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  • Published: 4 Feb 2014
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girls who think they are the most beautiful and always get what ever they want in life and they think they can treat other students as they want.


1. It’s a bad/good day

It all started during my first year at sixth form (year 12) Hey you Vanny I am so glad we did it here together at least I won’t be lonely. Vanny by name Vanessa was a good looking girl with long brown hair and best of all she was my best friend we were total opposite but if there was one thing we had in common it was retaliation we loved retaliating and backing up for ourselves and for each other. Hey clumsy she retorted with a wink me too I am happy to be with you duh! What am I saying? Happy? Goshhh who am I kidding? Wait I said is this supposes to mean that you are not happy to be with me? omg you disgust me. hey clumsy I was just kidding ok don’t be mad I can’t be I got ya on your game ha-ha so what you got now I got media studies and we got French all day on Fridays shame poor things. Yeah talking of what we got I gotta run I got English literature and trust me that lady does me no good I don’t want to be a sec late so see ya xx.

Right instead of me hurrying not to be late for my lesson but I am there clumsy clumsy little miss perfect is right about everything even about the nick names she gave me first it was lazy ass I was so lazy to get my ass out of my sofa poor me well she is my besty she just have to cope with it in’it? Having a corny smile at the side of my lips, I got in to my lesson and oh I was late what the hell then I heard miss Paola called out to me gain your sit but trust me next time you won’t go free and she winked at me geeee what the hell is wrong with winking first it was miss perfect now my teacher who will it be next still standing there absent minded sit down the voice urged and I heard giggled from the back of the class oh the bitches I hissed and turning to gain a sit there I noticed a cute pair of brown eyes looking straight at my little pair of ugly black eyes with my scrappy blond hair and my clothes were hideous because I was too clumsy to look for a nice cloth in my closet but at least a positive thing on me is that I am slim I sat down and we did presentations I presented myself and other students did the same as well but I noticed this group of girls  must admit wow they were really cute I felt a freaking voice in my head saying they are cute so what are you gonna do about it just shot the fuck up and stay calm then one of the girls presented herself she was called Jennifer Cole she was tall had grey eyes and nice looking black hair and she looked like the leader and the second was Cindy Woodson she was also tall had black eyes and nice curly blond hair and three other girls there looking at me and laughing the three other girls were Marie, Marissa and Miriam they had black medium sized hair. The lesson was coming to an end and dam just the very first day this freaking teacher is giving us homework. Lesson two I had media studies and the good news is only one of the bitch is in my class that is Cindy and oh Williams carter that’s his name the name of the guy with a pair of cute brown eyes and he had brown blond hair. The media class was going on and basically it was just like my first lesson presentation and chatting there was also Williams best mate Armel cooper the teachers had a meeting with the principal so we were to stay alone on our own a girl with short hair moved up to me and she was like what am I going to say about her she is not really tall and she had those sort of dark brown eyes she looked at me and say hello I am Trisha I stared at her for a minute or two and say I am Bella Brown nice to meet you she asked if I am new in this school I was like yeah and it is kind of hard when you are new oh! Have you met our fab fives she demanded fab fives? I retorted like a retarded yeah she said they are ... oh that’s one of them Cindy yeah I have met them in my English class and besides why are they called the fab five I asked well because they are cute rich and seems like they in control of the school when I say control I mean they treat other students as they like well they won’t treat me as they like a I said the lesson was coming to an end ok Trisha see you, gotta go I left the class room met up with vanny in the sixth form common room we were chatting about our day so far and I talked about the fab five and to my greatest surprised they had peaked on my little miss perfect  so hun what we gonna do about this I asked nothing babes she said but but...  I tried to speak she interrupted me and said firstly we need to find their weakness Parker you are so my bitch number one I said smiling she grinned at me we walked down to our class which was history we did that lesson together we sat on the same bench and the fab fives were in that lessons as well as Armel cooper and Williams carter but also now I noticed a cute guy with them he had sea blue eyes, brown hair and he was called Eric Jones guess what I was already dreaming about Mr. pair of brown eyes also known as Will or Willy he was popular yeah why not obviously he was the captain of the football team and the sad news is Cindy had a crush on him and it was so obvious and visible but what I wasn’t sure of is if he also had a crush on her I guess yes because she is beautiful tall and oh she is also popular who wouldn’t want to be among the fab fives well not me and neither am I sure the miss perfect will want to be. Hi Bell I heard vanny calling she was with Trisha would you mind getting out of your dream now the teacher is here omg was it that obvious I was in a dream I questioned myself yeah it was you moron a voice said in my head dam I hate it when you insult me bag of potato I gave hers I heard it say ouch and loud enough that vanny and Trish could here without me noticing I said well done for you now shut the fuck you call mouth up Bell what is it are you ok Trish said yeah yeah am fine I said we took our seat vanny passed me a note saying : I know the fab fives weak point  I replied immediately yeah so what’s the big weak point but firstly we gotta change their name cause they know they are the famous fab five what about fab bitch or bitch babes lol she sent another note at once saying you’re right about changing their group name but seriously fab bitch? I don’t like it although I can’t think of any name right now I don’t like it. Trisha kept looking at us then I saw her facial expression I tried to read it it was like what the fucking hell are you guys talking about please I wanna be part of it please then I received a note from her saying what’s up wanna be part of the fun I read it and I replied oh darling nothing big just thinking for a secret suitable name for the fab fives I said then immediately I received another paper from her saying ha-ha I had one since the plastics if u guys like it we can use it ;-) perfect I thought and sent it to vanny she gave me tomb up indicating she liked it hours passed and lunch time came vanny and I were moving out of the school campus to the nearest just eat shop to have our lunch but before we could go we heard Trisha calling out guys wait for me I whispered to vanny she is too arrggg I got no word for her then she came closer hey guys one thing I liked about miss perfect I also call her teddy bear is that un like me she is calm but thinks well and courageous to everyone I am only courageous toward bitches and I am not calm and patient and we both hate drawing attention to ourselves we like being invisible. So Trisha what do you want why do you want to keep hanging with us and always be part of us well don’t take it wrongly but it’s just that everyone will want to hang out with the fab fives and you you’re here trying to hang out with the invisibles duh well... Trisha stammered you’re right she said finally if I am hanging out with you guys it’s because you two are so cool I was with you at Jackson five school you didn’t even know who I was and I was always jealous of your relationship and I wanted to be part of you guys that’s why I grabbed the opportunity as soon as I could and without forgetting you two are so pretty more than the fab fives erm erm I said interrupting it’s not fab five its plastics oh great yeah I forgot so as I was saying no no no no no no... its fine now don’t say any much again well welcome to the group of invisible lol we all said giggling and going for our lunch.

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