Final Fantasy VII Story Remake

This is a remake of the real Final Fantasy VII Advent Children with Crisis Core, and I will be posting all chapters, but one by one, and if people like it then I will do that! :)


1. Arguing and Leaving♥

One day in, 7th Heaven, Tifa and Cloud’s Bar and delivery place, Cloud was just coming in the bar when Tifa saw him and just gave him a dirty look. He walked over to her in a confused way. “Why are you giving me that look?”, Cloud said. “I..I can’t believe you!”, Tifa said, yelling at him. “Um, maybe can you tell me what I did, and then we can talk about it.”, he said, trying to calm her down. Tifa walked over to him, pulling him over to the farthest table to the bar stand. They both sit down and as he tries to asks what’s wrong, she interrupts. “What is wrong with you Cloud?”, Tifa said, trying not to cry. “I still don’t know what you’re talking about?!”, he says, holding it back. “You know what you keep doing!”, she now has tears streaming down her face, with anger as well as sadness. “Actually, yes….and Tifa I’m so sorry I hurt you this way, I never meant to, it’s just--”, he gets cut off by Tifa. “It’s just what, that you never want to spend time with your family, or was your family, and all you want to do is--”, as well as Tifa, she gets cut off like Cloud did. “No! No I don’t just go to Aerith’s to do that! We hang out and things like that!”, he said, yelling back.


She was just about to say something back when she heard crying, not from her, but from the room upstairs. She got up leaving Cloud at the table. She went upstairs and knocked on the kids door once then walked in slowly. She saw Marlene(12 years old), crying hard into Denzel’s(16 years old) shoulder. Marlene and Denzel have been like sister and brother forever, ever since Tifa and Cloud adopted them. “What’s wrong guys?”, she said, trying not to make them more sad. “Why, why did he do what he did, I never knew that kind of Cloud before. I’m disappointed in him, I want him gone!”, Marlene said, crying and yelling in her hands, as Denzel holds and cuddles her shoulders. Tifa couldn’t handle listening to her cry. It was so sad seeing her kids sad and disappointed. It hurt her so much inside.

She shut the door and ran to her bedroom and slammed the door. Cloud on the hand, he was still sitting at the table, thinking of all the wrong things he did to the kids and his love, Tifa. He has made 3 wrong things in his life. One, he cheated on his love, Tifa. Two, he disappointed the kids. And three, he has also lost some of his friends from what he has done to himself, and his family/ friends. Before thinking, he got up and just left. Didn’t say bye or anything, just left. But he left with his feelings and worthless heart. Cloud was also disappointed in himself. He called himself all these names but out of nowhere, and not thinking, again, he went to Aerith’s house. Aerith was the who caused all this drama! Why would he go there after what just happened? Well, he would always go there when he was stressed or depressed. Know what that means? That’s right, and you know what I’m talking about.


-Cloud knocks on her door-


“Hey!”,  Aerith says, cheerful, just because she knows why he is there. “Hey, I think it’s time again.”, Cloud said, stressed and depressed. “Okay! Come on in, go straight to the bed and I’ll be there in a sec.”, she says, pulling him in. “Okay!”, he said, now feeling happy, but still having the big guilt in his chest.


Aerith and Tifa use to be great friends. But after they both starting to really like Cloud, and get major feelings for him, they went against each other. Cloud didn’t know why they liked, loved him, he never liked himself. Never once, but after he started to do the things with Aerith, he hated himself even more because he was with Tifa, he picked her and should have stayed with her. Not go cheat on her with her enemy, that was not right. At first, when he was with Tifa, he was happy, never stopped smiling, and that’s a shocker. Cloud and Tifa we’re the best couple ever could be seen. But when a year pasted, something stopped all that.


“Wow, that was awesome!”, Aerith explained while smiling brightly. “Um, yeah, loved it.”, Cloud said, trying to sound bright.

He gave her a peck on the lips and said he had to leave. She never wanted him to leave, but she knew he would be back shortly.

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