Bad Presence

Jess is a sweet innocence that has killed. Axel owns her. He is a gang member who goes against Zayn's gang. She can't get enough of Liam but will Zayn be in her heart?


1. Here we come

****Mature Content, Violence, and Adult Language****


"Jess!!" I heard someone yell for me, but I'm literally too lazy to acknowledge it.


"Fuck Jess get up!" Axel shoved the blankets of me.


"What!" I yelled back.


He came over to me and pulled me out of the bed. All I had on were my undergarments.


"Hmmm.... sleeping like that I see."


His lust filled eyes wandered up and down my body.


"It was hot last night." I said glaring at him.


He smiled and licked his lips. I knew something sexual was going on in his mind. Like always.


"Why don't you take it all off and sleep with me?" he pulled me closer to him and swiftly kissed my neck.


I pulled away from him and he pulled me back.


"Why don't you want to have a little fun?"


He smirked and he leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. Nothing is ever special about the kiss. I've dated Axel, but it just didn't work out. He was very attractive is all I can say.


"Kiss back." He said roughly.


I didn't do as he please and he seemed upset, but honestly I don't care. He pushed me back and I landed back on the bed.


"Why can't you be a good girl and listen?"


I just sat there not saying a word.


"Get dressed. We have to fight against some of Zayn's gang today." He walked off and slammed the door.


I got up and slid on a black hoodie and grey pants. I grabbed my .50 cal semi auto pistol.


I went downstairs and talked to Axel.


"What am I supposed to do?"


He looked at me like I was stupid.


"Kill any of them. What do you think?" He spoke in a retarded voice.


I just scoffed and nodded my head. We head to the car and Axel hopped in and started the engine.


He dropped me off in the middle part of town. We live deep in a forest area and all we are was surrounded by trees. Which was peaceful, but it never was because we fight against Zayn's gang every day. Zayn seems to get more and more people on his side. Even people from our side. I walked passed a few people and turned the corner. I saw Jade. I knew about her because Axel has everyone's names and pictures all over his office. He forced me to remember everyone from Zayn's gang. She's the slut out of all girl's in this universe... Everyone loved her like she was some kind of bombshell. I saw her talking to Max. Which gave me the perfect shot to kill them both.


"Max baby, I can't wait until we get in bed." She laughed and her shoulder length blonde hair swayed over her face when she leaned in to kiss him. I tried getting closer and I kicked a few cans on accident.


"Shit." I whispered to myself.


They turned their heads and thank god they didn't notice me. I leaned forward and I pulled the trigger of my gun. I shot them both and I watched their bodies fall to the ground. I hated this, but I had too. I grimaced at the sound of screams that were coming around me. I ran off and ran for my life. I'm so scared right now. I knew who I killed and it's not going to make anyone happy. I turned around to see if anyone was following me, but I didn't see anyone. Which was great, but I kept running. Out of nowhere I ran straight into someone. I fell back and landed on my ass.


I looked up to see who it was and my heart dropped. It can't be... Zayn was standing in front of me with daggers shooting out of his eyes. I shivered because there was the main guy. I knew Zayn personally, but I can't let those memories cross my mind. I won't let them...


"You." He was glaring at me.


My heart raced in my chest. Please someone help me. He held his gun at me and held me at gun point. I'm going to die was all I can think.


"HELP! OH MY GOD... ZAYN!!!" Someone screamed in the distance.


He looked at me and then he ran off into the direction of the scream. I jumped up and dashed off and I kept running until I couldn't tell where I was.


"Dammit I'm lost."


I looked at my surroundings. Maybe I can get some service out here and call Axel. I pulled my phone and called Axel. He didn't answer.


"Fuck. Come on."


My phone beeped and he texted me 'Meet me by wallaways corner'.


I ran and looked at every sign until I saw his grey Honda Civic. I hopped in and we left. We arrived back to our headquarters. I started to undress and I heard the phone ringing. Probably business. I grabbed my over-sized t-shirt and slid down my grey shorts. I heard the phone slam which made my heart jump.


Then I heard loud thumps coming up the stairs. My door swung opened and Axel was standing there his eyes bloodshot and his breathing ragged. He stood over me and threw me to the bed. I crawled back, my heart ripping inside my chest. I still looked at him, afraid of what he might do. He went straight toward me and grabbed my arm.


"'re hurting me!!!"


He grabbed my face whipping it towards his.


"You killed Jade." He breathed.


Fucking asshole...


"I did what you told me to do."


He let go of my arm and I started to rub it. He let out a hysterical laugh. Then slapped me across the face.


"I loved her dammit! Didn't you fucking see the signs! She was mine! I almost had her back on our side and then you turn around and fucking killed her!"


I held my face and looked at my arm. Bruises covered it. A tear fell without my permission. Fuck him. How dare he touch me! He left the room and then came back with a pill.


"Take this." He handed me the pill.




"Take it Jess or I'll force it down your throat."


I grabbed the pill from his hands.


"What is it?"


"Does it matter? Take it!"


I popped the pill in my mouth and he handed me the water. I drank it and swallowed the pill. Not long after I started to feel dizzy and my vision was blurry.


"Goodnight Jess." He said with a sly smirk on his lips.


What the fuck did he give me... That asshole drugged me! Why am I so fucking stupid? My vision blacked out and I felt myself being lifted out of my bed. I was being carried by Axel. I felt a breeze coming from somewhere which I'm guessing we are outside. I heard a car pull up and Axel laid me down in the car and shut the door.


"You know where to take her." I heard Axel tell the driver.


Take me where?!?! I couldn't move and I couldn't speak. I was so weak to do anything. The car drove quite of ways. There was a lot of turns happening too. Where am I going? Is he going to kill me? Take me somewhere in the forest and bury me? All these negative thoughts were running around in my head. I feel so sleepy, but I can't go to sleep. If I do what will happen. Everything was black so I couldn't even help myself if I wanted too.


I hate Axel. I hate him. What is he having this driver do?


Sorry for the short chapter! I'm rewriting this story.

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