Bad Presence

Jess is a sweet innocence that has killed. Axel owns her. He is a gang member who goes against Zayn's gang. She can't get enough of Liam but will Zayn be in her heart?


7. Let's get this party started

My head was pounding... I sat up and felt drowsiness flow through my body. I felt so weak.. Why in the hell did I drink a whole pack of 6 beers. I need to mentally slap myself a million times because this is shit. 


I forced my body to stand up, but my body decided to crash back down on the bed. I guess I'm laying here all day. I shuffled around a bit and looked at my nightstand. There was a water bottle, some aspirins, and a note. I forced my body to get back up and read the note.


Here's some aspirin and water because I knew you were pretty drunk last night. Come to my office when you're ready to talk. -Zayn.


Memories from last night invaded my thoughts. My cheeks heated up and I felt so stupid. Why do I make hasty decisions like that. I never think straight when I'm drunk and alone. Thank god I didn't push it any farther than that because Zayn is a beautiful man. It reminded me of that time when I got drunk and started making out with one of Axel's guards. Axel wasn't very happy with that decision, but I was. The guy was pretty hot. I giggled at the mental image of Axel's face. It serves him right.


I dragged my body out of bed, making way to the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. I was nervous to face Zayn after what I did. I didn't want to see him because I know it wouldn't be the same again.


I got dressed in a cute floral tank top and some shorts. It is hot as hell today. I was dreading to step out of my door. I finally left my room before I have second thoughts about talking to Zayn. We needed to talk. I made my way down the halls. At least it's getting easier the more I'm here. Not many people acknowledge me, but that's fine by me. I prefer to be in the shadows. 


I made my way to Zayn's office. I passed Niall on the way there, but he looks the same the last time I saw him. I didn't want to bother him though. I told him whenever he's ready to talk, I'll be here. Hopefully he still knows that. 


I knocked on Zayn's office door.


"Come in. I assume it's you Jess."


My heart skipped a beat. I opened the door and looked at the familiar surroundings. I'm started to get used to this place. I swear he might as well sleep in here, since he's in his office 24/7.


I glanced at him before I sat down at the chair in front of his desk. He was looking at some documents with no expression. There was an awkward silence. I literally was cringing so hard with embarrassment.


He looked up from his papers and looked at me. He set the papers down and folded his hands across the desk. My heart started pounding again because I remember what we did on this desk one night. We were pissed at each other. I won't go into detail, but let's just say we had some angry sex.


I think he could see the embarrassment written all over my face.


"Sorry I had to finish signing that document."


"it's o-ok." I stuttered. I can't handle myself right now. I need to suck it up and pretend I'm not fazed. I hate being so weak and easily read.


"About last night-"


I cut him off before he could say anything, " I know, I'm stupid. I shouldn't have drank that much because it just brought back all these memories I've been trying to hide for years. I couldn't help it, but I remember Riley, you, and everyone that was apart of my life. I was scared Zayn that if I let those feelings take over, I'll die of heartbreak. That's why I came to you. You held me without any questions, until I had no more tears left. It's many of the reasons why I fell in love with you. That's why I kissed you. I needed you in that moment and you were there. I took that opportunity and kissed the hell out of you."


I surprised myself with just letting it all out. I looked back at him and he just seemed surprised as well.


"I-I." he sighed. He took my hand and held it.


"I don't know what to say. I was in love with you, but now I don't know. I let myself go when you kissed me because I also seized the opportunity. I didn't know you were drunk until I tasted the alcohol from your tongue. That's when I knew it was because you were hurt and I don't want you doing stuff like that when you are hurt."


I just held back my tears. I wasn't expecting him to take me in open arms, but I was still hurt inside. It felt like heartbreak all over again.


Ringing interrupted my thoughts and I came back to reality. Zayn was on the phone with someone and the warmth of his hand left mine. He got done off the phone and gave me an apologetic look.


"I have to leave for some business. We can talk later if you want. Just let me know."


He grabbed something out of his drawer and handed it to me. It was a cellphone. 


"I have everyone's contact information in there. If you need any of us, call or text us. My number is on the favorite list, so I'll be the first one if you don't feel like scrolling all the way to the Z's."


He gave me a wink and left his office. I was still processing what he said to me earlier. I don't know how I feel either, but I know that I care about him.


I decided to head to the gym to get my thoughts out of my head. I went to the treadmill and punched in my time, miles, and speed. Someone approached the other treadmill on the right of me. I looked up and I scoffed. Out of all people.


Julliard gave me a smirk and started exercising.


"Asshole." I muttered under my breath.


"Did you say something princess." He gave me a wicked grin.


"Don't call me that. " I spat out and glared at him.


"Hmm.. I see you are a little feisty today. And people call you sweet. Hell they're probably talking about your pussy. Sleep around a lot?"


I stopped my treadmill and shot daggers straight through him.


"What in the hell. I don't "sleep" around. So I don't know what the hell you are talking about."


He just laughed and kept running.


"Now you are showing me everything that bother's you. It's better when you are quiet. Princess." He slowly let princess roll of his tongue.


This guy is pushing every last nerve. I decided to take this argument up a notch.


"I'd watch what you say asshole. I can have Zayn kick you to the street in a matter of seconds. I have him wrapped around my finger and he will believe anything I say. "


His smile was now replaced with a scowl.


"Oops. I think I know what bother's you now. Pretty boy."


At that I left the gym. I felt so accomplished. Even though I don't have Zayn wrapped around my finger. I just needed a scare tactic because I could never compete with Julliard. For gods sake he can probably get Zayn to kick me out first. But it's a fun game to play for a little while. Seriously though, what has gotten into me? I'm not being nice anymore. I'm tired of everyone thinking I'm weak. I'll show them who grew up and became a women.




I was in my room binge watching Law and Order: SVU. I decided that I'm going to do something tonight. Zayn has bars here and I'm single so I'll do whatever the hell that I want. I won't get drunk this time though. That's a promise.


I got dressed into a mini black dress. It stopped right under my ass and it showed a lot of cleavage. I guess I'm being provocative today. I grabbed a pair of heels and made my way to Julliard's room because I have no idea where the bar is. I knocked on his door and he looked me up and down. His eyes looked like the bulged out of his head.


"Where's the closest bar in this huge mansion?"


"Down the hall make a right, and then another right. Go to the elevator closest to you and go up another floor. Then you will walk down another hall and you should start hearing music and you'll know."


"Thank you." I started walking away, but Julliard grabbed my forearm.


"Does Zayn know you are doing this?"


"Nope and it's none of his business."


I walked off and I felt super proud of myself. I just feel confident, sexy, and bad ass tonight. I followed the directions and found the bar. There was a bunch of people grinding to the music. It was a nice upbeat song that made you want to sway your hips. I made my way towards the bar. I sat down on a bar stool next to a couple making out. Just the thing I want to see. I looked over to a cute bartender making his way towards me.


"Hello sweetheart. What can I get for such a beautiful lady tonight?"


I blushed at his words. He just smiled when he saw my cheeks heat up. I can't control my cheeks when cute guys compliment me. Even if I don't know them.


"I'll like a seven and seven." 


It's one of my faves. Since I can't really taste the alcohol, but sometimes I hate the taste of alcohol. Especially what I did last night. Never again.


"Right away ma'm."


He brought over my drink and I took a few sips. I felt the alcohol running through my veins a bit. I liked having a buzz. It was a night to have fun. I made my way to the dance floor and started swinging my hips to the music. I let it take over my body as I watched the guys in the bar staring at me intently. I shook my body even more, teasing them.


I cute blonde made his way towards me. He started dancing with the rhythm, grabbing my hips and pulling me closer. I turned around and watched his eyes linger on me. His eyes were a gorgeous blue, like the oceans in Hawaii. There was such a dangerous vibe from them. I kinda liked it. I kept swinging my hips with him, which felt like hours went by and we kept dancing. Until I felt him being pulled of of me.


I met those eyes once again. Why was he here? Why does he have to ruin my fun!

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