Ariana grande is 17 years old. She is famous , shé is a big celebrity around the world. Everyone thinks she is sweet, because well she is but she can be bad at some points. Her best friends are Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Madison beer, and Lucy hale. She is dating jai brooks for the second time because she was caught cheating. See I told you she was bad.


1. Chapter 1:

Ariana Grande POV:

I was talking to my dance teacher, because we were rehearsing for a concert. " ok so 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8 " he was saying. " oh my god Robert you're dance classes are hard " I said making a face a face at him. " no it won't work on me this time I won't take a break " he said. " oh fine take a break everybody " he said. " yay love you Robert " I said and hugged him. Robert is gay and we'll he is like another brother to me. Soon as I sat down on one of the chairs I got a text. It Was from Selena. " be there in a couple of minutes " her text said. Selena was going to come over the studio to see me practice and then we were heading to Starbucks to get a coffee. 

A couple of minutes passed and Selena was here. Selena is one year older than me so she says I'm her little sister, and so it goes on we like calling ourselves names. She likes calling me little sister or other names. She came with her boyfriend justin. I don't like justin they keep going back together and he has allot of tattoos and he forced me to kiss him to get Selena jeolous. Then after it was my boy friend jai brooks. I went to hug him, he hugged me back and gave me a kiss on the cheek. " ok Hun let's go back to rehearse " Robert said. " fine " I said walking over to him. 

~ after practice ~

we were heading outside when a group of fans come toward us and paparazzi. I was holding tightly to jai. Good thing we were still inside the building. Justin was staring at me which made me feel uncomftarable. One of my best friends got discovered by justin her name is Madison beer. ( she is real and she did actually get discovered by Justin Bieber so looker up she sings really good but ok let's get back to the story lolz ). Jai opened the door for me still holding his hand. Then he waited for Selena and them to wall through also. There were allot of people and also crying fans. And so many paparazzi. The bad thing today was we had no security's with us. I took a picture with a crying fan she looked like she was 10. Jai waited for me. He was taking pictures with people too also justin and Selena. We got through but fans werestill following us. " Ariana, ariana "paps kept on saying. we finally got to Starbucks. Justin told the people that worked there if they couldn't let anybody in. She nodded and locked the door. Good thing nobody was inside except us. The ladies and mans wanted to take a picture with all of us. We ordered and they brought us our drinks. 

After we were finished we payed and heaeded o again, and lead it to the swarm of fans and paps. " let's go to the park " jai said to me. I nodded. " hey justin and Selena you guys want to go to the park with us?" He asked. " sure " they both said at the same time.

We got to the park and me and Selena went on the swings. Jai and justin pushed us. We knowhow to swing but I like it when jai pushes me. And of course fans followed but jai called two securities so they can't come near us. But before we got there little kids were there too and some kids and teens too. After the park jai and them walked me home. " Selena do you want tsleep over?" I asked. " yeah sure " she said. We got to my house and I opened the gate we said bye to both of our boyfriends. I then closed the gate and put the lock combination. Then we walked past the water fountain and then the parking lot for our cars. My dad bought me a purple Lamborghini which I love..we had like 5 cars. One for each person I guess. We reached the steps and climbed up the three steps and I opened the door. My house is big but i don't really care my mom is sited on buying a big house Wichita had to buy because I have the money. "hey mom I'm home and Selena is sleeping over " I yelled because she was in the kitchen. We went upstairs my house is a 5 story house and it is very wide and and very tall. we have a jacuzzi in each of our bathrooms and one inside of our pool. We have a indoor Pool and a outdoor pool. Then we have a game room. A movie theater room. Our indoor pool room. Our spa room. We have more but I don't want to mention them all. We have five rooms one for my parents ands there's for my siblings and we'll me. We went to my room. It was 4:12 P.M. So we decided to go inside my indoor pool. I let Selena borrow one of my bikinis. We both grabbed a towel and head toward the pool. We had a diving board next to it so Selena went on it and dived down. " hey Ariana jai and justin and Madison are here " my mom called out. " sorry ariana I invited them over along so Lucy and one direction." She said a bit red in the face. " it's ok we'll have even more fun " I smiled at her. They all brought there swim wear. They changed and dived in the poolalong with us. Madison went up to is swimming. " hey " she said. " hey madie " I told her along with Selena . Madie is Madison nickname like for Selena is sel and mine is ari. A little while later Lucy and one direction came. They went in and we had fun. My butler brought us in some junk food. I got up and went to the jacuzzi. After awhile the boys decided to go home. The girls were going to all sleep over. We took a shower and we headed up the stairs. We turned to the hall that leads to my room. We all watched a movie wich was malificent. I put the movie on Netflix and everybody sat down on my bed. We watched it until the end of course everyone ended asleep before the end. 


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