in the wrong way (hand bag?) pffff that’s so lame but I decided to ignore their comment back off my best friend now or... or what interrupted Jennifer I interrupted her too or.. I will... I lacked words I never lack words in front of bitches or we will make your lives impossible in this school vanny helped me oh thank God she is such a life saver well how are going to do that Jennifer asked we are richer than you, popular than you and oh beautiful that you J see you girls around loosers pffff and they left well done miss perfect I didn’t know you could be such a bitch in front of bitches never mind we are on operation “destroy the plastics” remember oh yeah I said wondering when we gave a name to our mission we were in school but I sent a text to Trish saying were r u something came up xx meet us in the common room when you can xx immediately she replied ok hun was at the media hall with miss Sarah catch u guys now xoxo when we were all in the common room we started making plans and the first was to go shopping which is my best moment we had to buy bling-bling in fact we had to be swag that was no big deal because we had the money to spend not that we are showing off but no one know that we are rich which is a good thing.

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