Bad Presence

Jess is a sweet innocence that has killed. Axel owns her. He is a gang member who goes against Zayn's gang. She can't get enough of Liam but will Zayn be in her heart?


8. Maybe my party wasn't ruined after all

"Liam what the hell do you want?" 


I was pissed. Why does everyone not want me to have fun around here. They all want to boss me around and ruin any chances of me to have a life. That's the least they can do for me.


He grabbed my hand and led me out of the bar. The music was quite loud, but the pounding made my adrenaline rush through my body.


We exited the bar and he finally stopped us in the hallway. He looked like he was pulsing with anger. I kinda couldn't tell though. Maybe he has to shit. Just kidding he's pissed.


"What the hell do you think you are doing! Wearing something like that with all those men around you! They were looking at you like a piece of meat!"


Everything he was saying was true, but that's what I was going for. I looked him up and down. He looks hot when he's jealous. 


"Who said I couldn't do what I want, you don't own me. You are sure as hell not my boyfriend. So how about you let me get back to that gorgeous man and let me have my fun."


I regretted what I said. I usually think before I speak. I like to think of the outcome of things before I say the wrong shit. But I guess I'm gutsy today. I looked back up at Liam's face. He looked furious. His face was beat red, his eyes were shooting daggers at me, and his lips were in a tight line. 


"I'm sorry."


Those words were something I least expected. I thought I was going to get some lecture about how I'm being, but he said sorry. I'm more confused than I was when I didn't know what came first, the chicken or the egg? That question was confusing to say the least.




"I'm sorry. You're are right. I'm not your boyfriend, but seeing that guy all over you made me jealous. I'm stupid for stopping you from having fun. You can go back with him, if that's what you want."


This is how guys should always be. I knew Liam was honest. But he literally explained how he felt. Which is a big surprise when it comes to men. 


Now that I'm out here in this tiny dress and remembering all the gawking eyes that were on me; I wanted to get back in my room. I wanted to binge watch the Orange Is the New Black and eat a jug of Neapolitan ice cream. That sound more fun than partying right now.


"Actually Liam can you take me back to my room. I don't want to party anymore."


He obliged and we made our way back to my room. It was an awkward silence, but I couldn't help that he made me feel safe. I liked that feeling.


We came to a stop at my door. I pulled my arms around him and cradled my face into his neck. He seemed confused at first, but he put his arms around me. They were warm and comforting. I felt as if we were meant to be like this. We stayed in our position for a while longer, until I heard someone clear their throat.


I let go of Liam and looked over to wear the noise came from. Zayn was standing there looking me up and down. He gave me a quizzical look, but I ignored it.


"Thank you Liam for taking me to my room."


"You're welcome. See you around." 


Liam left and I watched as he walked away. I felt extremely awkward and I can feel Zayn's gaze on me. I looked from the hallway back over to Zayn.


"Nice outfit."




He came closer and I turned and opened my room. He came in with me. I made my way to my bed and sat at the side of it. Zayn just stayed in the doorway.


"I got a call from Julliard saying you were going to the bar with a "sexy" outfit."


"Ugh. Yes and how is that any of his business to be saying anything."


Zayn just laughed and shifted his weight to where he was leaning on the door.


"I don't know, but thankfully he told me because that outfit can cause some serious danger."


I was feeling gutsy and his gaze on me was making me a little light headed.


"Like what?"


Those words rolled of my lips. I didn't realize I said it in a flirty way. I was playing with the sheet avoiding his eyes. I regretted saying that. I'm causing myself to have a heart attack.


He made his way closer and ran his fingers from my neck down to my shoulder. Leaving goosebumps in their wake. I pulled me up and moved my hair out of my face.


"Like this."


He planted his lips on mine. Our lips were moving together and soft sighs were leaving my lips. I pulled him closer. I swear we were as close as we can get, but I kept pulling him into me. I wanted him, but now is not the time.


He slipped his tongue past my lips. His tongue was rough against mine and it tasted like mint. We pulled away and took gasps of air. He continued our kiss again and I laid my palms against his chest. I wanted to rip his clothes off. There was so much passion and so much lust flowing through us. I wanted more.


He brought his lips down my neck. Leaving small trails of kisses down my neck to my shoulder. Another soft sigh left my lips. I ran my fingers through his hair when he was sucking on my neck. I pulled his face up towards me and kissed him again. Our hands were running through each others bodies. We ended up having a hot make out session. 


There was something ringing and Zayn's lips left mine. 


He answered it and walked towards my bathroom. He went inside and shut the door behind him. I couldn't make out what he was saying. All I heard was the beating of my heart, that was beating in my ears. He came out of the bathroom and made his way towards me.


"I'm sorry I have to leave. I'll call you later."


With that he gave me one more long kiss and left my room. I was sitting there breathless, reminiscing the session we just had. Lord Jesus something has gotten into me. I definitely have feelings for Zayn and that can't be denied.


I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I got out and dressed myself in a long t-shirt and headed to bed.




A month has passed since me and Zayn kissed. His call was about a business trip he had to take. He texted me here and there, but nothing really that stated we were together or not. I wish I knew what these "business" trips are about.


I decided that I will go outside today since I'm always inside. I need new scenery instead of walls all the time. I texted Liam to accompany me because you have to have someone who is trusted to let me outside. The last thing I want to do is run away. I met up with Liam at his room. He greeted me with a hug and we made our way to the outside front doors.


Green grass and beautiful flowers were scattered outside. There was a long road leading outside of the estate. I walked along the brick path near the big garden. There were roses, tulips, sunflowers, and more all over the place. It was absolutely beautiful. I sat down on the grass and decided to lay down and look at the sky. The blue sky with clouds scattered up above. I tried to guess what each cloud looked like and of course Liam had a total different thought than I did.


"That looks like a bird." I pointed towards the cloud. Liam glanced up and shook his head.


"No. It looks more like a dragon to me."










I just laid there and started laughing. 


"Now it looks like a dragon. So I guess you win."


Liam just chuckled and we stayed there for awhile. I happy I can be myself with Liam. I can also be immature instead of mature most of the time. With Zayn my mature side is out more than anyone else that I hang out with. They both make me feel safe and secure. Atleast I can rely on them as a friend or boyfriend. Whatever they might be for me.


Liam and I hung out most of the day. We sat in his room and played video games for the rest of the day. Even though no matter how hard I try I lose to Liam every time. EVERY TIME. I can't play games for shit. I swear everyone wins everything, whether it's sports, video games, or board games.


Liam took me to my room and we hugged goodbye. I went in my room and sat at my desk. I'm so bored right now. I don't want to go to bed even though I am tired. I decided to go to Zayn's office. I knocked to see if he was there, but no answer. I decided to come in on my own. I flicked on his lights and I saw his figure. He was passed out on his desk. He cradled his head with his arms and he was leaning against the desk. He looked so peaceful. I bet his trip was harsh. He looked like he had bags under his eyes and he hasn't shaved in a while. 


I went over to him and I left a soft peck on his lips. He started to stir in his sleep. He mumbled my name and glanced at me. A smile spread on his face and he closed his eyes. His soft snores gave away that he fell back to sleep.


 I think I'm starting to fall in love with Zayn... Again...

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